Friday 6 September 2013

Virgo/Libra - Crescent Moon

“Perhaps only people who are capable of real togetherness have that look of being alone in the universe. The others have a certain stickiness, they stick to the mass.” D.H. Lawrence (Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra, Ascendant Scorpio)
The Moon is in Libra from 19:12 GMT6 September 2013 to 1:44, 9 September 2013. This is the combination 6.7, which is a blend of mutable Earth and cardinal Air. The pattern Sun in Virgo and Moon in Libra mixes Virgo’s efficiency, purification, selection and service with Libra’s balance, gentleness, harmony and diplomacy.

This combination bestows objectivity, pragmatism, attention to details, impartiality and equilibrium. It allows the capacity to invest huge amounts of energy in order to create pragmatic reconciliation and unity in relationships and between polarities. Here Virgo/Libra can be very neutral, impersonal and detached, to the extent that partners may disappear from sight once reconciliation has occurred. Virgo/Libra’s loving passion is inspired by, and promotes, connections based on service, healing and work (for example, managing a healing centre with a partner) or services based on relationships (for example, running a matrimonial agency).

Two days after exact New Moon we enter into the phase of Crescent Moon, or Sowing Moon. Here the Moon becomes visible westwards after sunset and is 30° to 60° from the Sun, with exact Crescent Moon occurring when the Sun and the Moon are 45° apart  (Sun sextile Moon). The first details of the potential of the previous phase begin to emerge. This is a receptive phase, aimed at gathering information and getting ready to take action according to the Intent established or perceived during New Moon. At this stage the multidimensional Intent gently comes to terms with the ordinary reality. The question here is: “How can I translate my Intent into a goal understandable in the third-dimensional reality?” The major impulse for third-dimensional initiation is produced in this phase, which is therefore ideal for clearly identifying and sowing the Intent. This is also a time of digestion, analysis and planning.

Astroshamanic Seal: (see above) a cross covered by a large articulated shape. The vision involves the following message: “Work relentlessly and clean. This is your work. Clean and do not get concerned about the dirt. Dirt serves a sacred task and can only be directed towards Spirit. Continue to do this cleaning work and be constant. It is not your task to deal with darkness. Darkness is dealt with by Spirit. All you need to do is to invite Spirit to do so. This is essential and it is your responsibility to call Spirit, whenever there is darkness. You uncover the darkness, yet you do not deal with it. Spirit does so, yet you need to call Spirit. Spirit deals with darkness. You deal with light, this is your task.”

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