Astroshamanic Healing®Touch

AstroshamanicHealing® Touch  is a shamanic bodywork application of astroshamanism and experiential astrology. Its aim is to explore the body's spontaneous energies of ecstasy, uncovering and directing their healing potentials with integrity and clarity of intention.

Drawing from the practices of ancient mystery schools and the astrological wisdom, Astroshamanic Touch works on the multidimensional body, through the empowering use of shamanic trance, according to clear boundaries and in alignment with planetary rhythms. The horoscope is grounded on the physical body, allowing the richness of the astrological archetype to become alive and provide pragmatic awareness of their nature

The physical body is a dynamic vortex continually relating with a multidimensional field of energy. Yet what we humanly perceive about the body is mainly the product of belief systems based on separation and the denial of our holistic nature. When we are open to release these belief systems and forms of conditioning, new and much more exciting configurations emerge. Once these are consciously and pragmatically experienced, they can be gradually integrated into everyday reality, healing the fragmented self and reconnecting it to its original source. 

 During our sessions and workshops we explore ways of employing the physical body to foster expanded states of consciousness, retrieve soul parts, reawaken healing talents and allow these to integrate into everyday life. 

The intent is to release blocks that hinder our potentials, celebrating the sacredness of our multidimensional body in alignment with the healing flow of energy.

With deep trance bodywork, we share ways of channelling profound passions, transforming and merging them in accordance with our life purpose. 

Sessions in AstroshamanicHealing® Touch 

How do they work and how to arrange them.

Sessions typically last from one to two hours.

There are two ways to receive an individual session of AstroshamanicHealing Touch.

2) In PERSON: meeting the facilitator in the centres where they work.

A session is preceded by a preliminary exploration of the astrological chart.

The session itself starts with a brief chat aimed at clarifying the intention or issue of the client, followed by the Touch. The astrological chart is explored experientially during the practice through the responses of the body to the Touch. In the end the facilitator will discuss what emerged during the practice. The purpose is to identify what are the main areas of strength or potential, what is unbalanced or weak, finding tools for transformation and healing, allowing a deeper connection with yourself and your experience of the web of life.

AstroshamanicHealing® Touch sessions are mainly distant, via Skype, FaceTime or telephone, and do not involve direct physical touch. The client experiences a deep awareness of their body, and the feelings associated with physical contatc through the use of the astroshamanic work. For this purpose distant sessions can be more revealing and empowering than in-person sessions.

In an in-person session physical touch is voluntary and optional, with boundaries set according to what is safe for each participant, and total exclusion of sexual interaction of any kind.

Fees for a in-person or distant session are income related: Euro 60 or £ 50 (low), Euro 75 or £ 65 (medium), Euro 90 or £ 80 (high). Bursaries and concessions are available. 

If you wish to arrange a session, please contact:

please contact or info@astros