Saturday 29 March 2014

Time, Truth and History

Sunday, 30 March 2014, besides being New Moon in Aries, in Europe is also the shortest day of the year. Clocks move forward one hour, shifting from Standard to Summer time.

The shift from Standard to Summer Time is an example of how time is arbitrary, the result of an agreement among few human beings. This agreement makes up our reality, and there is nothing wrong about this, as long as we remain aware that there are also other realities based on other agreements.

There is ordinary human time, the result of agreements among human beings, which is not the Truth, and there is multidimensional time, which also involves other beings.

Ordinary human time is linear. It is History based upon a perception consisting of two opposite poles: birth and death, beginning and end.

In multidimensional time these poles as well as any event in ordinary life continue to exist simultaneously, though they can be consciously selected and explored in their linearity.
As human beings we are affected both by ordinary, or third-dimensional linear time, and multidimensional time.

Yet, what is especially confusing and painful for the human condition is that ordinary linear time is firmly acknowledged as the only possible time. It defines the only possible reality. Hence multidimensional experiences have to fit within third-dimensional time.

The problem here is that the third dimension is extremely limited compared to its higher dimensions.
For example, in the third-dimension only movements in space are feasible, whereas in the fourth dimension it is possible to navigate through time, back and forward.

These times all exist simultaneously, no matter when and where we are, just like physical locations continue to exist at the same time regardless of where you are.

If I am now in Rome, I cannot be in Frankfurt, where I was a few weeks ago, and I cannot be in London, where I may be in two months. Yet both Frankfurt and London continue to exist although I am not there and, if I choose to do so, I could travel and move there.

In the fourth dimension the same applies to time and the related events, especially as regards their emotional implications.

If I have experienced a deep emotion of love two days ago in the company of someone, the fact that today I feel miserable because that someone is not with me,  does not necessarily mean that love is not there anymore. On the contrary it continues to exist somewhere else, yet this somewhere else has nothing to do with the physical ordinary reality, as we see it. It has to do with the emotional features of reality, which as a conventional human being I am unable to see and acknowledge.

The limitations of third-dimensional reality are related to our human time management.
Here everything and everyone has an inevitable date of expiry.
People die, go away, change, and we also do the same. When we associate the fourth-dimensional emotional level to the third-dimensional physical level we inexorably experience deep separation and sufferance.

This sufferance continues to be recycled through the confusion between fourth and third-dimension, and our stubbornness in holding third-dimensional beings responsible for my fourth-dimensional events.

The first giant stride in healing implies making a strenuous and unbending effort to stop this. In order to truly relate with physical beings, and find out the Truth about Time and History, we need to be aware of the difference between fourth and third-dimension...

© Franco Santoro,

Image: "Time, Truth and History" by Francisco Goya, born 30 March 1746, Sun Aries, Moon Cancer, Ascendant Cancer.

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