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There are two ways to receive an individual session from Franco
1) Via SKYPE or TELEPHONE, the most recommended and practical way.

2) In PERSON: meeting Franco at the centres and countries where he operates (contact

An astroshamanic consultation is a spiritual healing session aimed at placing the client in direct connection with their spirit guide, or multidimensional self, through the use of shamanic techniques and experiential astrology. The session is centred on the client's intention, which the consultation aims to further define and expand. Franco uses his experience and skills to identify and support areas of empowerment and healing resources, allowing the client to establish and autonomously develop a confident connection with their spirit helpers. Franco also offers holistic and spiritual counselling, including astrological consultations and readings. 

A distance session may be preceded by a preliminary exploration of the astrological chart pursued by Franco through a shamanic journey or other healing techniques.

The session itself starts with a brief chat aimed at clarifying your issue or intention, followed by a suitable shamanic practice and a successive chat aimed at examining what emerged during the practice. The purpose is to identify what are the main areas of strength or potential, what is unbalanced or weak, finding tools for transformation and healing, allowing a deeper connection with yourself and your experience of the Divine.

The session is also aimed at identifying a series of empowering and healing practices and remedies that the client can use for a certain amount of time (usually one month) in order to support and implement what has emerged in the session. During the time after the session Franco remains available for assistance. Follow-up and multiple sessions are possible. Though the first session is autonomous and can already provide significant guidance, for a complete assessment Franco recommends a minimum cycle of three sessions.

Each session is geared according to the current situation and intent of the client. The aim is to focus on prominent issues, both from an ordinary and multidimensional perspective, releasing grievances, while uncovering authentic talents and finding empowering guidance.

In order to make sure that our work is available to all people, regardless of their financial circumstances, we offer prices with a sliding scale based on income, including bursaries, concessions and free charitable work. Your donations, of any size, help us continue our volunteer work.

Fees for an in-person or distant session (one hour, plus preliminary assessment and assistance) are income related: Euro 60, or £ 50, or $ 75 (low), Euro 80, or £ 70, or $100 (medium), Euro 100, or £ 90, or $120 (high). Bursaries, exchanges and concessions are available for those who cannot afford the low fee. It is our policy that no-one should ever be discouraged from attending because of financial difficulties. If you are unable to pay the low fee, and are sincerely motivated, please contact me.

I am also available to offer nonprofit and volunteer astroshamanic healing events, sessions and services in various places and centres around the world.

Sessions are offered by Franco Santoro (in English, Italian and Spanish).

If you wish to arrange a session, please contact:
Franco Santoro,


Each consultation is completely unique to the client, and the appropriate services and interventions are tracked during the session itself, unless there is a specific interest or request. Below you can find a list of some of the types of services that can be used in a session. We do not work on physical conditions or provide any form of therapy. Please find below a list of some of our services.

Astroshamanic Soul Retrieval

The traditional approach of this practice is based on the understanding that most painful issues we experience are due to the fact that significant parts of our souls are trapped or lost. When this is the case clients sense that a vital part of themselves is missing, feel regularly stuck or in a vicious circle, at times experiencing severe disruption and misery in their life. The task is to identify and retrieve these missing parts, restoring them into the wholeness of the individual.
In astroshamanism the 12 signs of the zodiac strategically represent the complete setting of the soul. In traditional soul retrieval sessions the client usually remains passive and unconscious, while the practitioner does all the work. In astroshamanic soul retrieval sessions, clients are fully present and directly involved in the process, while the practitioner supports and guides them. Soul retrieval here involves first the acknowledgement of the missing parts and their original separation, followed by their search and retrieval. Our approach also aims at effectively restoring those parts, by returning luminous talents, allowing their harmonious integration in accordance with the client’s intention. We can help at various levels of this process.

Connection with Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides are meant here as higher beings and spiritual energies that operate as helpers and teachers. Their guidance is usually gentle, respectful and available upon request. In astroshamanism Spirit Guides are strategic and educational healing sources meeting individuals at a level understandable for their perception, providing transformation, unconditional love, balance and spiritual direction. This experience is common to all sessions, yet in this type of consultation the aim is to purposefully establish a connection with the Spirit Guide aligned with the client’s intention and life circumstances. There is no intermediation in this session, and clients directly meet and interact with their Guide, through the use of astroshamanic methods, while Franco uses his experience and skills to discern and support the process. Additionally, Franco connects with his guides, performing various healing tasks and providing all the necessary assistance and information so that clients can successfully continue the relationship with their guides.

