Sunday 6 April 2014


If you are reading these lines, you can be sure that you have had divine apparitions in your life, episodes when the Light revealed its presence in all its beauty and love. These experiences have also happened to you and many other people, and not only to saints, shamans or spiritual leaders. The only difference is that "saints, shamans or spiritual leaders" totally value and base their life on those experiences, while the majority of people tend to ignore, forget or discount them.

Hence the first thing to do and keep doing, once we definitely move on the spiritual path, rather than finding spiritual teachers, courses and books, is to remember...

Remember the luminous experiences you have already had, as from your childhood. Acknowledge and give them value, for nobody else can do it for you. They are the ways the Divine has used to connect directly with you in the most intimate way. No matter how far you go in search of the Divine, or how many efforts you make, you will always find the same Light you met before.

Therefore, once you retrieve one of those luminous memories, or the next time you have another divine encounter, make sure you trace a deep mark in your mind, firmly point it with your finger, so that you will never forget. Surprise the Divine!

© Franco Santoro,

Image: "Apparition" by Gustave Moreau, born 6 April 1826, Sun and Moon in Aries, Ascendant in Gemini, French painter

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