Tuesday 28 October 2014

Mars in Capricorn

Mars is now firmly settled in Capricorn, where it will transit till 3 December 2014.

Mars in Capricorn is extremely focused and aims very high, especially as regards practical manifestation of major goals and ambitious desires.

Multidimensionally, Mars in Capricorn relates with the part in us, wherever it is in the multidimensional realm, who is determined to reach our top objectives at all costs.

Hence, with Sun in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn, this may be the ideal time to confront your highest dreams and be relentless in your pursuit. You can decide whether you truly mean business or not. In case you do, the next step is to find your "champion".

In Multidimensional Astrology the "champion" is the alternative self in a parallel universe who is more aligned with your current life in this reality and has also fully manifested your present goals.

Franco Santoro

Image: "Portrait of a Man as the God Mars," by Peter Paul Rubens

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