Wednesday 19 September 2012

The Way of Autumn (by Franco Santoro)

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Autumn is traditionally related to transformation and death, as in the English expression “to go west” (to die). It is the season of sunset and hence of darkness. 

Autumn identifies the fall and completion of an old cycle. 

It is the moment in which the world or the environment that has been familiar to you, begins to fade away until it eventually disappears. 

The luminosity and heat of summer gradually dissolves and gives way to the time of increasing darkness. 

This is a most intense moment of the yearly journey full of abundant blessings of transmutation. 

Here you are confronted with the relentless emergence of your multidimensional nature, ineluctably taking shape out of the ashes of  your previous identification. 

It is the opportunity to relinquish your decrepit clothes and welcome the novel garments made to measure your forthcoming enterprises. Here you have the opportunity to release your previous conventional identification and step into an advanced landscape. 

The gap between the old and the new, the preceding and the forthcoming singularity is the triumph of the void, the linking agent and the golden bridge of the perception of unity. 

To the belief systems based on separation it appears as an area of daunting fright. Here the pristine deception crudely exposes itself and a veil of dense obscurity is required in order to preserve the hoary games. 

As the vaults of heaven progressively fluctuate into escalating shadiness, and the forms of nature seemingly die, a spell of darkness and decease descends. 

It is an initiatory death often known as the Way of the Spiritual Warrior, or shamanic death

This is an obvious cause of trepidation for the customary ordinary ego identification which tends to hold on to things because of its terror of what abides ahead. 

By cultivating introspection and connecting with your core multidimensional self, you can withdraw from the fears generated by the belief in separation and gather the love and support which you need to advance along the path of transformation. 

Being aware of, and accepting, the strategy of initiatory death, and the rebirth that follows as a natural development, makes it easier to accelerate profound mutations without activating the fiction of suffering pain or loss. 

The leading challenge in autumn is to learn to die well to what no longer serves and be open to receive what truly supports your true intention and purpose in life.  

Relevant questions here are: “what is there in my life that wants or needs to die? What ways of being in the world do not serve my current Intent and all that I am discovering through my inner work? What no longer serves me, my loving companions, the community where I live, the planet and the universe?”

When you see the world solely through the perspective of your personal identity or the culture you apparently belong to, you let the invention of your personal or collective ego rule as the centre of the universe rather than allowing your core multidimensional self, and all it represents, to be at the centre. 

This attitude may be useful in the early years spent on this planet, in order to build boundaries and a robust strategic ego structure. If such stage deteriorates into a deification of your individuality, family, country, people, etc., as something separate or identified with a physical form, then the entire significance of the strategy is missed. 

Autumn is a rather controversial zone which can cause major confusion, if you lose track of your relationship with your true self and get entangled in the splintered thought system of the personal or collective ego. 

“The ego is insane. In fear it stands beyond the Everywhere, apart from all, in separation from the Infinite. In its insanity it thinks it has become a victor over God Himself. And in its terrible autonomy it <sees> the Will of God has been destroyed. It dreams of punishment, and trembles at the figures in its dreams; its enemies, who seek to murder it before it can ensure its safety by attacking them”.[1]

Your true purpose in life is served through the release of your forlorn fidelity to pain and the readiness to probe other modalities of existing in the universe. 

You need to become aware of your role as channel and meeting place for energies of multiple realities and worlds. 

You need to comprehend that in each single moment you have the opportunity to elect whether to support unity or separation, and that this choice involves being aware of the nature of your conflicting thoughts. 

"Resolving conflict within ourselves is the beginning for the resolution of world conflict. Maintaining the peaceful heart holds the space for peace on Earth. Being present in the moment, focusing on love and resolution and the ways in which we connect rather that how we are different is another aspect of transformation. Being present means acknowledging whatever energy is being experienced and then striving for resolution by calling forth balance. When there is anger or disagreement, instead of focusing on the experience of discord and maintaining rightness, put your energies into finding resolution through mediating balance. Let the power of compassion fill you. Compassion coupled with sincere desire for resolution will set up a resonant field that enables the mind to perceive methods for resolution”.[2]

Autumn is a time of steady retraction where changes are experienced in the nature of social relationships as well as in dreams, shamanic journeys and connections with alternative worlds. 

In order to receive something new and promote healing harmony, you are asked to relinquish what is old and no longer needed, what causes grievances and conflict. This is the blessing of this season.

[1] A Course in Miracles, Workbook, p. 467.
[2] Mattie Davis-Wolfe; David Thomson, “Migration Moon”, p. 1-2, Walking the Sacred Wheel, Sacred Circles Institute.

 © Franco Santoro, Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, Forres IV36

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