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The Astroshamanic Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone

Omne trinum est perfectum (Everything in threes is perfect)

The Astroshamanic Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone (Pahai Eneghe Urit) is a classical astroshamanic ritual, designed by Franco Santoro, celebrated individually or with a group. It includes three main stages which correspond to three specific Sectors of the Sacred Circle. 

Specific forms of music, dance and drumming can accompany this ritual, which can also be performed in total silence or in a sitting or lying position, without any physical movement. Various drumming CD and cassettes to support this ritual have been produced and are available.[i]

In the Basic Ritual, after a moment of preparation which may involve smudging, calling the Directions or any other practice that suits the group or the individual, the participants focus on their Intent and enter the first stage of the ritual. 

First Stage:

You walk clockwise around the Sacred Circle at least three times, either physically or with your imagination, and then stopping at a position you feel drawn to. That point is connected with your current Intent and allows its energy to intensify. 

After spending some time aligning with that point, you are invited to openly express your will and desires, focusing on what you want for yourself and others. This means, as for all stages of the ritual, to open up to feelings, images, sounds, words, or whatever happens, without judging or premeditating. The Intent, once clear, is expressed through gestures, dance, verbal expressions, chants, sounds, a posture of the body or by just staying in silence.

 “With all the weary with which they work at countless enterprises, mortal men travel by different paths, but all strive to reach one and the same goal. Happiness. This is the goal which, once obtained, leaves nothing more to be desired.”[ii]

Second Stage:

At the end of the first stage, you move in an anticlockwise direction around the circle for at least three times, either physically or using your imagination. The expression of the Intent is bound to draw the contrasting elements and create the conditions for the second stage: the Function. You then stop at a position, Sector, you feel drawn to, as you did before in the first stage.

This Sector resonates with the energy that needs to be released. This often corresponds to limits, blocks, imbalances or great unexpressed potential. 

The energy of that Sector can manifest through feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories, images of people, or whatever happens in that moment. The energetic expression is like the previous stage, although it is preferable to act more intensely here.

The second stage represents the crucial phase of the ritual. It is the moment when everyone is invited to contribute the energy for the sacrifice. Sacrifice (from the Latin sacer and facere, i.e. holy and make) means to perform a sacred action that, in this context, consists of giving away something to the Spirits. 

This sacrifice is an offer of grievances. A grievance or Graha is any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disturbance, including any attitude or situation, even of apparent well-being, that supports the ego and the illusion of separation. Contrary to common belief, here grievances are the most favoured offerings to Spirits or Archangels. In the trade with shamanic reality they represent material of great value. 

All situations in which we are full of grievances, are moments of great power. “It is there” says Ur Kuran “that you are confronted with a tremendous choice, the decisive choice that you faced since you began to move your first steps in this reality.... Whether you are aware of it or not, a part of you knows very well how valuable grievances are. For this reason, when they become available, you instinctively tend to keep or hide them. When you do that, you betray your original calling. It is a foolish act as grievances do not bring any wealth if you keep them for yourself or sell them in the markets of this planet. Their value is acknowledged only when you access the vertical axis and trade in the multidimensional markets. This only happens when you refuse to deposit or let them circulate on Earth.... The second stage offers you this opportunity. If you succeed in this enterprise, even for an instant, the gratitude of the Spirits will come abundantly to you”.[iii] 

Third Stage: 

In the third stage the movement is in a clockwise direction, either physically or with the imagination, for at least three times. Then you can choose another Sector. Here you are invited to receive and surrender to whatever comes to you as a result of the previous work with the Intent and Function.

Once you have completed the first and second stage, you can simply open up and receive. For this purpose you can relax, sit or also lie down. The position chosen in these circumstances is often related to the Sector which has most potential energy.

At the end of the ritual, what has been received can be acknowledged and it is recommended to take notes about the experience and the positions of each stage.

Please be aware that the above ritual is provided for individual use only. Employment of this ritual in work with other people or in any public event requires further information and a specific training.

Visionary Comments on the Ritual:

There are incredible varieties of dimensions and realms. As I move on the spiritual path my horizons begin to extend considerably. This could cause confusion. Here I need to be clear about my role in all this apparent infinity. This is what I need to find out. I am unable to cover all the possible roles that exist in the multidimensional realms. Yet, once I got to know what my Intent is, I am indeed fulfilling all.

Connecting with the Intent is the priority. This means moving with what truly motivates me, my passion. Then, as I authentically embrace it, I also gradually refine it. I start with what, according to my current understanding, I believe to be my Intent. I do not commence with my ultimate Intent, as this is inconceivable for my present awareness.

