Tuesday 21 October 2014


The primary function of shamans, as I see them, is to navigate from one reality to another in order to create healing connections. There are many dimensions and worlds, which in our separate reality are totally unknown. However I believe that before we can truly travel to other dimensions and realms, we need to be able to move within the realities available in our world. 

Unless we accept and manage to shapeshift here, I believe there is no much hope that we can ever aim to do so somewhere else.

Being a shaman is not about being a "shaman". It is being whoever and whatever can serve for the purpose of healing, no matter how contradictory or incompatible it seems to be for narrow minded folks. Each identity is provisional, taken for the purpose of connecting with other identities, healing fragmentation and separation. 

A shaman can shift from a "shaman" to a business man, an artist, a devoted Catholic, Hindu, or Muslim, a doctor, an architect, a gardener, you name it. Yet once a shaman becomes only a "shaman" you can be sure there is no shaman anymore.

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