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Pentecost: 27 May 2012

PENTECOST: 27 May 2012 
Birth of a Shamanic and Healing Church  

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There are three major holidays in the Christian calendar. Two of them (Christmas and Easter) are widely known to all people, Christians and non-Christians. The third feast, Pentecost, officially taking place this year on 27 May, is more unfamiliar and even several believers do not know much about it.

Perhaps this is because, unlike the other festivities, it does not involve extra days of vacation and shopping sprees. 

Pentecost is the 50th day after Easter, marking the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. Most Christians consider Pentecost as the official Birth of the Church. Before that event the followers of Jesus were scattered and unfocused, then after the descent of the Holy Spirit they got a lot of enthusiasm, came together and started to establish their practices and teachings.

The Church born at Pentecost, rather than a building or hierarchical organization, is the gathering of those who, filled with the Holy Spirit, have received the “gift of tongues”, so that when they speak everyone hear them in their native language. This gift establishes communication in the Spirit rather than in the language. The core element of the original Church is the direct experience of God’s presence as Love, through the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

The function of the Holy Spirit is to heal our fragmented mind. This means dissolving the insane idea of existing in a separate reality filled with solitary identities in perpetual conflict or mutual threat, and unveiling our true common nature unceasingly united with God. The Church is a holy communion of people. This is not founded upon the rightness of their doctrine. It is firmly based on the value of their loving connection with God and with one another. The early Christian practices are most pragmatic in the above respect. 

The Church becomes a sacred gathering where we step out of our private madness and safely release it as a common collective insanity. Through dance, trance, sounds and songs, overt or silent, grievances are burned away and turned into prayer. This is the Blessed Way of Passion that leads to the ecstatic presence of the void. Here the Holy Spirit unfolds and we can all sense our loving unity, sharing it with others, and shining it back as we see it in our brothers and sisters.

And, by the grace of God and the Pentecost, this is the trance original essence of the Church.

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In the video below some scenes from our 26-27 May 2012, held at Pentecost in the workshop on Astroshamanic Touch, with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Leo

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