Monday, 21 April 2014


At times it may happen that you feel overwhelming love for someone who is not physically with you anymore, a love mixed with a bit of sadness and regret. Maybe something painful occurred. Your heart is wide open, longing to contact this person, yet there is fear or shivering. Perhaps this happened other times, and you did connect again, experiencing much pain and frustration. You didn't manage to bear the emotional charge, and it was too much for both or just one of you. Or maybe this person does not want to see you anymore, you promised not to meet him any longer, you don’t have any clue where he is, or he has definitely left this world…

Truly, deep in your heart, you don’t need to communicate much, nor ask anything. All you would like to say is: ‘I love you unconditionally. You are a wonderful being, and I wish you all the greatest joy, wherever and with whomever you are!’

Then, you can shake yourself, take a deep breath, raise up all your courage and contact this person straight away. Or you can start searching for him through the web, travelling all over the world, if necessary. And if this does not work, even moving to other worlds and going through cycles of other lives, till you finally find him.

Perhaps, this also happened other times, and if you are tired of it, well, be aware that there is another option…

This option is simply here and now. It is a direct link, heart to heart. The heart abides beyond space and time. You can open your heart, allowing it to say what it wants, silently, and you can rest assured that his heart will receive your words.

It will do so in a delicate and refined way, filtering away all the unnecessary and keeping only the essence. This person will feel a deep peace and joy, receiving what he truly needs in that moment.

Yes, sure, it is likely that he will never know it was you who sent that love, there will be no signature in the message. Yet, in the end, if you truly wish him to be happy, this does not matter…

And, also, this is the way it works at the next level, the one of the Angels, and it can be useful to start practicing…

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Image: by Alphonse Osbert (1857-1939), French painter.

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Full Moon in Libra, 15 April 2014

This Full Moon takes place on 15 April 2014, and also includes a Lunar Eclipse exact at 7:43 GMT. The Moon is in Libra at 25° 16' and the Sun is in Aries at the same degree.

This time presents opportunities for challenging and harmonising apparently antagonistic forces, as well as embracing the power generated by pure love and passion. Here whatever abounds with energy, also and especially when it is perceived as anger or any intense emotion, indicates the presence of love and passion.

Hence the invitation is to be aware of what you are truly passionate about and find ways in which you can express that passion in a healing way and definitely through non-violent expressions.

A Full Moon in Libra is an opportunity for disengaging from the conventional scripts that rule our lives, tapping into what we truly are at a much deeper level.

Most human beings spend their whole life trying to fit into social roles. These roles are mainly part of a consensus reality based on separation and conflict, constantly downloaded and updated mainly through the media and social interaction.

What we believe to be our individuality is in most cases the mere repetition of scripts played throughout ages and by huge amounts of people.

The Full Moon is about giving expression to whatever vital and authentic within you has not been dealt with. The combination Aries and Libra challenges to reach a balance between your spontaneous and genuine desires, the way your energy would naturally move, and our connection with others and the environment, our dependency issues as well as our need for relationships.

A question you can ask yourself here is:

"Am I being truly myself or am I just trying to fit into a social model? Am I just imitating what I should be in accordance with my social environment, culture, conditioning, or am I being myself? And what does it mean to be myself?

 Whatever the answer to this question is, what counts is the fact of being aware of what is happening. If it is your conscious choice to fully interpret a specific role, no matter whether it is a conditioning or not, this provides power, because you are aware of it and choose to do so. Choice is power, which means that when you are tired of playing a certain role, you can drop it and play another.

The Full Moon is the apex of the New Moon in Aries (on 30 March 2014 in 9° Aries 59’). The degree of the New Moon, or Lunation point (9° Aries 59'), indicated an area of life that would operate as Intent and driving force during the cycle, reaching the apex at the Full Moon and in the related zone (25° Libra 16’).

At New Moon, both the Sun and the Moon are conjunct. Hence, they are in a condition to experience their original unity and formulate a common Intent. On a Full Moon whatever was conceived and experienced during the New Moon, calls for direct exposure and accomplishment. Hence, this is the moment when you confront with the practical implications of the New Moon issues. This is the time for Aries manifestation, resolute discrimination and selective action!