Astrological Consultation

Astrology provides a complete map of all the basic elements and dynamics of our life, together with the opportunity of identifying its blocks and potentials, including the direction they take through time and space. This consultation offers a complete exploration of your astrological chart based on your current life cycles and intentions. The aim is to support the alignment with your life purpose, tapping into the inner knowledge of your being, acknowledging strengths, gifts, and finding effective ways to deal with challenges and grievances. Also the consultation is organised to suit your questions, intentions and needs, working on specific areas, such as relationship, work, creativity, manifestation, prosperity, sexuality, healing and spirituality. Our consultations are both experiential and theoretical, empowering and supporting the client’s intention, focusing on self-knowledge, life potentials, purposes and directions, while abstaining from predictions about the future. Astrological references are common to all our sessions. In our sessions there is no fortune telling or future prediction

 Multidimensional Astrology 

According to Multidimensional Astrology we simultaneously exist in many dimensions and parallel realities. The world we live in is just one of those realities, yet since it is a separate reality our consciousness is limited and we believe to exist only here. All human pain and misery is due to this separation, and the incapacity to be aware of who we truly are. Multidimensional Astrology is an astrological application of Astroshamanism. Its aim is to help us understand who and where we are from an expanded perspective, and what our  purpose and function is in this reality. Our consultations and workshops offer a complete exploration of the astrological chart based on your current life cycles and intentions in this and other realities. The aim is to support the alignment with your life purpose, tapping into the inner knowledge of your being, acknowledging strengths, gifts, connecting with other empowering realities and finding effective ways to deal with the challenges and grievances you meet in everyday life. Multidimensional Astrology is both experiential and theoretical, empowering and supporting the client’s intention, focusing on self-knowledge, life potentials, purposes and directions.


This session provides practical guidance and tools aimed at achieving tangible results and understanding the dynamics of one’s objectives from a wider multidimensional perspective. This type of consultations is ideal if: you feel the need and urgency to discern the best course of action and make significant choices; you long to fully express your potential, but you are blocked by confusion, grievances or fears; you need assistance to unveil the source of your power and fears, directing their energy to support your true talents and aspirations in life; you want to clarify your life purpose, identifying and fully expressing your authentic gifts. Using astroshamanic work and other pragmatic healing techniques, we can help. We can work together to take care of what is needed to allow your life to flow in accordance with your authentic passion and highest potentials. 

Astroshamanic Touch

An astroshamanic bodywork application developed by Franco Santoro since 1988. Its aim is to explore the body's spontaneous energies of ecstasy, uncovering and directing their healing potentials with clarity of intention. This unique approach to energy bodywork utilises the potent dynamics of shamanic trance to create harmony in your body, soul and spirit. Through the sensitive and empowering use of ritual soft strokes and postures, astroshamanic touch aligns our sexual energy to the multidimensional body, reawakening the remembrance of our original nature and purpose. 
The aim is to create opportunities for releasing individual and collective blocks, becoming a gateway for healing energies and directing them towards honourable intentions. In particular astroshamanic touch works on the skeleton and bone structure, which is regarded as a core hardware for storing, distributing and redeploying information and energy. 
All physical touch in our sessions is voluntary and optional, with boundaries set according to what is safe for the client. Also distant sessions, via Skype, are offered and are highly recommended, and as effective as one-to-one sessions.   

Home, Office & Landscape Healing

The place in which we live, work or spend most of our time plays a decisive part in our life and in the lives of many people and beings. Astroshamanic techniques can be used very effectively to allow your environment to function at its best, clearing and transforming energies causing grievances and unpleasant emotions or thought forms, supporting healing power points and luminous energies. In our consultations we employ the astroshamanic grid, a holistic healing web, linking all features of a territory together, including land, buildings, plants, people and whatever or whoever is in the territory at any time, present, past and future. The astroshamanic grid allows your environment to become a sacred landscape providing healing and blessings to whatever and whoever abides or transits, also linking your territory to power and multidimensional sites all over the world and beyond. Consultations take place on site or by distance throughout the world.
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