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New Moon in Sagittarius - 3 December 2013

The New Moon will be at 0:22 GMT on 3 December 2013, in 10° Sagittarius 59’.

Sagittarius invites truth and honesty regarding our motivation in life, and also challenges to commit and take direct action.

Here the Archer teaches to expand the horizons and dart into new territories, rising above the limitations of outdated belief systems and gaining wisdom from direct exposure to experience, which implies letting go of obsolete defence mechanisms. 

Obsolete defence mechanisms are ideas and habitual patterns generally based on fear and inherited from the past, which may no longer apply to our current life and soul’s purpose.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is an ideal time for composting outmoded believes and emotional patterns, using their energy to reach out for our authentic intentions.

Sagittarius is associated with adventure, optimism, trust, faith, expansion and risk-taking, and these are all qualities, combined with some basic caution, that can inspire giant strides in the inner voyage.

A decisive question on a Sagittarius New Moon is: 

What do I truly and honestly seek in life?

Other questions may be: 

What belief systems do I need to let go of? 
What kind of believes and fears keep me blocked, unable to expand and venture through the web of life? 
Am I willing to release them? 
Am I available to ask for support to God, my guides, teachers, helpers, friends investing in trust and confidence?
Am I open to take a decisive step regarding my Intent, to be adventurous and risk, or do I rather prefer to wait and continue to get what I have got now?

In the sky of the northern hemisphere Sagittarius is the darkest New Moon of the year, the climax of obscurity. This darkness carries a maximum potential for rebirth and transformation, all the nutritional fertilising elements of a perfect manure. It only needs a seed, an Intention, a focus point.

This is an ideal time for stirring up one’s best dreams and aspirations. It is a sacred stage of composting. 

It may stink a bit, yet it is only a matter of holding one’s nose during the operations, having a bit of patience and taking it easy, being aware that this will be later copiously paid off.

This lunation cycle will end with the next New Moon in Capricorn, on New Year day, 1 January 2014

It very useful to spend this lunation period with work on recapitulation, making an inventory of our life, in preparation for setting targets for the year ahead, and for what is truly real in the present, the New and Now.

Recapitulation is an ancient healing practice aimed at retrieving and releasing energy. The assumption is that past events block vital energy until they are finally sorted out and released. When this is not the case the past keeps being held in the emotional body and we lose the connection with whom we truly are. We merely become the condensation of fragmented memories, constantly recycled, reactivated and condensed in the present. As human beings we tend to invest enormous energies in these memories until, just like in a computer, the memory space is used up, and our lives crash, hang or freeze.

With the New Moon in Sagittarius, you can identify your priorities in life, the target you choose to set, while through recapitulation you can uncover and release memories that block you in the process of manifestation of what you consciously want to be.

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Blessings, Franco Santoro

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