Friday 25 July 2014

New Moon in Leo - 26 July 2014

The New Moon in Leo takes place at 22:42 GMT on 26 July 2014, shortly after the entrance of Mars in Scorpio.

This New Moon supports the playful development of our creativity, the capacity to hold and manage intense energies and deep motivations in the stage of life.

The New Moon is an active phase, with the male energy prevailing. It carries new awareness and a change of perspective. This allows space to identify intentions and foundations for new initiatives or to release old cycles and grievances. Yet, since the whole scenario is vague, it can also be a time of vulnerability and uncertainty, which benefits from pauses, rest, reflection and most of all playfulness. 

The general questions here are: “What do I truly want?” or “What gives me and others joy?” 

More specific questions may be: “What do I choose to create? What have I chosen to create so far? What am I called to express on the stage of life? What can I generously and playfully dispense to the world? Shall I take the risk of embracing what I truly cherish right now?” 

On a New Moon questions require an honest answer, which is not conditioned by general or cultural ideas about what is desirable and strictly refers to one’s own uncontaminated awareness. Also, once the answer comes, Leo calls for direct exposure and accomplishment.

The New Moon in Leo is definitely not about imitating others. Here you are called to identify what distinguishes you from the rest, allowing the emergence of gifts, which can only come through you, and most of all despite you. While our role is essential to give birth to our creations, once they are generated they take a life on their own, which even allows them to outgrow us, to move far beyond our limits and frames of mind. Once we have given visible shape to what abides within ourselves, this will emanate a light of its own, which will shine on the world, including us, the creators themselves.

During each New Moon you have the opportunity of spontaneously gliding into the energy of your creative intent.

Here please be aware of your creative intent, no matter whether it appears as a fantasy to your ordinary mind or environment. This is not the time to be pragmatic or to be concerned about how to accomplish things. It is the moment to open up to your pure intention, as you fully envisage it with no limitations. Later, as the cycle progresses, there will be chances to refine the intention, orienting it towards manifestation and understanding its practical implications.

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