Saturday 21 June 2014


As the Sun glides into the Summer Solstice today, 21 June 2014 at 10:51 GMT, it reaches its climax in the northern hemisphere, marking the beginning of Summer.

This is the traditional time of ripeness, fullness and vitality. It is also a superlative time for connecting with others, being generous and expressing love.

All times are surely appropriate for love, yet the love involved here is perhaps more down-to-earth. It is the love we have for all those we genuinely cherish.

This comprises all the human desires to be in their company or rejoice at their memory, and it also includes coming to terms with feelings of attachment, control and other grievances. 

And here the Sun challenges us to be authentic and shine our truth. Rather than behaving according to social conventions or lofty ideals, the summer test is to acknowledge our feelings and be who we are, in that particular moment when we are.

As the Sun escalates its luminous summer presence, it is easier to be true to ourselves, no matter what others, including our conditioned minds, may think. 

When I am not honest with myself everything becomes difficult and I end up being overwhelmed and frustrated. 

This is simply because I disconnect with the web of life and miss its energy flow, making huge efforts at being different from what I am. 

On the contrary when I am authentic, things flow and I inevitably attract what resonates with that authenticity.

The radiant presence of the Sun encourages us to be more transparent and straightforward. If we accept this invitation astonishing things may happen. 

One of the first steps in being true to ourselves involves getting out of the routines that prevent us from being who we truly are. It is often about doing things we have never done. 

These may be things we have always liked, and also, in some cases, things that we do not know we like, and can only find out if we experience them. 

The Sun shines on our hearts, and this allows us to be in love. Being in love can be a bit scary. People who are in love can appear ridiculous, purring, sending constant text-messages, spending hours on the phone, saying a lot of mellow words... 

People get crazy when they are in love and also do very challenging things. They do things they never do. This is because the love they feel is much stronger than all their fears, embarrassment and self-importance.

As Alejandro Jodorowski puts it “the moment we do something we have never done, we are already on the healing path."

Summer is a great time to be who we are at all levels… to do things we have never done... and to be in love.

Wish you a most joyful summer!

© Franco Santoro,

Image: by Cecil Collins

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