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Basic Details on Franco Santoro's Programmes

Franco's programmes and teaching focus on holistic spirituality, shamanic healing, multidimensional awareness and areas of self-empowerment, identifying and supporting clear intentions and what truly motivates each participant, in an environment based on safety and mutual respect. This provides sound foundations for exploring deep dynamics, healing blocks and restoring fragmented parts. 

Franco's work may involve experiencing expanded states of consciousness and our primary aim is their constructive integration into everyday life. Hisprogrammes cover a wide spectrum of modalities, including workshops, consultations, residential and distant training, retreats, mentoring services, correspondence and self-study courses, etc. Franco employs simple and effective tools to support transformation, clarity of intent and mastery of one’s creative and spiritual potential, adapting the work to each individual and group. Franco offers programmes suited to a wide range of interests, people and countries. New workshops are regularly being developed to meet specific needs. 
Franco's understanding is that everyone has specific requirements, purposes and priorities. In his programmes the basic belief is that the leading training occurs between each seeker and their spiritual guides or inner realms. His primary aim and commitment is to support, encourage and guide this process. 
Programmes are mainly set up for small groups and single individuals, personalised according to their needs and visions. We can easily organise a programme or retreat for you on request in most times of the year. We can work with you distantly or in the centres and countries where we operate. 
Working with Franco usually starts by taking an individual session or one of our basic workshops. Then, based on their experiences and visions, it is up to the participants to decide if or when it is right to continue with further work or courses. 
If you are interested in Franco's work a first step we suggest is to contact us and arrange an appointment (by Skype or phone) aimed at helping you to explore if our programmes are right for you and what format could be more useful in your current life path. Another option, as a starting step, is to have an individual session, which besides clarifying the above can also allow a first direct experience of the work.
Programmes have a cost, yet it is our policy that no one should ever be discouraged from attending because of financial difficulties. If you are unable to pay the full cost, you can receive a bursary and pay what you can afford.
If you would like to organise a workshop, course or event please contact: info@astroshamanism.org

Our aim is to facilitate your connection with the multidimensional realms and spirit worlds, while supporting you in unfolding your life purpose and grounding it in everyday reality. Our workshops are aimed at providing tools to develop and support your own spiritual and shamanic path, and how you can effectively walk it in your daily life. They are not intended as therapy programmes. Our programmes may help you discovering and manifesting healing talents or other ways you can be of service to the world, yet they are not meant to teach you how to become a shaman or healer. This, as we see it, is a profound inner vocation, which requires deep integrity, adequate training and initiation primarily from the spirit world. For those who receive a calling to work at a more advanced level with us, including employing in the work with other people the astroshamanic and spiritual healing practices developed by the Institute, and becoming one of our certified practitioner or mentors, we may provide specific training.


Franco has developed his own techniques, workshops and programmes based on 35 years of experience. Whether you intend to join him in just one programme or attend courses for a longer period of time, our Core Workshops provide a valuable learning and life experience, which can be precious to develop your own guidance and explore how you can best continue your journey. What follows is a list of our essential Core Workshops. Their duration ranges from two days to three weeks, and consist of Basic Workshops, usually lasting two or three days, Intermediary and Advanced Workshops, ranging from two days to one or three weeks.


This classic introductory seminar is one of the best ways to explore and experience astroshamanism and holistic spirituality. During this workshop, participants are initiated to some of our core practices of astroshamanism. Particular attention is given to identify and develop tools allowing each participant to connect with their authentic life purpose and spiritual source of empowering guidance. We also acknowledge areas of darkness and grievances, and employ spiritual healing practices of release and forgiveness, which participants can learn and use also on their own.

The Basic Workshop usually runs for two or three days with different formats according to the centre where it takes place. An optional Intermediary Workshop, also lasting two or three days, aimed at integrating the work and bringing it to a deeper level, may follow.

