Friday 25 July 2014

Mars in Scorpio

Mars enters Scorpio at 2:25 GMT on 26 July 2014, with the New Moon in Leo, paving the way for a process that will last till almost the end of summer.

This situation produces plenty of energy and willpower, the capacity to focus on challenging objectives, facing daring situations and expressing our deepest passions. The aim is to confront and shed light on our most audacious and forbidden desires. Here life can present us the opportunity to find them right in front of us, totally available, so that we can either take or leave them.

Mars in Scorpio generates an intensive emotional, physical and erotic charge. When its magnetism is activated, it relentlessly moves on till the target is hit. In particular, it is about acknowledging and developing our most precious and hidden gifts. These are often buried in the obscurity of our being, wrapped by all types of shame and fear. We will never access them if we keep denying our true passions, suffocating them with judgments and hypocrisy.

Mars in Scorpio stimulates all the themes and behaviours in our life contradicting whatever we do to please others or to feed the idea we want to give about ourselves. With this lunation in Leo, Mars travels unveiled, exposing its darkest sides in full light, so that they can be seen, understood and accepted, before they can be changed or transformed.

How can we change or transform something if we are not able to see and understand it, if we have never had an experience of it?

When we open up to our darkest sides, accepting and allowing them to unveil their true nature, then they can flow through the channel of life and be transformed.

And very often it is not our dark sides that need to be transformed. They can continue to be what they are. It is rather our prejudices and what we believe to be our luminous side that need to be transformed
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