Sunday 16 March 2014

Light and Moon

Today there is great Light. And Light can show us the world as it is, beyond our illusions, just as it can also unveil the illusions themselves, whatever prevents the acknowledgement of Light in ourselves and others. This is what may happen during a Full Moon. Being able to acknowledge the areas in life where we meet blocks, grievances and pain, is a great advantage for it allows us to see what we need to release. Whether we are still tempted to repeat certain negative patterns in life or find ourselves in the midst of their development, we can always use our will to address the Light, any aspect of the Divine we resonate with, and ask for support. Though our grievances may not immediately fade away, we can use the power we have to direct them towards the Light, while abstaining from expressing them in destructive ways.

For example, if you feel stressed and angry, and you know by experience that this can lead you to hurt people around you, you can decide to withdraw in your room and release the anger alone, with a dance. Before doing so, you can call upon the Light, offering the emotions you feel, so that they can be used for a high goal. You can light a candle to acknowledge the presence of Light during the dance, and when you have finished you can remain a few minutes in silence, allowing luminous energies to provide healing. You can also do some physical exercise, burning away anger through movement, or use a mantra, a dynamic meditation, take part in a dance ritual, or simply do something good for yourself and others, etc. There are so many ways you can be creative regarding your emotions. What counts is to direct their energy towards the Light, without hurting others or yourself.

When a potentially destructive energy is sent towards the Light, miraculous events can develop. We are all connected, remember. Trust that if you do so, somewhere in the world somebody may be healed, experience deep joy or, as you do, find the power to transform grievances into blessings. Hence today, with the exact Full Moon, let's celebrate together the arrival of Light, dancing within and without, allowing grievances to flow into the Light...

The Full Moon is exact on 16 March at 17:08 GMT.

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