Programmes are held in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Polish.
After a basic workshop, the sequence of training is not fixed, and who wish to continue can move at different speeds according to their requirements and needs.
We offer the Basic Workshop applied to all our Core Workshops focused on specific themes. Please find below some of them.


During this workshop, participants are initiated to some of our astroshamanic core practices. The structure and content of the workshop change according to the themes and category of the programme, the seasonal cycles, the natural, cultural and human environment where the event takes place. The workshop usually includes our own astroshamanic or holistic spirituality practices integrated with tools from various spiritual traditions, elements of astrology, the use of the sacred circle, regular times for meditation, sharing and deep listening and the experience of the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone, one of the main practices devised by the Institute.


In this workshop dance, sound and drama are used as transformational tools to open the pathway to expanded states of consciousness and a profound awareness of our environment and us. We employ movement to animate deep emotions and stagnant energies, redirecting them to support our highest potentials, empowering our authentic visions and stepping into the healing flow that allows us to reshape the world within which we live. The programme includes a variety of tools, such as trance and ritual dances, astroshamanic chants and movements, planetary scales, drumming, healing postures and also stillness, meditation, giving space to dancer within.

Astroshamanic dance and theatre aims at acknowledging, retrieving and integrating the lost pieces of our soul as represented by the 12 zodiac signs. Each signs has its own frequency and through dance we can align to its modalities of expression and incorporate them in our awareness. By physically dancing the sign, we enter into their rhythm, experiencing their energies and directing them toward a conscious intention.


In this workshop we discover ways of employing our body to foster expanded states of consciousness, bridging our physical and multidimensional nature. Through movements, dance, prayer, meditation, soul retrieval and physical contact, we receive visions and insights, redeploying energy and passion in accordance with one's life purpose and the web of life. We also explore our shadow; sharing ways to explore denied and hidden parts of ourselves, release intense feelings, promoting forgiveness, transformation and unconditional love. The programme is a full introduction to Astroshamanic Touch, a bodywork application of Astroshamanism, developed by Franco Santoro at the Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland since 1999. Its aim is to move beyond our identification with the body, while remaining grounded in our bodies and directing their healing potentials with integrity, spiritual alignment, and clarity of intention. With deep trance work, we share ways of channelling profound passions, releasing blocks that hinder our potentials and celebrating the sacredness of life. Completion of the workshops provides a solid basis for advanced work, enabling participants to continue their practice autonomously, including the option of accessing our certification programme. Clear group agreements are held at all times to create a safe space.


Multidimensional sensualtiy is aimed at unveiling and expanding the awareness of our authentic sensual nature, releasing denial and conditioning, while promoting healing with a deep sense of integrity and service. It is holistic and bona fide sensuality embracing every aspect of life, including physical intimacy and chastity, spirituality and the Divine. When more individuals join together with the intent of giving creative space to their authentic sensual nature, they amplify the access to the web of life and the unity of consciousness, creating the conditions for radical healing shifts in human values.

This workshop is designed to promote a gentle acknowledgment and acceptance of your authentic sexuality, no matter how you experience it, etherosexual, homosexual, in a relationship, celibate, and whether you live a chaste life or are asexual. We explore the holistic and spiritual dynamics of sexual energy, as they are playfully portrayed by the astrological archetypes, aligning ourselves with the flow of life, and opening up to new horizons of purpose and harmony.


This workshop is for those who long to take a decisive leap into the discovery and manifestation of their unique potentials and authentic purpose, so as to provide benefits to themselves and the whole environment.

The workshop also aims at showing how apparently insurmountable obstacles and crisis can be used to give shape to our most ambitious dreams. During our time together we will also unveil how in every moment of our life, dark times included, we are never alone and there are immense forces available to provide support.


