Thursday 6 March 2014

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius

After being in Capricorn for the record time of four months, Venus enters Aquarius at 21:03 on 5 March 2014, right at the start of Lent, where it will remain till 5 April 2014.

Venus in Aquarius challenges us to release the suffocating oppression of our romantic, sensual, emotional or intellectual automatisms in relationships, which lead us to behave according to computerised scripts.

Venus in this sign brings a rebellious energy supporting our own direct experience and whatever truly motivates us from within, in contrast with all the ideas regarding what is good or bad in relationships.

Each one of us has their own inner calling in walking the way of Venus. Unfortunately, the models promoted by social life and mass media are only very few. As a result those who are not aligned with these few models desperately and hopelessly try to fit with them, creating misery and pain in their life and others.

Venus in Aquarius involves acknowledging one’s relationship path no matter how out of the ordinary it appears to others as well as ourselves. At times our authentic way of being in a relationship can be the opposite of the idea we have of how a relationship should be. It may not even look as a relationship at all, because we appear to be alone or we are not doing anything that implies being "in a relationship".

This is because perhaps we have a very limited vision of what a relationship is. Venus in Aquarius drastically wipes away all these limits. First of all it disintegrates statements such as “I am in a relationship” or its opposite “I am not in a relationship”. From an Aquarian perspective, which is definitely multidimensional, it is impossible not to be in a relationship. We are always in relationship, and even if we live as hermits, without seeing a single human being, we are still relating with our body, our breath, the environment, food, etc.

Hence during this month we can accept the challenge to look deeply within ourselves, without taking anything for granted.

Venus in Aquarius brings awareness on the holistic nature of our relationships, on what happens beyond appearances. The holistic perspective involves a radical release of our separated perception, an initiatory death and rebirth into a new identity, and a new relationship, the one we truly long for, and which nobody or nothing can take away…

Image: "Venus" by Matisse, born with Venus in Aquarius

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