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Winter Solstice Meditation - 21 December 2013

Please join us in celebrating the Winter Solstice on 21 December 2013. This is an ideal time to come together to honour the turning point of the year, which the Romans called Dies Natalis Invicti Solis, the Birthday of the Invincible Sun.

It is a time of rebirth, when we have the opportunity to fully embrace our highest dreams, releasing the grievances of the past, opening to healing blessings and setting luminous intentions for the future. Here we can rise above our narrow perception, creating healing connection between the visible and the unseen, our ordinary reality and alternative most luminous and forgotten universes.

Most of all, the Winter Solstice is the celebration of the return of the Sun, the triumph over our human limitations, the liberation of our soul into the full awareness of her eternal ecstatic nature. For further information on the Winter Solstice please click here.

The following practice is a distant healing open event, which can occur wherever you are in the world. It is also a celebration held at Libera Comunità Terra di Luce (Corvaro, Rieti, Italy), in a more elaborate format. Everybody who feels drawn can participate.

The event can take place at any time on Saturday, 21 December 2013. The exact time of the Winter Solstice is 17.11 GMT, and in our community we will hold the celebration during that time, also having an additional event in the evening. The celebration lasts a minimum of 20 minutes.

Please find below some guidelines describing our Winter Solstice Meditation.

Basic suggestions for a Winter Solstice Meditation:

In this Winter Solstice Celebration participants come together in silent communion to promote an Intention of Light, Healing, Love, and Alignment with the Web of Life, releasing grievances and opening up to the presence of Spirit, as they understand That. The aim is to support healing and love at all levels, for you, the environment and all beings, including those abiding in other realms. For this practice you need a candle, a chimney or fire pit. If these are not available, simply use your imagination.

1) If you are indoor, turn off all artificial lights. Stand relaxed with the spine straight, feet flat on the floor, facing North. Focus on your breath and connect with the space around you, the emptiness surfacing the edges of your body. Sense the whole environment and its void and fullness, allowing the void and fullness of the environment to join other environments, encompassing those of all the participants in this celebration around the world.

2) Place your awareness on your solar plexus. Firmly connect with the healing Intention for this practice, while you allow the awareness of your solar plexus to progressively expand throughout all your body.

3) Consider all the luminous experiences you have had during the year and express gratitude for them. Acknowledge your intentions, what provides joy, love and anything that you wish for yourself and others, and allow this to be held through the awareness of your solar plexus.

4) Let your individual intentions connect with all other luminous intentions, no matter how different they are, allowing each one of them to be part of the same Light and web of life. Connect with a luminous parallel universe, a Land of Light, where everything you wish is fully available for you and everyone.

5) Consider the obscurity that surrounds you, and all the dark experiences of the past, how you have coped with pain, stress and unpleasant situations and express compassion and forgiveness. Allow whoever and whatever in your present life is related with grievances or difficult issues to be held through the awareness of your solar plexus.

6) Allow these grievances to connect with all types of grievance or issue, no matter how different they are, allowing each one of them to be part of the same Darkness and Web of Life. Connect with a luminous parallel universe, a Land of Light, where all grievances and pain is fully received, healed and transformed in Light.

7) Direct the awareness of your solar plexus to reach the point at the centre of your chest, your Heart. Focus only on the Heart, allowing your environment to be totally absorbed by it.

8) Be aware of your lower body (belly, genitals, legs, ankles, feet), including whatever is below, hidden, dark, till your reach the centre of the Earth, and connect it with your Heart.

9) Be aware of your upper body (throat, head), including whatever is above, luminous, up to the distant sky, to connect with your Heart.

10) Allow lower and higher, Darkness and Light, to be absorbed by the Heart, so that in the end only the Heart is there. Receive an unconditional blessing from the Heart.

11) Light the candle, the chimney or the pit fire, being aware that you do this with the firm intention to give space to the Light. Allow the Light to operate within and without you. Be still and silent for some minutes, staying in front of the flame or fire.

12) Come back to ordinary awareness allowing the above process to continue for a few minutes on a more subtle level. Give yourself some time to fully return to ordinary consciousness, stretch, get up or walk around, drink some water, etc. Acknowledge how you feel and what you experienced. You may wish to write down any insight or vision you have received. thing. If you wish, share this on the Winter Solstice event page (here), or privately with us (

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