Wednesday 20 November 2013

Massive emotions!

In order to become who we truly are, we need to feel into massive emotions and grievances, firmly releasing their interpretation and the temptation of holding other people responsible for them.

We are not expressing our emotions and feelings when we are convinced that others are doing something to us or vice versa.

This is not expressing one's feelings, though it may appear the case for many of us, since in those moments we look very emotional indeed. Yet, regretfully, far from expressing feelings, we are just allowing feelings to be used and manipulated by our conditioned rational mind, by a left brain purposefully configured to support separation and promote fear.

In order to let go of our ancestral and personal misery, and move on, we need to feel into massive emotions and grievances, transcending their conditioned appearance and adamantly ceasing to focus our attention on what causes pain.

It is the distorted idea of what is causing us pain, and our attachment to this idea, that keeps producing our pain.

And it will continue to do so, no matter how we keep pretending to express our feelings, unless we firmly decide to let go of the idea itself.

This will never happen as long as we continue to believe that this idea is right.

Hence if you still believe you are right about this idea, which is the idea that your pain is caused by someone or something, and by what they did or did not do, please continue to promote it and see where it leads you.

The invitation here is to go for what is right for you, and you may indeed end up being right.

Yet, if you have insisted on being right for ages, and the results have always been pain, disasters and fear, you can ask yourself what is the point about wanting to be right.

Do you prefer to be right or real?

Do you prefer to remain where you are and keep having the same painful experiences, or to move on, embracing who you are when you do so, with the option of being truly happy?

In order to move on, and become your true multidimensional self, we need to feel into massive emotions and grievances, letting go of any interpretation, and allowing these emotions to be  what they truly are.

Chances are that these unbiased emotions constitute the purest and most supportive energy available in the universe, an energy available to be directed towards our Intention, what we consciously decide to give attention to, what we choose to create, who we truly are.

© Franco Santoro, All rights reserved. 
Image: by Giulio Aristide Sartorio

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