Saturday 10 September 2011

Full Moon in Pisces (12 September 2011)

Full Moon in Pisces - 9.26 GMT, 12 September 2011, 19° Pisces. 

This Full Moon confronts us with the opportunity of reconciling two conflicting, yet most complimentary, Sectors into their original unity.

The Full Moon in Pisces is the climax of the New Moon in Virgo (3:04 GMT on Monday 29 August 2011 in 5° Virgo 27’). The degree of the New Moon, or Lunation point (5° Virgo 27’), indicated an area of life that would operate as Intent and driving force during the cycle, reaching the apex at the Full Moon.

In astroshamanic work this position is first identified in the natal chart by noticing in which house is located and if there are planets nearby. The next step involves establishing a direct rapport with the Lunation Point. For example, you can position yourself in the related sector, opening up, taking note of whatever calls attention, no matter how trivial or distracting. In this context body symptoms have priority. This means that you can start from anything that you perceive relevant in the body, and then allow it to link with all the related visionary associations. In the end write down what happened.

On a Full Moon you employ the same process and check where the degree of the Full Moon (15° Pisces 00’) fits into your chart and then enter its parallel position in the Sacred or Spirit Circle. This is the climax point of the 6.6 New Moon binary.

At New Moon, both the Sun and the Moon are conjunct. Hence, they are in a condition to experience their pristine unity and formulate a common Intent. On a Full Moon whatever was conceived and experienced during the New Moon, calls for direct exposure and accomplishment. Hence, this is the moment when I confront myself with the practical implications of the New Moon issues. This is the time for Virgo manifestation, resolute discrimination and selective action!

Again I wish you a most inspiring, discerning and pragmatic Full Moon!

This event will culminate when the Sun in Virgo will oppose the Moon in Pisces at 9.26 GMT, on 12 September 2011, at 19° Pisces.  

The major dynamics of this process will however be active also at least one day before and after exact Full Moon. This frame of time inevitably confronts with the sphere of relationships and whatever has remained unconscious or incomplete in that domain.

(article by Franco Santoro) 

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