Wednesday 8 October 2014

Full Moon in Aries

One of the lessons of this full moon in Aries is being totally honest regarding our feelings, especially uncomfortable ones, such as anger, rage, despair. These feelings often tend to be repressed or veiled by hypocrisy or nice spiritual quotes on forgiveness and alike.

Forgiveness is the primary way of healing, yet there is nothing as poisoning as shallow forgiveness. The first step in forgiveness is to be able to acknowledge and forgive our incapacity to forgive, our anger towards people we should theoretically forgive.

Anger is pure healing energy when it is fully accepted and directed vertically, offered to other dimensions capable of transforming it, without harming others. Many shamanic rituals serve this purpose.

The most destructive anger is repressed, denied and underground anger, which hides behind conventional good manners and apparently nice words. This anger, as it accumulates, is regularly bound to explode through wars and random acts of extreme violence.

In order to promote peace and love in the world, speaking about peace and love is useless. Have you ever heard someone talking against peace or love? All wars have always been fought in the name of peace. Anyone can talk about peace. It takes instead people with great courage and huge hearts to acknowledge and own one's anger, without projecting it on other people.

Let's unveil our anger on this full moon and allow it to be used as compost for the highest good.

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