Multidimensional Arts

Multidimensional Arts are visionary, creative and healing tools aimed at supporting a direct experience of our holistic nature, allowing all diversities to merge into the same whole.
Within this wholeness we acknowledge different frequencies of vibration and planes of existence, which make the various dimensions. We are also aware that although all dimensions are parts of the same wider reality, certain planes are based on denial or separate perception of other dimensions. This seems to be the case for our human perception and reality. Multidimensional Arts focus on expanding human consciousness, moving beyond our limited perception and embracing a wider experience of who we are.
The term “multidimensional” (from Latin multus - many, and dimensio, from dimetri - to measure out) describes the presence of several dimensions or aspects of reality. In ordinary language the term dimension usually refers to the measurements that define the shape and size of a physical object. Another similar use of this term involves the measurement in number of degrees of free movement available in a given space, configuration or plane of existence.
Dimensions are considered in mathematics, physics and the scientific arena, as well as in esoteric, occult and mystical teaching, included the shamanic experience. The prevailing scientific theories suggest that there are at least 12 dimensions, all existing simultaneously, while the main esoteric understanding is that these dimensions or place are also 12.
Shamanically a dimension is also considered as state of consciousness, indicating the level of awareness and the rate of vibration of a subject no matter in which spatial dimension they appear to be located. For example, human beings exist third-dimensionally, though they can also access fourth, fifth dimensional or even higher levels of consciousness.
Our approach towards Multidimensional Awareness at the Institute employs astroshamanism and holistic spirituality as technical and strategic references for our experiences and investigations.

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