Thursday 25 September 2014

Libra and Scorpio

“Manure grew the fodder for the cow that made that ice cream and fertilized the beets that gave us the sugar, my girl," Juniper said sternly. "Earth must be fed or we all go hungry.” S.M. Stirling (Sun Libra, Moon Scorpio)  The Protector's War
The Sun is in Libra and the Moon is in Scorpio from 14:29 UTC, 26 September 2014 to 22:50 UTC, 28 September 2014.

If you resonate with this combination you can delve into the most abysmal and extreme life situations, while at the same time easily manage to retrieve balance and lightness. Libra and Scorpio can show a docile, compromising and accommodating attitude, shrouding a most passionate and forceful nature underneath. Their typical inclination promotes the refinement and channelling of strong emotions into artistic and aesthetic forms.
On an energetic level this combination may operate both as powerful booster and ruthless reaper of relationships. It promotes release to attachments based on fear and separation, through the test of death or sex, while opening up to extraordinary opportunities residing beyond ordinary human perception. A significant feature of Libra and Scorpio combine is that of enabling access to the hidden agenda of human relationships.

Qualities: endurance, devotion and commitment towards relationships, partnerships, agreements and visions, with the capacity and courage to move into difficult shadow areas and situations of extreme crisis. Detachment, impartiality, balance and fairness when facing decisions or providing guidance and support. Capacity to detect hidden or denied elements behind bogus situations of harmony and wellbeing. releasing and transforming such grievances, with an attitude of lightness and mutual cooperation or involvement.

Grievances: concern for personal, individual gain and gratification, hidden and manipulative agendas masked by bogus harmonious and loving attitudes and communication. Mistrust and obsession for true motivations and shadow elements of others.

Image: Astroshamanic Seal for Libra and Scorpio

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