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Full Moon in Aquarius - 22 July 2013 - The Multidimensional Blitz (by Franco Santoro)

 “Zabriskie Point” directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, USA, 1968.
The Full Moon in Aquarius (Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius) takes place on Monday, 22 July 2013, at 18:17 GMT, right at the beginning of Aquarius (0° 06').

This Full Moon amplifies the theme of opposite polarities, setting its expression in unpredictable, theatrical, outrageous and dramatic ways.

When life reaches its peak of light on one side, the peak of darkness thrives on the other. The two polarities are part of the same whole. They exist together, though we are rarely aware of both, and we will always remain split either on one side or the other, until we learn to hold all of them. This entails bearing their conflicts, accepting their frictions and tensions, till we finally incorporate them fully in our life. 

For long conflicts between antagonistic forces, expressed both within and without ourselves, have been the major cause of pain in the world. With the combination Leo and Aquarius, the areas of conflict relate with grievances about power and leadership between and within individuals, groups, parties, spiritual movements, communities, organisations, and whoever is actively engaged in public life.

Each human being, no matter how conditioned or unaware, is an inherent part of the web of life. This means that together with their personality, or ego, they experience the interaction with a united or central self, who we can call in many ways, including the term "God". 

When two or more individuals join with the intent of giving creative space to their true nature, they amplify the access to the web of life and the unity of human consciousness. These networks create the conditions for producing radical healing shifts in human values and priorities, as long as there is clarity and transparency in their interaction.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius, all conflicts or difficult situations which have been covered up, either consciously or unconsciously, in the past and especially on the preceding New Moon, inevitably erupt. 

Healing takes place when grievances are given ample and patient space to be acknowledged, when there is transparency and honesty, when everyone is given the chance to be heard, when nobody is excluded, when people can accept the energy of the conflict and use it as a major opportunity for growth.

Tolerance, transparency, lack of prejudice and the availability to keep the dialogue open with the opposite part, both without and within ourselves, is the first step in healing any conflict. When this is missing, and one or both parts insist to be right at all costs, then healing is forced to take a much slower and intricate route. The issues will be inevitably recycled, no matter whether we annihilate the opposite part or refuse to have any connection with it. These issues will increase their potency, till they find a way to erupt even stronger in our life. Grievances will be catapulted in larger contexts and situations, till we have no choice than to face them.

Dialogue implies putting aside our grievances towards parts within and without ourselves, and truly listen to what they say, with an open heart, without mixing our assumptions about them with what is truly happening to them.

The Full Moon is a dynamic and extremely thrilling moment, portraying the major elements of the power struggles between polarities, while also holding the climax and fulfilment of their original state of unity.

Each lunar cycle starts with the New Moon and reaches its climax with the Full Moon. At New Moon, both Sun and Moon are conjunct. Hence, they are in a condition to experience their pristine unity and formulate a common Intent. 

Whatever started with the New Moon finds its climax on the following Full Moon.

On a Full Moon whatever was conceived during the New Moon, calls for direct exposure and accomplishment. Hence, this is the moment when we confront ourself with the practical implications of what we  started on a New Moon.

The key of this Full Moon in Aquarius is exemplified by the Epic of the Holy Grail, the search for our deepest core identity, which is the quest for who we really are. The energy of Leo and Aquarius combined bring light both into what has already been accomplished in terms of our identity - the understanding I have of myself, including the gifts I bring to, and receive from, the world, and also my family and tribal consciousness – and into the awareness of the longing for the missing parts of who we are.

This reawakens the spirit of the quest, which implies provisionally leaving what is familiar in order to explore long forgotten territories and retrieve a wider definition of who we are. Here, this Full Moon highlights the multi-dimensional perspective and the rebellious shift of consciousness that brings true change. It is a process we carry out cyclically in our lives. 

We forsake the security of our tribe and depart for an extensive voyage, we rebel against our family, teachers, traditions. Then, after all kinds of challenges and enterprises, we return, sharing the gifts we have acquired. At this stage, time is needed to integrate the new with the old, to help it ground and serve the environment, to receive a blessing from one’s tribe and regain full citizenship. Then, we may leave again on a further quest. 

The house position in your chart of the Full Moon (0° Aquarius 06') identifies the area where you can tread a rebellious path, operating with integrity no matter what others think of you. Here you can also detect areas that benefit your beloved ones, from whom you may receive blessings and unconditional support. The awareness of this support is essential on the quest for it allows nourishment and power in times of adversity.

The Full Moon in Aquarius deeply resonates with a sudden shift of awareness, supporting revolutionary changes, promoting major healing innovations, together with situations that dramatically confront us with the explosion of grievances. This can lead to destruction, annihilation, whatever was pent up finally comes up into the open with devastating effects. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius operate as a multidimensional blitz, an intensive and sudden attack on whatever covers up who we truly are, with tangible effects on our ordinary identity. It can express most dramatically, as a sudden explosion, with shocks and abrupt events utterly tearing into pieces our daily securities and protections. 

Suddenly all our fears are out there in the open. 

Yet, if we are able to hold on to our deepest truth, to what we sincerely believe even if it may be uncomfortable for us and especially others, well, the Full Moon in Aquarius is the greatest blessing and all the unexpected turmoil will vanish just as abruptly as it came, giving space to 


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