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Trainings in Multidimensional Awareness & Astroshamanism

Franco Santoro and his associates offer a wide range of both basic and advanced training courses on holistic awareness, contemporary shamanism, astroshamanism, experiential astrology, spiritual healing, holistic Christianity, astroshamanic trance dance, AstroshamanicHealing. These also include distant learning training module.

All our trainings are flexible and adapted to each individual, according to their potentials and needs. We prefer to have an interview or session with each candidate so as to assess together what training format can be more beneficial. We usually suggest to attend an introductory workshop or a series of three individual sessions before committing to a course or a longer training. Trainings may involve individual tuition, group modules and self-study distant learning.

Formation Programme in Multidimensional Awareness & Astroshamanism

This is a flexible formation programme that can be adjusted according to the participants' needs and intentions, including the option of Skype sessions.
The basic course is a five-workshop series, starting with a basic introduction and followed by a luminous quest into the mysteries of our multidimensional nature, as represented by the four elements and the 12 zodiac signs. As we meet each sign, we release its secrets and retrieve a fragmented part of our soul, allowing it to activate our highest potentials and become a powerful ally. The programme includes tuition on journeying, divination, trance dance, spirit guides and medicines, release work, time voyages and the astroshamanic zodiac wheel, with practices from many cultures, the European and Mediterranean traditions in particular.
The course provides a basic comprehensive experiential understanding and in-depth knowledge of shamanism and astrology. Each two-day workshop covers a specific theme, including the connection with the Guide, the 12 zodiac signs, the four elements and directions. This series is ideally taken as a whole, yet in some cases workshops may also be attended independently.
The course is led by the creator of astroshamanism, Franco Santoro, with the support of the team of Libera Comunità di Terra di Luce, in Corvaro (Rieti, Italy), where the programme takes place.
The course also includes three individual consultations, an optional distant learning module and many opportunities for deepening with further courses and workshops.
No prior involvement in astrology or shamanism is necessary and total beginners are welcome to apply, though it is expected that some participants will have previous knowledge or experience.

An income related pricing applies to the course (five workshops). The intent is to ensure that the course is accessible to people with diverse means. For more detailed information regarding fees and programmes, please contact: If you wish to explore distant learning options and Skype sessions, please contact

For information contact: Education Dept., Libera Comunità Terra di Luce, via Fuori le Mura, 10, Corvaro, Rieti 02021, tel. 0746306529, 3398331746, 

Admittance to the workshop is preceded by an interview with Franco Santoro, in person or by phone/Skype, aimed at clarifying the participant's intention and defining the programme and curriculum.

Please find below some of the workshops included in the Formation Programmes, which the participant can choose according to their curriculum. 

Introductory Workshops

Basic Course Workshops

Basic Workshop
With Franco Santoro

During this seminar participants are initiated into basic astroshamanic healing and experiential astrology, with particular reference to the relationship with the Spirit Guide, or Core Multidimensional Identity, and the definition of the Intent. The programme includes a complete experiential introduction to the shamanic voyage, the vertical axis, the connection with guides and the search for one’s core potential. The workshop also includes the initiation into the astroshamanic healing Ritual of the Sacred Cone.

The Way of the Earth, 1-2 May 2014

The Way of Air, 7-8 June 2014

The Way of Water, 5-6 July 2014

Training Workshops

21-26 June 2014, Terra di Luce, Corvaro (Rieti, Italy)
Original Quest: Astroshamanic Voyage Through Space and Time - Multidimensional Geography
With Franco Santoro.

Terra di Luce, Corvaro (Rieti, Italy)
With Franco Santoro
Please contact for full details


Since 1988 Franco Santoro has worked extensively with thousands of people from all walks of life and from more than 100 countries, offering them regular support and guidance in the search for their life purpose. Franco is particularly successful in assisting individuals to gain clarity about their highest intentions and develop pragmatic means to fully achieve them. The connection with the inner guide, or multidimensional self, and the enhancement of shamanic healing gifts also plays a significant role.

The Astroshamanic Mentoring Service involves a regular direct connection with Franco Santoro and his associates at Libera Comunità Terra di Luce, or other qualified mentors aimed at the following:
• Setting, implementing and manifesting short, medium and long-term intentions
• Deeply and regularly connecting with one’s inner guide, core identity and other deep expressions of the multidimensional self.
• Releasing and transforming grievances, blocks and other aspects of separation.
• Integrating spiritual, multidimensional and visionary experiences with everyday life, including family, relationships, creativity and work.
• Retrieving lost parts of the soul and spirit medicines.
• Intimately engaging with the seasonal cycles and the energy dynamics of one’s astrological chart
• Unveiling, supporting and developing hidden potentials and gifts.
• Assisting in devising and applying practices and healing remedies, including a full programme aimed at supporting the above processes.
• Providing opportunities for further training and refinement of skills, together with the integration of various forms of astroshamanic tuition, such as specific modules and astroshamanic workshops held at Terra di Luce or other centres, the Operative Training in Astroshamanism, Astroshamanic Practitioner Training or one-year courses, and of other modalities of teaching.

