Thursday, 21 August 2014


The season of Virgo includes the lunar cycle when grapes are harvested and processed to become wine and the time when crops are reaped. After the climax of romance, pleasure, heat, rest, inspiration and power of Leo, strength is gathered to return to work and utilize, or store, the gifts and blessing that were received. 

This is a crucial time of attention, discrimination and care, as the quality of this labour will have decisive effects in the following autumn and winter seasons. 

Virgo is a zone of service and synthesis whose goal is to make tangible and objective the original Intent activated by the climax of the Sun in Leo. 

This process requires time, patience, mental discrimination and ceaseless release of blocks to the perception of what is meant to emerge. It is a state that often causes a sacred restlessness and anxiety in Virgo people. The level of reality they experience in their mind apparently requires major labours and activities to be manifested outside. 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Full Moon in Aquarius, 10 August 2014

The Full Moon in Aquarius (Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius) takes place on 10 August 2014, at 6:09 GMT.

"Once more, love is pouring down my ceiling and my walls. Once more, it is the night of the full moon, it is time for madness. All my immense knowledge cannot help me now." writes the Persian mystic Rumi.
The Aquarius full moon is an ideal time for multidimensional leaps and most daring enterprises connecting our ordinary reality with parallel universes, the earth with the starry sky, the characters we play in life and the true identities of the actors who play them. It teaches to open the heart and allow true love to pour down, shedding light on all aspects off life, especially those who appears most extreme. It promotes the release of conflicts, filling the gap between polarities with love and light.

The full moon in Aquarius is a dynamic and extremely thrilling moment, portraying the major elements of the power struggles between polarities, while also holding the climax and fulfilment of the original state of unity. 

The key of this Full Moon in Aquarius is exemplified by the Epic of the Holy Grail, and the parallel Epic of the Sacred Cone, the search for our multidimensional identity and its fragmented pieces, which is the quest for who we really are. As a result, the energy of Leo and Aquarius combined bring light both into what has already been accomplished in terms of identity - i.e. the understanding you have of yourself, including the gifts you bring to, and receive from, the world, and also your family and tribal consciousness – and into the awareness of the longing for essential missing parts.

This reawakens the spirit of the quest, which implies provisionally leaving what is familiar in order to explore long forgotten territories and retrieve a wider definition of who we are. Here, this Full Moon highlights the multi-dimensional perspective and the rebellious shift of consciousness that brings true change. It is a process we carry out cyclically in our lives. 

We forsake the security of our tribe and depart for an extensive voyage. Then, after all kinds of challenges and enterprises, we return, sharing the gifts we have acquired with the original tribe, connecting our individual journey with the collective. At this stage, time is needed to integrate the new with the old, to help it ground and serve the environment, to receive a blessing from one’s tribe and regain full citizenship. Next, we may leave again on a further quest. 

Full Moons inevitably confront with the sphere of relationships and whatever has remained unconscious in that domain. One element to bear in mind is that relationships are unavoidable. Hence, in this context, “being in a relationship” is inescapable and cannot be identified as an intention. 

We are all involved in relationships, whether we are aware of it or not, and what truly counts is defining the intent of such relationships, i.e. what are we actually doing together? If you are choosing to be in a relationship merely because you do not like to be alone, your intent becomes that of “being in a relationship”, which proves that you are missing the whole perspective. If, on the other hand, you acknowledge the relationships you are already in and consciously decide to use them for a specific intent, you move into a completely different paradigm. As a result, new relationships can develop and old ones can transform themselves.

Here, we indeed release the encoding of our separated reality and enter into the gateway to the core multi-dimensional identity. The full moon in Aquarius deeply resonates with this shift of awareness, stimulating revolutionary changes and promoting major healing innovations in the field of relationships.

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lammas, 1 August

Lughnasadh, or Lammas, is one of the eight so called Celtic festivals, traditionally celebrated between the first and second of August. It originated as a feast celebrating the Irish deity of light, Lugh, later encompassing all harvest godheads, honouring the beginning of the reaping season with community gatherings and markets.

This is the climax of warmth and luminosity, exuberance and performance. The festival also heralds imminent changes, for it is as well the funerary feast of the god of light, which involves acknowledging cold and darkness, the other polarity of the cycle.

When life reaches its peak of light on one side, death and the peak of darkness thrives on the other.

Hence at Lughnasadh, as in all truly holistic celebrations, all polarities are encompassed, with everyone and everything, holy and profane, finding their sacred space on the wheel of existence.

