Sunday 16 December 2012

21 December 2012

WINTER SOLSTICE: Multidimensional Birth
On the Winter Solstice the Sun reaches the lowest point in the northern hemisphere and the apex of darkness, while in the southern hemisphere it is the other way around. This portrays the mystery of the interaction of Darkness and Light, and their simultaneous coexistence.
This Winter Solstice, 21 December 2012, is particularly special for it coincides with the climax of the 2012 Phenomenon, comprising a wide range of apocalyptic beliefs envisaging a state of emergency with cataclysmic or transformative events leading to the so called end of time.
21 December 2012, as I see it, is a celebration of the end of time, rather than the end of time itself. A celebration is a symbolic event aimed at bringing public awareness about something, which in this case is the provisional state of our existence, how we are always in constant transition from the known to the unknown, the death of the old and the birth of the new.   
As far as I can remember, the awareness of the above has existed since I was a child, and I believe that this has been the case for many people of my or any other generation. The end of time has always happened for billions of people with their death, just has the beginning of time has taken place with their birth. This Solstice is special merely because it has the strategic quality of drawing public attention to what has always been, and is likely to continue to be.
My hope is that 21 December 2012 can be a positive educational device leading to a significant shift of consciousness. How this will come about is part of the mystery and in this respect I can only refer to my direct experience. 
When I look at my life, I realise that shifts in consciousness are usually the result of things getting so bad that I have no choice but to admit total defeat. The paradox is that this defeat, if I accept it and move on, can become the gateway of a total victory. Darkness, with all its pain, when addressed properly, is meant to give way to the Light and all its luminous elements of renewal, just as the mother’s labour lead to birth. 
Sufferance becomes unbearable only when I lack the awareness of this birthing process, being isolated in Darkness, perceiving it as something wrong and shameful that has to be hidden. When I realise that Darkness comes to serve the Light, and allow it to do so for some time, then Light inevitably returns, and I experience great peace and joy. All is well again. This has happened many times. What has also happened is that I get lost in the celebration of the Light and I forget about the Darkness. So that when the Darkness returns this is still most painful.
On the eve of this Solstice, as I navigate in the midst of Darkness, I know that Light is close and will come. Yet, my promise is not to forget the Darkness, once the Light comes. I will thank the Darkness for bringing the Light. I will express my gratitude to those who navigate through Darkness for they allow me to remember where I come from and where I will return.
The shift of consciousness I envisage for this Solstice is the awareness of both Light and Darkness, birth and labour. I hope that this event will shed more Light on our Darkness, with the awareness that our human dramas are part of a multidimensional gestation process.
A human foetus retrieves and assimilates the components that allow its physical body to become whole and fit to merge into the outer reality. Similarly our human separated reality may serve the purpose of a wider pregnancy, which involves retrieving and integrating the fragmented pieces of our souls, finally giving birth to a holistic collective self.
Our separated identities may be the components of an unborn multidimensional creature, gestating in a wider uterus, which is our human reality, and waiting to be born. This creature is the result of a circle of interconnectedness encompassing a web of individuals. It is the manifestation of Christ consciousness.
This is my dream, and what I trust and hope.
Happy Winter Solstice! (Franco S.)

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