The Astroshamanic Mentoring Service is very flexible and can be adapted to all types of situations and needs. We usually work with each person individually for a minimum of three months, and with different pricing options according to what the participant can afford. The service is offered by phone or via Skype, and also through face-to-face sessions, if required. If you would like to receive further information about this service, including costs and format, please contact


The Operative Training in Multidimensional Awareness & Astroshamanism is a complete ongoing system of teaching devised for training healers and shamanic practitioners in accordance with the principles of Libera Comunità Terra di Luce. The basic intent of the training is to foster the reawakening of our original multidimensional nature, the development and implementation of our deepest talents, the release of grievances based on the perception of separation and the integration of our body, soul and mind

The Operative Training in Astroshamanism consists of three independent stages of initiation and is accompanied by specific literature and manuals. The First Basic Level represents the first stage. This training comprises 144 hours of teaching with a flexible structure that can be tailored to fit individual needs and situations, including a home-study course. Previous participation to an astroshamanic workshop, or a cycle of three individual sessions, are a prerequisite for attendance.

Before deciding to join the Training, applicants will thoroughly examine their current life situation, purpose and learning potentials in order to verify whether this step can truly serve them. Entry into the Training also requires that intuition or specific individual guidance (received through a shamanic journey, vision or dream) proves that this work is appropriate.

The programme of the Training will include significant experiences with shamanic states of consciousness as well as relevant opportunities to ground the work in ordinary reality. Participants will learn a wide range of shamanic techniques and directly explore the astroshamanic cosmology as it is reflected in their inner and outer life. They will receive initiation in specific healing and ceremonial practices in accordance with each Sector of the Sacred Circle, integrating their shamanic experiences with information drawn from astrology and other esoteric sources.

The First Basic Level covers the following areas: astroshamanic voyaging and cosmology, Sacred Circle, Intent and Function, Sacred Cone Work (release practices, basic ritual, shamanic extraction), Spirit Guides, Totem Spirits, shamanic forms and detectors, spirit medicines, sacred tools, astrodrama, trance dance, totemic postures, dreamwork, glossolalia, exploration of the 12 Sectors, astroshamanic chants and planetary scales, an outline of astrology and its application to astroshamanism, elements of astroshamanic healing and soul retrieval.

The curriculum of the Training has a specific structure and there is a certain amount of work to do. At the end of the journey, the energies of each of the 12 Sectors and four Directions of the Sacred Circle will all be explored. The First Level has to do with building a foundation for the spiritual journey and reawakening of our multidimensional nature. According to astroshamanism, the existence of a stable container is essential for the energies beyond ordinary perception not to get lost or misused. The information and tools that are shared in the Training serve this purpose.

For the first lessons the work is preparatory. After this initial stage, the Trainee can start the exploration of the 12 Sectors and four Directions. One of the strategic purposes of the journeys in the Sectors is to activate tools of power, develop potentials, release grievances, make agreements with Spirit Guides, planetary forces, Totem Spirits, etc. and recall significant lost memories.

The practices and exercises related to the Sectors are devised to accompany you on a quest for treasures and powers that lie dormant within. This process strategically unfolds through recognising, retrieving and expressing each of the 12 basic archetypes (Totem Spirits) through our physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual body. This work involves learning a multidimensional language and requires patience, constancy and attention mixed with sacred playfulness and adventure.

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Astroshamanic Audio-Conference Classes:

Audio-conference sessions are group sessions delivered via audio-conference calls which support various callers simultaneously. With this technology each participant, regardless of their geographical location, can join in the session, ritual or course, simply connecting with the audio-conference leader and all the other participants at the designated time.

The technology is free and is provided by Skype. In order to take part in an audio-conference class you need to have Skype software installed in your computer and have a Skype address. Skype is a software that allows free internet conversation. To download Skype and to get further information see:

Audio-conference classes are used for advanced training, such as the APT, the OTA and some specialised aspects of astroshamamic work. They are also used for beginner and intermediate training.

Astroshamanic Practitioner Training (APT)

A formation process aimed at training individuals to become proficient astroshamanic practitioners. The APT consists of a general charter (Astroshamanic Intentional Configuration, or AIC) applied to all trainees, and a specialised curriculum based on specific individual talents. The APT includes three independent units: a two-year Foundation Course, a two-year Accreditation Course and a one-year Practice Training with the direct supervision of Franco Santoro. 

The Operative Training in Astroshamanism, which can also be taken during the Foundation Course, is a requirement for participation, as well as an interview and a series of introductory sessions with Franco. Astroshamanic formation is also aimed at training shamanic practitioners who wish to draw inspiration from this work, integrate it with other methods, support other lineages and traditions, or develop their own method, without necessarily becoming astroshamanic practitioners.

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