Thursday, 10 July 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn, 12 July 2014

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others (Marianne Williamson, born with Full Moon in Capricorn)

The Moon is full in Capricorn at 13:25 GMT on 12 July 2014. 

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn bring about a major capacity of initiative between two natures operating in distinct fields, which can either cause extreme tension or manifest amazing creative achievements.

Cancer and Capricorn are both cardinal signs, which are those placed at the four cardinal points of the compass and indicate the start of each season. They represent the active and leading temperament, what sets the sense of direction. Hence, the urge for action and expression is strongly emphasized in this Full Moon. If we are confused or in conflict regarding our sense of direction, tension and issues may develop during these days. Yet, this same tension, once it is unveiled, can draw empowering energy and promote significant developments, if we have the courage to embrace our authentic calling, regardless of what the majority of people think and do.

The qualities of both Cancer and Capricorn build up, gathering and concentrating energy aimed at prompt creative expression. The Cancer part promotes protection, care and security while the Capricorn element emphasises responsibility, discipline, ambition and the implementation of pragmatic intentions.

Image: by Quino, born with Full Moon in Capricorn, Argentine cartoonist. 

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Monday, 30 June 2014


The essence of spiritual practice is your attitude toward others. When you have a pure, sincere motivation, then you have right attitude toward others based on kindness, compassion, love and respect. (14th Dalai Lama, born with Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo)

The Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in Virgo from 21:24 GMT, 1 Juy 2014 to 9:43 GMT, 4 July 2014. This combination involves an amplification of the nurturing qualities of both sectors, integrating Cancer's kindness, empathy and compassion with Virgo's service and practicality.

Those who open to the resonance of this lunar phase may easily tap into the basic needs of the natural or social environment, serving them in an effective way and contributing to the accurate management of healing resources.

Securely grounded in the human earthy scenario, Cancer/Virgo provide the capacity to align with the closest layers of the multidimensional web, unveiling their most accessible catering networks, thus disclosing the gateway for relentless loving sustenance and protection. The key issue of this combination is becoming aware of one’s abundant resources, being available to give them away for the benefit of all beings and doing so despite all our conditioning and resistances.

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Image: Tibetan five-deity mandala

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

New Moon in Cancer, 27 June 2014

The New Moon in Cancer takes place at 8:08 GMT on 27 June 2014This is the moment when Sun and Moon are exactly conjunct. With the New Moon, or Lunation, an old cycle ends and a new one starts. 

The New Moon is a period of transition when the seed is present, yet it has not taken a definite form. At this stage dreams or insights, and also prominent situations developing at a physical, emotional or mental level can provide clues about the upcoming form.

The New Moon is an active phase, with the male energy being prevalent. It carries a new awareness and a shift of perspective. This allows to set the Intent and foundations for new projects or to release old cycles and grievances. Yet, since the whole scenario is obscure, it may be a time of vulnerability and uncertainty.

The general question here is: “What do I truly want?” In the context of the current Cancer New Moon other questions may be: “What is the true purpose of my life in a physical body? What are the sources of nourishment and support of this purpose? In which way can I provide nourishment and support for others and the environment? Where do I come from? What talents have I inherited from my ancestors and how can I use them in the present? What grievances have I inherited from my ancestors and how can I heal them?”

On a New Moon questions require an honest answer, which is not conditioned by general or cultural ideas about what is desirable and strictly refers to one’s own uncontaminated awareness.

At its core level Cancer concerns the search and finding of the primary roots and the original Intent of our presence in a physical body. Here you have the chance of voyaging into time and space, experiencing and healing ancient mythic recollection, revisiting ancestral lineages, releasing blocked energies and gaining understanding about the collective Intent that truly motivates your life.

You can activate authentic and vivid memories that allow you to pinpoint true needs and release others based on grievances and oblivion. Just as in the ordinary life there are places and people that give temporary shelter and nourishment, also in the non-ordinary realms there exist similar areas. Yet their protection is not based on time and space. It is founded on other patterns of dimension and can be eternal, abundant and unlimited.

There you can receive free and unconditional love, gradually releasing your co-dependence to the perception that has produced the ordinary world where you believe to live.

In astroshamanic work the position of the Moon plays a significant role as it provides clues regarding the lineage and the ancestral initiatory path the person has already experienced.

This area, which the individual is likely to have mastered in previous times or parallel realities, represents an essential foundation for the realisation of the basic Intent in this current life or dimension. At the same time, it can easily cause addiction, attachment or misuse if its acquired potential is not focused within the present path, which may differ considerably from the previous one.

The Moon carries the most ancient and significant memories of our life on this planet. It is often related to places and times that appear either as the most attractive or repulsive. As such, it holds the key components of shamanic recapitulation, which is practice that significantly fits with a Cancer New Moon.

The New Moon in Cancer this year marks the start of the Ramadan (as from 29 June), the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and time of fasting from dawn to sunset. 