From the shamanic perspective human sufferance comes from soul fragmentation, which is the result of belief systems based on separation and the cause of all fears held in our culture, such as abandonment, rejection and ultimately death. During this workshop we will use healing tools for tracking and retrieving separated parts, releasing and transforming blocks, promoting harmonious connections. Participants will have the opportunity to learn a simple technique for identifying their Intent, dissipating unbalanced energies, and receiving guidance and support. The aim of the workshop is to connect personal issues with collective processes, uncovering the inter-relatedness of all existence and true healing potentials both in our individual and collective reality. The programme includes shamanic journeys and rituals, elements of soul retrieval and astroshamanic touch, circle release work and trance postures. Duration: two to five days.

Restoring the Fragmented Heart

Relationships are the most fruitful grounds for holistic healing and spiritual growth. Despite their grievances and turbulence, they exemplify human collective wounds longing to be released and transformed into unconditional love and joy. This workshop explores relationships from a holistic and shamanic perspective with the aim of healing connections with partners, relatives, friends and significant people in one’s life.  We will track and release blocks to our capacity to love, identifying the underlying issues that hamper relationships, promoting healing, fulfilment and peace. The workshop is designed for all types of relationships, encompassing couples in intimate or platonic connections, partnerships in work or service, rapports with friends and relatives, celibate life and chastity. Duration: two days to one week.


This workshop is an intensive course on astrology for participants interested to apply astrology for spiritual and personal growth, in the counseling and shamanic arts, and for discovering and manifesting their potential.
This in-depth intensive seminar teaches the basic tools of experiential astrology as applied to astroshamanism. The workshop provides a thorough experiential introduction to astrology and its healing applications, with visionary explorations of the natal chart and the starry sky, understanding of the basic elements of the astroshamanic binary system. We will employ the astroshamanic circle on the floor to directly experience the essential individual features of the birth chart and reconnect them with the collective planetary rhythms. The aim is to employ experiential astrology to support major processes of transformation, discovering, acknowledging and implementing appropriate and beneficial uses for our healing resources and talents. By examining the essential astrological grammar we will learn simple and effective ways to employ astrological information and use it to enrich and support healing work.
In these workshop your will learn:
1) the basic astrological language and how to apply in your everyday experiential life
2) the use of the astrological circle on the floor and how to hold sessions for yourself and others
3) the lunar cycle and the 144 combinations of Sun/Moon and how to monitor energy trends in your life and the environment
4) how to detect areas of power, potentials, qualities, as well as areas of conflicts and grievances in your chart
5) how to work with transits and life trends
6) how to detect transpersonal and multidimensional traits in the chart
7) astrological applications to spiritual practice and shamanism

According to Multidimensional Astrology we simultaneously exist in many dimensions and parallel realities. The world we live in is just one of those realities, yet since it is a separate reality our consciousness is limited and we believe to exist only here. All human pain and misery is due to this separation, and the incapacity to be aware of who we truly are. Multidimensional Astrology is an astrological application of Astroshamanism developed by Franco Santoro. Its aim is to help us understand who and where we are from an expanded perspective, and what our purpose and function is in this reality. This workshop is an intensive course on astrology for participants interested to apply astrology for spiritual and personal growth, in the counselling and shamanic arts, and for discovering and manifesting their potential.


Learn how to use spiritual practice in order to clarify your purpose and manifest ‘right living’. We explore your unique way of opening to spiritual guidance to unveil your potential and bring benefit to yourself, your relationships and the planet. We integrate various spiritual healing practices with practical work and release disturbing patterns, converting them into energy to support our goals. Duration: two days to one week.

HOLISTIC SPIRITUALITY: Restoring the Fragmented God

Who is God to us? Do we feel embarrassed or disturbed to use this word? How does the God of our early education relate to our present experience? Is this a loving or a judging God? What are the related blessings and wounds? This workshop aims at exploring our connection with God from a shamanic and holistic perspective, discriminating between direct experience and religious conditionings. The workshop is a wide-ranging journey, encompassing a tapestry of shamanic practices from the Christian and Islamic tradition, with elements of Gnosticism, esoteric astrology and A Course in Miracles. Whether we consider or ignore them, the Judo-Christian traditions shape the matrix of our contemporary culture. The workshop is ideal for those wishing to heal, restore or deepen their relationship with God, facing and releasing unresolved grievances with their early religious roots, while also opening up to their blessings and ecstatic mysteries. Duration: two days to one week.

