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Full Moon in Virgo - 16 March 2014

On 16 March 2014 at 17:08 the Sun in Pisces opposes the Moon in Virgo, precisely at 26° Virgo 02’.

Traditionally this Full Moon was called with a large variety of names, such as Snow Moon (for in certain zones it happens at a time when the heaviest snows fall), Hunger Moon (for the scarcity of food and provisions), Worm Moon (the ground tends to soften and earthworm casts reappear), Crow Moon (when the cawing of crows heralds the end of winter), Sap Moon (signalling the time of tapping maple trees), and Crust Moon (the snow becomes crusted from thawing by day and freezing at night).  

From an astroshamanic perspective this Full Moon in Virgo aligns with Manas (pure lake), the spirit keeper of Mionahils, incorporating the development and implementation of healing powers.

The effects of any Full Moon are usually experienced during the two days before and after the exact time of the Full Moon. The preceding days can challenge our conventional perspective and cause release of pent-up emotions or excess energies, while the following serve the purpose of integrating what has emerged during the climaxing time.

The general aim of a Full Moon is to bring balance between the areas where the Sun and Moon are transiting through a process that involves acknowledgment, tension, reconciliation and healing.

With the dynamic Pisces-Virgo, the integration is between collective and individual service, transcendence and manifestation, free intuition and sense of duty, and any themes related with Pisces and Virgo.

Pisces is the most mystical and boundless sign of the zodiac, surrendering to the flow of life, thriving in situations of paradoxes, confusion and bewilderment, while Virgo is technical, efficient, scrupulous, painstaking, systematic, concerned with acknowledging, discriminating and preserving resources.

Pisces is romantic, haphazard, irrational, indistinct, yet inspired and ecstatic, aligned with the visionary realm. Virgo is proficient, analytical, precise, sensible and selective, focused on the ordinary and mundane aspects of life.

The dialectic between Pisces and Virgo, being the last polar interaction of the winter season, carries the energetic climax of the entire annual cycle.

This binary exemplifies the dynamic between the inner and the outer, the anima and the ego, our provisional roles and who we truly are. 

The theme here is selective disidentification. By activating Virgo power of discrimination, we can release the identification with roles, physical conditions, jobs, partners, places, emotions, thoughts and whatever is bound to end. The intent is to unveil what remains unchanged, undisturbed by outer circumstances, totally aligned with Light.

During the Full Moon we can let go of predatory emotions and confusing energies, which urge us to chase illusory goals and cravings. We can choose to let Light triumph, as an act of will, allowing our self to identify with what is permanent and luminous.

"We are dominated by everything with which our self becomes identified. We can dominate and control everything from which we dis-identify ourselves. In this principle lies the secret of our enslavement or of our liberty. Every time we 'identify' ourselves with a weakness, a fault, a fear or any other personal emotion, we limit and paralyze ourselves. Every time we admit 'I am discouraged' or 'I am irritated', we become more and more dominated by depression or anger. We have accepted those limitations; we have ourselves put on our chains. If, instead, in the same situation we say, 'A wave of discouragement is trying to submerge me' or 'An impulse of anger is attempting to overpower me', the situation is very different. Then there are two forces confronting each other; on one side our vigilant self and on the other the discouragement or the anger. And the vigilant self does not submit to that invasion; it can objectively and critically survey those impulses of discouragement or anger; it can look for their origin, foresee their deleterious effects, and realize their unfoundedness. This is often sufficient to withstand an attack of such forces, disperse them and win the battle." (Roberto Assagioli, born with full moon in Virgo)

During a Full Moon energy reaches a climax, making the entire body a vast vibrant zone eager to express and act out. This is one of the reasons why the Full Moon has always been regarded as the best time for meditation and inner awareness.

The Full Moon is a pulsating and invigorating time, unveiling the arcane mechanics of the interaction between polarities. The lunar cycle, started with the New Moon, reaches the culmination with the Full Moon.

The sign where the Moon was placed at New Moon, which in this case was Pisces, defines the basic intent. Hence, this current lunar cycle based on Pisces, features themes such as: compassion, service, unconditional love, imagination, art, sacred theatre, empathy, transcendence and trance states.

On a Full Moon whatever was conceived during the New Moon, calls for direct expression and achievement. Here we may confront ourselves with the pragmatic implications of our intent.

The exact position of the Sun (26° Pisces 02’) and Moon (26° Virgo 02’) at Full Moon in your astrological chart may indicate the nature of the Sun-Moon dynamics as they apply to your individual setting.  

These are some celebrities born on a Full Moon in Virgo: Rudolf Steiner, Arthur Schopenhauer, Lou Reed, Peter Fonda, Jack Kerouac, Ted Kennedy, Roberto Assagioli, Douglas Adams, John Irving, Irving Wallace, Glen Miller.

Image: Circe" di John William Waterhouse 

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