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Saturday, 21 June 2014


As the Sun glides into the Summer Solstice today, 21 June 2014 at 10:51 GMT, it reaches its climax in the northern hemisphere, marking the beginning of Summer.

This is the traditional time of ripeness, fullness and vitality. It is also a superlative time for connecting with others, being generous and expressing love.

All times are surely appropriate for love, yet the love involved here is perhaps more down-to-earth. It is the love we have for all those we genuinely cherish.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Summer Solstice Meditation, 21 June 2014

Please join us in celebrating the Summer Solstice on 21 June 2014. This is an ideal time to come together to honour the turning point of the year.

This time marks the longest period of daylight north of the equator, while south of the equator it is the longest period of darkness. In ancient times the summer solstice was the time in which the Sun god or representative was ritually sacrificed to the Great Mother so as to begin his journey in the underworld. The Summer Solstice constitutes the turning point of the light half of the year. In the natural cycle it is a time of ripening and stabilisation after the intense growth of spring. It is a period of care and precaution inspired by the apex of the Sun’s light and the awareness of its forthcoming descent into darkness. After the strenuous labour of the past months, now I can begin to harvest the fruits of the seeds that were planted in spring. According to the Orphic tradition, Cancer is the threshold through which the soul enters into its present life. The Egyptians, who began their year in this sign, regarded Cancer as the soul’s gate into incarnation. Many other ancient teachings also referred to Cancer as the Gate of Men, the portal through which all souls descend from the heavens and assume human bodies. It is an area where we can deeply connect with the true motivation that brought us on Earth, and learn to distinguish it from all other objectives that do not pertain to our original awareness. 

For further information on the Summer Solstice please see:

The following practice is a distant healing open event, which can occur wherever you are in the world.
The event can take place at any time on Saturday, 21 June 2014. The exact time of the Summer Solstice is 10:52 GMT. The celebration lasts a minimum of 15 minutes.

Please find below some guidelines describing our Summer Solstice Meditation.

Basic suggestions for a Summer Solstice Meditation:

In this Summer Solstice Celebration participants come together in silent communion to promote an Intention of Light, Healing, Love, and Alignment with the Web of Life, releasing grievances and opening up to the presence of Spirit, as they understand That. The aim is to support healing and love at all levels, for you, the environment and all beings, including those abiding in other realms.

1) Stand relaxed with the spine straight, feet flat on the floor, facing South. Focus on your breath and connect with the space around you, the emptiness surfacing the edges of your body. Sense the whole environment and its void and fullness, allowing the void and fullness of the environment to join other environments, encompassing those of all the participants in this celebration around the world.

2) Place your awareness on your solar plexus. Firmly connect with the healing Intention for this practice, while you allow the awareness of your solar plexus to progressively expand throughout all your body.

3) Consider all the luminous experiences you have had since the last Winter Solstice and the beginning of 2014, and express gratitude for them. Acknowledge your intentions, what provides joy, love and anything that you wish for yourself and others, and allow this to be held through the awareness of your solar plexus.

4) Let your individual intentions connect with all other luminous intentions, no matter how different they are, allowing each one of them to be part of the same Light and web of life. Connect with a luminous parallel universe, a Land of Light, where everything you wish is fully available for you and everyone.

5) Consider the obscurity that surrounds you, and all the dark experiences you have had since the last Winter Solstice and the beginning of 2014, how you have coped with pain, stress and unpleasant situations and express compassion and forgiveness. Allow whoever and whatever in your present life is related with grievances or difficult issues to be held through the awareness of your solar plexus.

6) Allow these grievances to connect with all types of grievance or issue, no matter how different they are, allowing each one of them to be part of the same Darkness and Web of Life. Connect with a luminous parallel universe, a Land of Light, where all grievances and pain is fully received, healed and transformed in Light.

7) Direct the awareness of your solar plexus to reach the point at the centre of your chest, your Heart. Focus only on the Heart, allowing your environment to be totally absorbed by it.

8) Be aware of your lower body (belly, genitals, legs, ankles, feet), including whatever is below, hidden, dark, till your reach the centre of the Earth, and connect it with your Heart.

9) Be aware of your upper body (throat, head), including whatever is above, luminous, up to the distant sky, to connect with your Heart.

10) Allow lower and higher, Darkness and Light, to be absorbed by the Heart, so that in the end only the Heart is there. Receive an unconditional blessing from the Heart.

11) Face the direction where the Sun is in the sky. Allow its Light to operate within and without you. Be still and silent for some minutes, staying in front of the flame or fire.

12) Come back to ordinary awareness allowing the above process to continue for a few minutes on a more subtle level. Give yourself some time to fully return to ordinary consciousness, stretch, get up or walk around, drink some water, etc. Acknowledge how you feel and what you experienced. You may wish to write down any insight or vision you have received. thing. If you wish, share this on the Summer Solstice event page or privately with us (

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Image: "Pollen Boy on the Sun", Navajo sand-painting (source:

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