Original Quest:  
An Astroshamanic Journey of Soul Retrieval into Space and Time

This classic programme is aimed at offering practical tools and understanding for navigating beyond conventional time and space or, in other words, for experientially diving into the mystery of death, birth, past and future lives, and magnifying the reality of the present. The purpose is that of linking personal life to planetary and mythic history, exploring archaic roots and advanced lineages, connecting with significant locations, retrieving lost parts, facing death-life passageways, releasing and transforming grievances, uncovering luminous intentions, bringing healing in the local and global environment. The environment where the workshop takes place is transformed into an astrological circle, with areas indicating each sign of the zodiac, using various creative possibilities (stones, art works, huts, flags, signboards, etc.). Participants are involved in the creation of an Astroshamanic Healing Grid. The programme includes soul retrieval, shamanic time voyages, trance dance, recapitulation, and connection with nature spirits, and tools to unveil our hidden human potentials.


Holistic Awareness is based on the experience that all aspects of life are intimately related and part of the same whole. According to a holistic perspective there is no separation and we can find our sense of purpose only if we acknowledge the wider reality in which we exist. This reality also includes what lies beyond our ordinary perception and can effectively deepen the awareness of which we truly are.

Astroshamanism is a holistic system of healing aimed at expanding human perception through the integration of the basic principles of shamanism with experiential astrology, the contemporary revival of archaic mystery traditions and the spirit of the Findhorn Community.

These two week offer a uniquely and thorough exposure to holistic shamanic training. Participants in the training will experience practical tools for opening, discovering and supporting the relationship with their essential Intent. They will also focus on releasing blocks and retrieving hidden potentials, and will learn to bring shamanic healing work in their life and relationship with others. The training is designed for newcomers as well as for those who wish to consolidate previous experiences with shamanism or related methods. Completion of the training provides a solid basis for more advanced work. It is also aimed to allow participants to continue their work autonomously with gained clarity and sense of purpose. The training consists of two workshops, which can also be attended independently.

This workshop focuses on the clarification of the life Intent and the connection with one’s inner guidance. Participants will be trained in working with holistic techniques for expanding perception and reawakening their authentic purpose. The programme includes: shamanic voyages, AstroshamanicHealing®, trance dance, use of the sacred circle, energy work, rituals and various opportunities for integrating shamanic work with ordinary reality.

Advanced Week (Workshop 2): THE VOYAGE THROUGH THE ZODIAC
During this second week participants will experience the whole spectrum of astroshamanic archetypes, retrieving and transforming blocked energies, strengthening the relationship with their multi-dimensional self and Intent. This workshop is designed for people who intend to employ shamanism both for themselves and in their practice with others. The previous week (or another one-week workshop with Franco) is a prerequisite for attendance.

Duration: one, two or four weeks.


For ages shamans have used dance to reach expanded states of consciousness, connect with ecstatic dimensions, retrieve lost parts, communicate with spirits and bring healing on a planetary and individual level. This training is for those who wish to deepen their practice of trance dance and shamanic sound production. During these weeks we delve into trance dance and drumming according to astrological and natural cycles, creating sacred space, establishing connections with spirit powers, directing and redeploying energies and using them to sponsor major transformational processes. The training is designed for newcomers as well as for those who wish to consolidate previous experiences with astroshamanic trance dance. Completion of the training provides a solid basis for more advanced work. It is also aimed to allow participants to continue their work autonomously with gained clarity and sense of purpose. The training consists of two workshops, which can also be attended independently.

