Wednesday 31 October 2012

Say Goodbye to the World...

All attachments to this world need to be eventually released in order to move on.

You cannot take any physical, emotional or mental luggage with you when there is a multidimensional emergency and the time to leave this world comes.

No matter how you are attached, whether you feel entitled to hold on or not, you cannot take your attachments with you.

Do not waste time accumulating physical, emotional or mental resources and securities. Enjoy them while they are available, yet learn first of all how to release them day by day, so that you are able to manage without them.

This is our training. The voyage is both collective and individual. We release the collective attachment to separation, and when we do so we are apparently alone. It is an individual journey, a most confusing and misleading one, for although we appear to be alone we are indeed all truly united.

When the time of leaving this world comes, it may not be an easy time at all. There may be many adversities, and you need to be prepared for them.

Please be aware, we are not talking here about the apocalypse, or end of the world. People leave the world at all times, and they do so when they die. Although consensus reality does its best to forget this, you know that it will happen to you, as it has happened to all those who are not here anymore.

People also leave this world when they fall asleep, dream, or experience deep states of consciousness, including major emotional crisis or situations of emergency of any kind. 

Consensus reality is extremely fragile and constantly breaks up, at least once a day, when people all over the world fall asleep. 

Every time consensus reality breaks up, either with death, sleep, dreams, meditation, visions or emotional crisis, this is a multidimensional emergency.

Then you are confronted with creating your own reality, your Intention, no matter what apparently seems to go on or what the rest of the world is doing.

Do not expect your beloved ones to follow you on this journey. Train yourself to say good-bye. In truth you are not leaving anyone and nobody is leaving you. Yet, in a multidimensional emergency this will not appear the case and unless you have prepared yourself for this development it will be very hard to move on.

You need to find new brothers and sisters who understand this, who do not form relationships with you out of fear and denial, who truly love you unconditionally and, as a result, will gently let you go and you will gently let go of them.

Make sure that all your connections comply with the above, and if they don’t, if you truly love them, let them gently and lovingly go. If you are afraid to do this, deeply explore where that fear comes from. You can postpone the fear for a while, yet you are aware it will inevitably return and this will be fatal at a certain stage unless you take precautions before.

Truly it is not about releasing people or situations. It is about acknowledging the fear that causes your attachments, and releasing it.

We are all together in this venture, and there is abundant help from brothers and sisters on the path, who unconditionally love you.

If you need help ask those who can truly help you, who accept you unconditionally, who are not afraid of your fears and pain, who are on the same journey. They are many, just look around, and perhaps you and I are some of them.

Autumn and Samhain is a time of Goodbye, yet it is especially a time when we can say Hello to what and who we say Goodbye!

Say Goodbye to the World... especially on a Samhain in 2013, and say Hello to the World you want to live in!

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