For ages conflicts between polarities have been the major cause of affliction and humiliation. As we move into a planetary path of spiritual reawakening it is vital to acknowledge the wounds produced by the split of polarities, strenuously promoting ways to heal them so as to retrieve our original unity.
Death and life, day and night, light and darkness, male and female, all pairs of opposites engage simultaneously at all times. While the northern hemisphere is in the midst of summer, in the southern hemisphere winter reigns supreme, as the sun rises in one part of the world it sets in another.

With our limited perception we experience life as linear, getting used and attached to one polarity, while neglecting the other until with time, often to our discomfort and disbelief, what is ignored inevitably takes over.

We may even work hard to prevent the opposite side from emerging, denying and repressing it, obdurately holding onto a separate reality. We may be dead, and yet we believe we are living, or we may be living, though we assume we are dead.

Just as there is a part in us thriving with life, another is dead. While a side is joyful, another is sad, one is dark and the other luminous, poor and rich, ill and healthy, and so on.

All opposites live within us, constantly interacting and merging. Some shine on stage, while others lurk behind the wings, waiting for their turn to come. Yet they keep all being here at the same time.

Friday, 25 July 2014

New Moon in Leo - 26 July 2014

The New Moon in Leo takes place at 22:42 GMT on 26 July 2014, shortly after the entrance of Mars in Scorpio.

This New Moon supports the playful development of our creativity, the capacity to hold and manage intense energies and deep motivations in the stage of life.

The New Moon is an active phase, with the male energy prevailing. It carries new awareness and a change of perspective. This allows space to identify intentions and foundations for new initiatives or to release old cycles and grievances. Yet, since the whole scenario is vague, it can also be a time of vulnerability and uncertainty, which benefits from pauses, rest, reflection and most of all playfulness. 

The general questions here are: “What do I truly want?” or “What gives me and others joy?” 

More specific questions may be: “What do I choose to create? What have I chosen to create so far? What am I called to express on the stage of life? What can I generously and playfully dispense to the world? Shall I take the risk of embracing what I truly cherish right now?” 

On a New Moon questions require an honest answer, which is not conditioned by general or cultural ideas about what is desirable and strictly refers to one’s own uncontaminated awareness. Also, once the answer comes, Leo calls for direct exposure and accomplishment.

The New Moon in Leo is definitely not about imitating others. Here you are called to identify what distinguishes you from the rest, allowing the emergence of gifts, which can only come through you, and most of all despite you. While our role is essential to give birth to our creations, once they are generated they take a life on their own, which even allows them to outgrow us, to move far beyond our limits and frames of mind. Once we have given visible shape to what abides within ourselves, this will emanate a light of its own, which will shine on the world, including us, the creators themselves.

During each New Moon you have the opportunity of spontaneously gliding into the energy of your creative intent.

Here please be aware of your creative intent, no matter whether it appears as a fantasy to your ordinary mind or environment. This is not the time to be pragmatic or to be concerned about how to accomplish things. It is the moment to open up to your pure intention, as you fully envisage it with no limitations. Later, as the cycle progresses, there will be chances to refine the intention, orienting it towards manifestation and understanding its practical implications.

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Mars in Scorpio

Mars enters Scorpio at 2:25 GMT on 26 July 2014, with the New Moon in Leo, paving the way for a process that will last till almost the end of summer.

This situation produces plenty of energy and willpower, the capacity to focus on challenging objectives, facing daring situations and expressing our deepest passions. The aim is to confront and shed light on our most audacious and forbidden desires. Here life can present us the opportunity to find them right in front of us, totally available, so that we can either take or leave them.

Mars in Scorpio generates an intensive emotional, physical and erotic charge. When its magnetism is activated, it relentlessly moves on till the target is hit. In particular, it is about acknowledging and developing our most precious and hidden gifts. These are often buried in the obscurity of our being, wrapped by all types of shame and fear. We will never access them if we keep denying our true passions, suffocating them with judgments and hypocrisy.

Mars in Scorpio stimulates all the themes and behaviours in our life contradicting whatever we do to please others or to feed the idea we want to give about ourselves. With this lunation in Leo, Mars travels unveiled, exposing its darkest sides in full light, so that they can be seen, understood and accepted, before they can be changed or transformed.

How can we change or transform something if we are not able to see and understand it, if we have never had an experience of it?

When we open up to our darkest sides, accepting and allowing them to unveil their true nature, then they can flow through the channel of life and be transformed.

And very often it is not our dark sides that need to be transformed. They can continue to be what they are. It is rather our prejudices and what we believe to be our luminous side that need to be transformed
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