Tuesday 8 April 2014

Aries and Leo

The Sun is in Aries and the Moon transits Leo from 9:50 GMT, 8 April to 22:08, 11 April 2014.

The combination Aries/Leo is sheer radiant, inspiring and creative fire. The key during this lunar stage is to be aware of one's intention, making sure it is legitimate and sacred, and then allowing the most luminous forces of the universe to become available for its realisation.

Less efforts are required to reach one's goals when the Sun and Moon are in this position, and at times unexpected gifts and acknoledgments come to us. Yet it is vital to be vigilant, and stop vacillating. We need to firmly abandon the part in us which keep promoting fear, envy and all types of miseries, opening up to the genuine side within, and running away with it.

These Aries/Leo days can offer opportunities to give full dignity to our highest aspirations and sacred dreams. We can choose to make a solemn promise to our deepest truth, dedicating ourselves, accepting to be invested with the authentic role we play in life. 

© Franco Santoro, provordo@gmail.com

Image: mural by Edwin Austin Abbey, born with Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo. The work is titled "Sir Galahad is now King of Sarras, and upon a hill he makes a Sacred Place and builds a Golden Tree." and is part of the series of murals, "The Quest and Achievement of The Holy Grail" (1895).

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