Basic Week (Workshop 1):
In this workshop trance dance and sound are used as transformational tools to open the pathway to expanded states of consciousness and a profound awareness of ourselves and our environment. During the week we employ movement to animate deep emotions and stagnant energies, redirecting them to support highest potentials, empowering authentic visions and stepping into the healing flow that allows us to reshape the world within which we live. The programme also includes astroshamanic chants, planetary alignment dances, sound healing, shape-shifting rituals, and the exploration of the basic astroshamanic drumming method. 

Advanced Week (Workshop 2):
This week is a special opportunity to experience the transformational effects of shamanic trance dance, music and percussion on the human body, mind and spirit. The workshop aims at unveiling advanced healing applications of trance dance, including the mechanics of holding dance programs and shamanic sound production. This is an intense week specifically designed for those who wish to train in the astroshamanic trance dance healing way with a view to becoming trance dance assistants and facilitators, specialists in shamanic drumming and sound production. 

Organising astroshamanic and holistic events with Franco Santoro

I am happy to hold workshops in new venues and countries. If you would like to organize a holistic or astroshamanic workshop, course or any event, please contact me at info@astroshamanism.org or read the information below. 

I am also available to offer nonprofit and volunteer astroshamanic healing events, sessions and community services in various places and centres around the world. 

Basic Guidelines for organising events, workshops and courses with Franco Santoro

1. The Topic of the event, workshop, course. I can cover events and workshops on a large variety of topics related to spirituality, healing, meditation, shamanism, astrology, manifestation, sound, dance, energy work, relationships, sexuality, etc. Click here for a list of workshop proposals. I can also create events and workshops based upon specific requirements and themes. I am happy to connect with you by phone or Skype to discuss your intentions and needs in organising an event, so that you can verify if they can be met.

2. The Time: the time and date of the workshop, including multiple dates in the case of a training or course, can be set once the topic is identified.

3. The Venue is chosen according to what is more convenient for the organiser and the number of participants. I can adapt to a large variety of venues.

4. The Number of Participants: reaching a minimum number  of participants is essential in order to allow the workshop to take place. For this purpose participants are usually asked to book the workshop four weeks in advance, leaving a non-refundable deposit. If the minimum amount of participant is reached four weeks before the date of the workshop, the event can be confirmed. The minimum number of participants required is between 8 and 12. There is no maximum number, so that once the minimum number is achieved, further participants can book and join the events as long as there is space in the group room or in the facilities involved.

5. The Charge: depends on various factors, including my expenditures (travel, accommodation, materials, etc.), the organiser’s expenditures (group room, advertising, etc.), the number of participants. I tend to be flexible in this respect and adapt to places and circumstances.

6. The Promotion of the event is done both by the organisers, using their contacts and tools, and us via our sites, pages, mailing list and, unless the organiser decide to prepare them, posters and leaflets.

7. The Preparation: This is an important and rewarding part of the organisation, which involves using the time before the start of the event as a spiritual experience. It is about being present and aligned with the intention of the event, developing inner and outer supportive connections, facing blocks and fears, unlocking and nourishing the healing energy that can contribute to the manifestation of a successful event. I will be involved with you in this process, available to provide more direct assistance if necessary.

For information about our programmes see http://www.astroshamans.com/2014/09/astroshamanic-programmes.html

Thanks for taking the time to read the above, and please contact me if you need further information.


Franco Santoro and his associates offer a wide range of both basic and advanced training courses on holistic spirituality, astroshamanism, experiential astrology, spiritual healing, astroshamanic dance. These also include distant learning training module.

All our trainings are flexible and adapted to each individual, according to their potentials and needs. We prefer to have an interview or session with each candidate so as to assess together what training format can be more beneficial. We usually suggest attending an introductory workshop or a series of three individual sessions before committing to a course or longer training. Trainings may involve individual tuition, group modules and self-study distant learning.

