Welcome to the Library of the Institute of Astroshamanism.

Here you can find a wide range of articles and texts written by Franco Santoro, as well as pictures, photos, astroshamanic icons and maps.

The Library is divided into various sections, either open to all visitors or only to registered users.
The main section is the Articles Library, where you can find short and longer articles grouped by theme and date. Within each theme there may be further groupings to guide the user.

TheAlmanac Library
The Binary Library
The Handorian Library
The Territorial Library
The Training Library
The Bibliography a list of books on shamanism, astrology and spirituality, featured in our library at the Institute.

All texts and artworks are copyright of Franco Santoro, unless otherwise mentioned and credited. You are very welcome to share and quote our work as long as the source is clearly given. If you wish to use our material commercially in any form or reproduce it on another website or by any other media, you are requested to contact us.

All information provided in this blog is presented solely for inspirational or recreational reading, and it is not meant to substitute the recipient’s direct experience and investigation. We do not necessarily endorse any of the ideas and views expressed in this literature, including our own.

If on this page we accidentally publish copyright images or other materials not belonging to us without properly crediting them or complying with their terms of us, please send us a message or e-mail and we'll amend or take them down.

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