This Full Moon represents the maximum level of horizontal magnetism, allowing grievances and blocks to reach a peak, which can either escalate separation or release it. Hence there is a most healing opportunity to liberate deep layers of ancestral conflicts and divisions between polarity, letting them go and moving beyond our limited nature into the reality of our unified self...

I wish you a most harmonious, reconciling and courageous Full Moon! 
© Franco Santoro,

Image: by Josef Madlener

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Holy Week

Palm Sunday marks the start of the Holy Week, from the Sunday before Easter.  Easter in Western Christianity is observed on the Sunday following the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. Since this year the Equinox was on 21 March and the Full Moon is on 15 April, Easter is then on 20 April 2014. 

The Spring Equinox exemplifies the opening of the Horizontal Axis, just as Maundy Thursday represents its conclusion with Jesus’ sitting among the 12 apostles, washing their feet and dispensing the Eucharistic gift. 

The Holy Week can be a most precious preparation and launching pad for any sacred vision or goal that we deeply treasure. In this process it is vital to discriminate between ego’s achievements based on separation and goals inspired by a genuine connection with God.

The term "God" is meant here as Light, All That Is, Undivided Self and Unconditional Love, without denoting identification with a specific creed or gender. What counts is the experience of God, rather than the term we employ. Hence if the term God causes grievances, please feel free to substitute it with another word. Yet be aware that any deep spiritual work will however confront us with all grievances we hold towards the term God with the aim of healing them. 

The Holy Week can be a most extraordinary healing time. Like other major religious events, it is powerful because it connects personal with collective or mythic history. This is the first stride on the way of healing since human sufferance and problems are basically due to individualism and separation from collective awareness. 

Holy Week in Spain (Ferrol)
Individualism leads to a perception devoid of any relationship with the web of life. What collective consciousness teaches, for example, is that if I feel very sad, it is not because there is something wrong with me or because someone has treated me badly. I am simply experiencing a collective force that expresses through sadness. The problem about sadness, or other emotions, is not about their content, it is about the judgment and interpretation we ascribe to them. Sadness, or any other emotion, can reveal its gifts once we accept that it plays a function in the web of life and see it in a wider context, where instead of being isolated we are sharing that same emotion with all mankind. ImageI

Here further empowerment follows, and this is the second giant stride on the healing path, when we decide to direct our emotions and feelings towards the highest good, when we accept the state we are in, and yet firmly resolve to let it go, offering it as fertiliser aimed at fortifying what we deeply love, which is ultimately a communion with God, or All That Is. 

The Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, on 13 April 2014, signifying Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem and the cheerful greeting by fans waving palm branches. 

The palm branch is an ancient tool of royalty employed to welcome kings. This glorious reception, followed a few days later by Jesus’ execution, shows how the level of popularity can often change dramatically in ordinary reality.

On Holy Monday, Jesus cleared the temple, overturning the tables of the merchants, driving out those who were buying and selling there. 

On Holy Tuesday Jesus addressed his disciples on the Mount of Olives

Holy Wednesday, also called Spy Wednesday, is the day attributed to Judas Iscariot's agreement to show his enemies where they could capture Jesus. 

Maundy Thursday is associated with the Last Supper, Jesus’ Agony in the Garden, and his arrest. Maundy derives from the Latin mandatum (commandment). At the Last Supper, Jesus gave the commandment, "Love one another as I have loved you." Hence, Maundy Thursday is traditionally celebrated as the day of brotherly love. It is also the day when the sacrament of the Eucharist was manifested.

Fractio Panis, Greek Chapel, Rome
The Eucharist is derived from ancient rituals representing the mystical marriage in the Western Mystery traditions. In the Greek Mysteries celebrated at EleusisDemeter was associated with bread and Dionysus with wine, just as the early Christians represented bread by Mary and wine with Jesus. In most Christian Churches, the Eucharist is the core sacrament. 

