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New Moon in Cancer, 27 June 2014

The New Moon in Cancer takes place at 8:08 GMT on 27 June 2014This is the moment when Sun and Moon are exactly conjunct. With the New Moon, or Lunation, an old cycle ends and a new one starts. 

The New Moon is a period of transition when the seed is present, yet it has not taken a definite form. At this stage dreams or insights, and also prominent situations developing at a physical, emotional or mental level can provide clues about the upcoming form.

The New Moon is an active phase, with the male energy being prevalent. It carries a new awareness and a shift of perspective. This allows to set the Intent and foundations for new projects or to release old cycles and grievances. Yet, since the whole scenario is obscure, it may be a time of vulnerability and uncertainty.

The general question here is: “What do I truly want?” In the context of the current Cancer New Moon other questions may be: “What is the true purpose of my life in a physical body? What are the sources of nourishment and support of this purpose? In which way can I provide nourishment and support for others and the environment? Where do I come from? What talents have I inherited from my ancestors and how can I use them in the present? What grievances have I inherited from my ancestors and how can I heal them?”

On a New Moon questions require an honest answer, which is not conditioned by general or cultural ideas about what is desirable and strictly refers to one’s own uncontaminated awareness.

At its core level Cancer concerns the search and finding of the primary roots and the original Intent of our presence in a physical body. Here you have the chance of voyaging into time and space, experiencing and healing ancient mythic recollection, revisiting ancestral lineages, releasing blocked energies and gaining understanding about the collective Intent that truly motivates your life.

You can activate authentic and vivid memories that allow you to pinpoint true needs and release others based on grievances and oblivion. Just as in the ordinary life there are places and people that give temporary shelter and nourishment, also in the non-ordinary realms there exist similar areas. Yet their protection is not based on time and space. It is founded on other patterns of dimension and can be eternal, abundant and unlimited.

There you can receive free and unconditional love, gradually releasing your co-dependence to the perception that has produced the ordinary world where you believe to live.

In astroshamanic work the position of the Moon plays a significant role as it provides clues regarding the lineage and the ancestral initiatory path the person has already experienced.

This area, which the individual is likely to have mastered in previous times or parallel realities, represents an essential foundation for the realisation of the basic Intent in this current life or dimension. At the same time, it can easily cause addiction, attachment or misuse if its acquired potential is not focused within the present path, which may differ considerably from the previous one.

The Moon carries the most ancient and significant memories of our life on this planet. It is often related to places and times that appear either as the most attractive or repulsive. As such, it holds the key components of shamanic recapitulation, which is practice that significantly fits with a Cancer New Moon.

The New Moon in Cancer this year marks the start of the Ramadan (as from 29 June), the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and time of fasting from dawn to sunset. 

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