Friday 1 November 2013

Yes, sure...

“Yes, sure, I know, we all need to release our attachments. It is unhealthy to be drawn so much to things and people so that we can't live without them.
 Yet, I believe it is even more unhealthy to hide those attachments, sporting an aura of transcendence and superiority. Letting go is about being honest with ourselves, embracing our emotions, no matter how foolish they seem to be. It is not repressing attachments and obsessions, feigning detachment and self-mastery. It is actually boosting all attachments and obsessions, allowing them to come out with no restraint, and doing so in a safe environment, without harming anyone, and without being harmed. I believe the vital healing priority for mankind is to create such environments.

Franco Santoro

Happy Samhain!

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