On the night before his crucifixion, Jesus presented his apostles with bread and wine: “This is my body” and “This cup ... is the new covenant in my blood” (Luke 22:19-20). Bread and wine are sacred tools signifying Christ’s body and blood, the equivalent of shamanic spirit medicines.

The Eucharist is a foremost example of a shamanic incorporation ritual, unveiling the mystery of transmutation and shape-shifting. In ancient times it was preceded by many hours of ecstatic trance dances aimed at promoting release and communion with God, as well as harmony between Higher (Father) and Lower (Holy Spirit) through the mediation of the Middle (Son). 

If we consider the 12 apostles as emblems of the 12 zodiac signs, the Eucharist also represents the full retrieval of the 12 fragmented parts and their final connection with the Centre.

Good Friday is the day of Jesus’ crucifixion, with the term “Good” being a bit baffling. According to Gnostic teachings Jesus appeared to John, the Beloved disciple, and laughed at the dismal scene of his crucifixion, unveiling the nature of his mystery. Jesus then told the disciples to dance, saying, "He who dance not, know not what is taking place." (The Acts of John: 94)

Holy Saturday marks the completion of the Holy Week as well as of the 40-day season of Lent. It is the period between the crucifixion and the resurrection, the time when Jesus travels in the Lower World, establishing a bridge with the Middle World where he will return on Easter with the Resurrection and the Higher World, where he will definitely move 40 days later with the Ascension.

Easter is the most important feast (festum festorum) of Christianity and also its greatest mystery, as well as the mystery of all preceding spiritual traditions. Observing Easter is a way of expanding our awareness into the deepest meaning of life, awakening the confidence that Love is bound to prevail and that Joy is eventually everlasting. 

Major blessings on Easter!

Image: "The Palm Leaf" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Aries and Leo

The Sun is in Aries and the Moon transits Leo from 9:50 GMT, 8 April to 22:08, 11 April 2014.

The combination Aries/Leo is sheer radiant, inspiring and creative fire. The key during this lunar stage is to be aware of one's intention, making sure it is legitimate and sacred, and then allowing the most luminous forces of the universe to become available for its realisation.

Less efforts are required to reach one's goals when the Sun and Moon are in this position, and at times unexpected gifts and acknoledgments come to us. Yet it is vital to be vigilant, and stop vacillating. We need to firmly abandon the part in us which keep promoting fear, envy and all types of miseries, opening up to the genuine side within, and running away with it.

These Aries/Leo days can offer opportunities to give full dignity to our highest aspirations and sacred dreams. We can choose to make a solemn promise to our deepest truth, dedicating ourselves, accepting to be invested with the authentic role we play in life. 

© Franco Santoro,

Image: mural by Edwin Austin Abbey, born with Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo. The work is titled "Sir Galahad is now King of Sarras, and upon a hill he makes a Sacred Place and builds a Golden Tree." and is part of the series of murals, "The Quest and Achievement of The Holy Grail" (1895).

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Sunday, 6 April 2014


If you are reading these lines, you can be sure that you have had divine apparitions in your life, episodes when the Light revealed its presence in all its beauty and love. These experiences have also happened to you and many other people, and not only to saints, shamans or spiritual leaders. The only difference is that "saints, shamans or spiritual leaders" totally value and base their life on those experiences, while the majority of people tend to ignore, forget or discount them.

Hence the first thing to do and keep doing, once we definitely move on the spiritual path, rather than finding spiritual teachers, courses and books, is to remember...

Remember the luminous experiences you have already had, as from your childhood. Acknowledge and give them value, for nobody else can do it for you. They are the ways the Divine has used to connect directly with you in the most intimate way. No matter how far you go in search of the Divine, or how many efforts you make, you will always find the same Light you met before.

Therefore, once you retrieve one of those luminous memories, or the next time you have another divine encounter, make sure you trace a deep mark in your mind, firmly point it with your finger, so that you will never forget. Surprise the Divine!

© Franco Santoro,

Image: "Apparition" by Gustave Moreau, born 6 April 1826, Sun and Moon in Aries, Ascendant in Gemini, French painter

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