The key is to honestly follow what draws spontaneous attention, what engages my passion, what causes involvement, joy and excitement. The Intent has nothing to do with what is regarded as ideal and high according to conventional opinions.

The advantage of shamanic work is that I can employ and explore any Intent without necessarily affecting the outer reality. My experience of the Intent merely takes place during the shamanic practice. Yet, this experience is as tangible and valuable as any so called “real” experience. Whereas in the outer world many actions are limited by rigid regulations and may cause misunderstanding, in a shamanic voyage I can allow myself to venture into any situation.

The moment I connect with an Intent that is authentic for the whole of my being and start to nourish it, more energy is drawn. This means that the fragmented parts that are blocked elsewhere begin to be triggered by this force. They say: “We also want to join this enterprise”. Other energies may still be reluctant and before contributing need to be convinced. At times long negotiations are required. Therefore, once the Intent is activated, a long process of retrieval is put into motion. Now, since I do not have a multi-dimensional sight, I am not aware of what is really going on.

My perception is very limited. What happens is that whenever I connect with an area of power I activate power. When I connect with my Guide, power is experienced. This power is a magnet that draws other energies. Since my perception is limited, when a fragmented energy arrives I may lose sight of the source of power and only be aware of the fragmented part.

If the power is white, and the fragmented energy is red, when I meet the fragmented part, I will see only red. Human ordinary awareness only consists of two channels. With one channel I identify myself, while the other is the object of my awareness, separate from me. I identify only with one polarity and the other I see it as the “other” reflected in what I perceive around me.

When I see the red energy, I can either identify myself with it, seeing the white energy as something which is not me, or I can see the red energy as something separate from me (and identifying myself with the white). Indeed they are all parts of me and the aim is to allow them to merge.

The moment when fragmented energies are drawn is very critical for it will determine whether the process of expansion of power or reunification continues or not. I used to experience moments of bliss followed by moments of nightmare. Then I understood that the latter were indeed the most powerful ones for they proved that the power I had previously perceived had done its work. I did not understand that the dreadful experiences were drawn by the power itself in order to achieve the original unity. If I am a very powerful healer, it is obvious that those who need healing and power are going to be drawn by me. As long as this is limited to the physical realm, I can clearly see the difference between me and my patients. At more subtle levels this is not the case though. I do not have the reference of third-dimensional bodies there. Yet the process is the same. I activate the space of power. The power is therefore visible for energies that long to unite with it. These energies do not come to harass me. They come to merge with the power, to create unity. Since I am not aware of this process, when these energies do arrive, instead of letting go I begin to fight or block them.

The Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone provides an educational structure aimed at bringing operative awareness into this process. The experiential assumption is that everything arises from, and is ultimately aimed at returning to, unity. In this context, I can choose to play an active role.

Here it is vital to acknowledge that since I am not my grievances, I am not going to be affected by their release. Step by step this awareness can allow me to liberate my true identity from the cobweb of emotions and thoughts. Rather than repressing grievances and passions, the second stage involves feeling them as totally and somatically as possible without succumbing to them or becoming identified with them. As a result grievances will flow and be recycled according to your Intent and Function.

The release area usually corresponds to the Lower World. It is a critical zone for whenever we move there we are confronted with long-buried memories. Their retrieval would crumble the ideas that we have of ourselves and the limited safety we have created in our life. Something so revolutionary would emerge and that would annihilate the world we believe to live in.

For many years I had difficulties in understanding this process. Whenever I connected with my Guide, I would feel a great sense of joy, unity and love. I thought that as a result of that experience my life would change forever. “I will continue to be in this space for all my life. At last my life will change!” Alas that was not the case. After just one day or even less I would find myself in the deepest state of misery and terror. Having touched heaven, I would go directly to hell.

“How come? What did I do to deserve this? Did I make a mistake? How can I connect again with that blissful state now that I am in the most negative space? How could I do that? I will be severely punished. In order to retrieve that loving state I have now to work hard and pay compensations.” This went on for long. At a certain stage I was even afraid to experience any state of bliss for I knew that later I would experience hell again. Therefore I decided to interrupt my connection with the Guide. I could not take it anymore. “I am not going to connect with you until I find out what this misery is about. It keeps coming back. I want to know what it is.”

© Franco Santoro, 1976, 1996. All right reserved. 

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[i]  for a list of astroshamanic CDs suitable for the Basic Ritual click here
[ii]  Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, 79.
[iii] Oral transmissions from Ur Kuran adapted by the author.
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