For more details please contact info@astroshamanism.org

Here follow details on some of our trainings. For our list of modules and programmes, see: http://www.astroshamans.com/p/events.html


The Operative Training in Astroshamanis is a complete system of teaching aimed at providing a deep investigation and experience of our soul journey both in the inner and outer life. The basic intent of the training is to foster the reawakening of our original multidimensional nature, the development and implementation of our authentic talents, the release of grievances based on the perception of separation and the integration of our body, soul and mind

The Operative Training in Astroshamanism consists of three independent stages of initiation and is accompanied by specific literature and manuals. The First Basic Level represents the first stage. This training comprises 144 hours of teaching with a flexible structure that can be tailored to fit individual needs and situations, including a home-study course. Previous participation to an astroshamanic workshop, or a cycle of three individual sessions, are a prerequisite for attendance.

Before deciding to join the Training, applicants will thoroughly examine their current life situation, purpose and learning potentials in order to verify whether this step can truly serve them. Entry into the Training also requires that intuition or specific individual guidance (received through a shamanic journey, vision or dream) proves that this work is appropriate.

The programme of the Training will include significant experiences with shamanic states of consciousness as well as relevant opportunities to ground the work in ordinary reality. Participants will learn a wide range of shamanic techniques and directly explore the astroshamanic cosmology as it is reflected in their inner and outer life. They will receive initiation in specific healing and ceremonial practices in accordance with each Sector of the Sacred Circle, integrating their shamanic experiences with information drawn from astrology and other esoteric sources.

The First Basic Level covers the following areas: astroshamanic voyaging and cosmology, Sacred Circle, Intent and Function, Sacred Cone Work (release practices, basic ritual, shamanic extraction), Spirit Guides, Totem Spirits, shamanic forms and detectors, spirit medicines, sacred tools, astrodrama, trance dance, totemic postures, dreamwork, glossolalia, exploration of the 12 Sectors, astroshamanic chants and planetary scales, an outline of astrology and its application to astroshamanism, elements of astroshamanic healing and soul retrieval.

The curriculum of the Training has a specific structure and there is a certain amount of work to do. At the end of the journey, the energies of each of the 12 Sectors and four Directions of the Sacred Circle will all be explored. The First Level has to do with building a foundation for the spiritual journey and reawakening of our multidimensional nature. According to astroshamanism, the existence of a stable container is essential for the energies beyond ordinary perception not to get lost or misused. The information and tools that are shared in the Training serve this purpose.

For the first lessons the work is preparatory. After this initial stage, the Trainee can start the exploration of the 12 Sectors and four Directions. One of the strategic purposes of the journeys in the Sectors is to activate tools of power, develop potentials, release grievances, make agreements with Spirit Guides, planetary forces, Totem Spirits, etc. and recall significant lost memories.

The practices and exercises related to the Sectors are devised to accompany you on a quest for treasures and powers that lie dormant within. This process strategically unfolds through recognising, retrieving and expressing each of the 12 basic archetypes (Totem Spirits) through our physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual body. This work involves learning a multidimensional language and requires patience, constancy and attention mixed with sacred playfulness and adventure.

For more details please contact info@astroshamanism.org

Astroshamanic Practitioner Training (APT)

A formation process aimed at training individuals to become proficient astroshamanic practitioners. The APT consists of a general charter applied to all trainees, and a specialised curriculum based on specific individual talents. The APT includes three independent units: a two-year Foundation Course, a two-year Accreditation Course and a one-year Practice Training with the direct supervision of Franco Santoro. 

The Operative Training in Astroshamanism, which can also be taken during the Foundation Course, is a requirement for participation, as well as an interview and a series of introductory sessions with Franco. Astroshamanic formation is also aimed at training shamanic practitioners who wish to draw inspiration from this work, integrate it with other methods, support other lineages and traditions, or develop their own method, without necessarily becoming astroshamanic practitioners.

For further details or information please contact us at info@astroshamanism.org.

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