Thursday 22 September 2011

Autumnal Release (by Franco Santoro)

Autumn is a major time for taking an inventory of your life and gently releasing whatever or whoever no longer serves the reawakening of your true nature. 

Have a look around! See what is being mirrored back in all that happens to you every day. Consider the place where you live and work, your job, your friends, your family, your financial situation, your relationships. Look at everything. 

Whatever you see, you have created it in order to learn some lessons. 

Is this what you want? 

Is this the way in which you wish to live? 

Is your current life connected with your Intent? 

These questions are not aimed at making you feel bad, depressed or worthless. On the contrary their purpose is to give you power. By being honest and considering the reality of what you have created around you, without playing the victim or making excuses, you move along the best way to transform your life according to your highest Intent. 

Beware of your projections! Consider them carefully with neutral and non-judgmental eyes. Be willing to see what you are putting on others that you can own yourself. 

Shadows are reflections of yourself and give a wider perspective of what exists at various levels. 

Autumn is an excellent time to work with shadows, for when the sun begins to lower itself in the sky, longer and clearer shadows are cast around physical forms. 

Shadows are gateways to other dimensions. 

Take time to be aware of shadows. Simply look at them, breathing deeply and paying attention to what happens within and without you. 

If possible, spend an evening or night alone in the wood or in your home with all the lights turned off. Let the natural darkness of the night embrace you wherever you are. Watch how you feel. 

Are you afraid? If yes, what are you afraid of? 

Do you like it? What do you like? 

Also sounds have shadow aspects and these are found in the spaces between each word or phrase or between the steady beat of your heart or of a drum. 

Spend time paying attention to those short instants of silence that exist in whatever you hear. When you talk be aware of the gaps between each word that you say. Try and fill those gaps with energy and significance. 

And finally be very aware of the spaces of void that exist around you. 

Pay attention to the gaps that apparently separate all the forms that you see. Such gaps are so important in astroshamanic work! 

Those places between the physical forms are the dwelling places of Bhi Jinah, strategic joyful beings of love and unity. When you start to become aware of them, you can rest assured that the hallucination of separation is close to being pierced. 

As you experiment with all these practices, go slowly, do not rush, take it gently, trust your intuition, take note of all your discoveries, allow the Spirit Guide to support you and open up to receive all you need.

Blessings on your autumn, Franco

© Franco Santoro, Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, Forres IV36 2RD, UK,

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