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The Handorian States System

The Handorian States System is a simulated parallel world whose function in relation with our human third-dimensional reality involves exchanging mutually beneficial resources.

The Handorian State System is a mythical matrix reality aimed at integrating third-dimensional perception with multidimensional states of consciousness.

The Handorian States System is the primary reference in the Epic of the Sacred Cone.

The Handorian States System is a multidimensional confederation of 12 sovereign federal States, 144 sovereign corporate member Nations and 1728 Counties or Regions. 

The States Central Authority (SCA) is the pivotal government entity of the Handorian States System, which shares sovereignity with the authorities of each federal State and corporate member Nation. The States Central Authority consists of three branches: Executive, Corporate and Delegate. The seat of the States Central Authority is in the Handorian Unitary District of Hartem Central.

The States Central Congress (SCC) is the tricameral legislative body of the Handorian States System. It consists of three chambers:
The Central House of Tribunes consisting of 1728 members, one for each county or region of the Handorian States System.
The Central House of Parliament comprising 720 members, who are elected in proportion to the population and dimension of each nation, with each nation receiving at least one member.
The Chamber of Delegates consisting of 144 members, holding special powers related to internal security, multidimensional foreign affairs and defence, also acting as supervisor of the other two chambers, including the 12 sovereign federal states and 144 sovereign corporate member nations.

The Central Executive Cabinet (CEC) is the ultimate decision-making body of the Handorian States System. It is presided by The Sovereign Ternary made up by
HHH the Sovereign Handor,
HDH the Sovereign Delegate,
HCH the Sovereign Corporate,
who are operatively represented by the Central Sovereign Board (CSB) directed by
HH the Prime Lord Sovereign
and composed by
HH the Prime Lord Executive
HH the Prime Lord Delegate,
HH the Prime Lord Corporate
These three Prime Lords, and especially the Prime Lord Executive, in terms of popularity, power and visibility, are the closest approximation to a governmental authority on Earth such as the President of the United States, while the Prime Lord Sovereign, and the Sovereign Ternary have definitely the largest power and popularity, though they do not have any approximation on Earth.

The CEC is composed by 12 Lords of State, one for each of the 12 Handorian States, taking the name of their respective state (for example, the Lord of the State of Kirway is Lord Kirway), and 12 Lords of Sector, operating as heads of the 12 Sectors (government areas or ministry)

The Central Executive Council comprises the CEC, 144 Central High Ministers, 12 for each of the 12 Sectors.

Each Sector consists of 12 Central High Ministries or Principalities each directed by a Central High Minister or Principal. Central High Ministries are further subdivided into 12 Secretariats, each directed by a Central High Secretary. A further division is defined as Department or Bureau, and varies in numbers, and is directed by a Central Chief or High Commissioner.

The Provisional Delegate Bureau (PDB), popularly known as the Provisional Delegate Order, is the Handorian States System’s outer surface intelligence agency and basic task force involved in activities related with the operative supervision of the classified scheme commonly identified as “Sacred Cone”. The HDB comes under the authority of the Prime Lord Delegate within the Central Executive Cabinet. The PDB is headed by the Provisional High Delegate Commissioner, colloquially known as the Principal, and is operatively directed by the Provisional High Delegate Deputy Commissioner, also known as the High Prefect (Param Parsada Hainose Mahaprefa), or Upmost Delegate Authority (Pratinindhe Uttama Adhikara).

Within the strategic structure of the Provisional Order (Satyavadine Mahayashe Provordo Etnai), the PDB is known as the Mandehe Savise Pratinindhe Pradhikara. In this respect it constitutes a direct emanation of the Nairodnah Ierarkordo (Anante Aghore Hre Jade Konveminate Nairodnah Ierarkordo), and works alongside the Regular Authority of the Provisional Order (Vishvase Anake Regule Pradhikara), with particular reference to the Provisional Ministry of Conversions, the Provisional Ministry of Subsistence and their respective high regular agencies commonly identified as Branch 8 and Branch 6.

The PDB exists in various forms all over the planet and is administratively organised into three Areas: Area 1 - Asia and Oceania (Kendriye Pratinindhe Pradhikara), Area 2 - Europe and Africa (Iurope Pratinindhe Pradhikara), Area 3 - Americas (Amerike Pratinindhe Pradhikara).

The High Grand Prefect, besides being the Upmost Delegate Authority of the entire PDB, is also the Supreme Authority of Area 1. Area 2 and Area 3 are each under the Supreme Authority of a Prefect (Param Srestha Hainose Prefa). Every Area is divided into 2 Zones, under the authority of a Sub-Prefect (Viri Exele Hainose Up Prefa Prasada). Each Zone consists of 12 subordinate jurisdictions.

The Anaghaseva and the Anusdhanseva are special components of the PDB and are responsible for tasks related to liaison with the High Ministry of Conversion (in Sectr 6) and the High Ministry of Subsistence (in Sector 8) respectively.

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