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30 November - 1 December 2013, Poland, Warsaw, The Great Jump (Wielki Skok)

30 November - 1 December 2013
POLAND, Warsaw
The Great Jump (Wielki Skok)- Astroshamanic Basic Workshop

Astroshamanic workshop with Franco Santoro. In English/Polish (click here for details in Polish)

This workshop is for those who long to take a decisive leap into the discovery and manifestation of their unique potentials and authentic purpose, so as to provide benefits to themselves and the whole environment.

The workshop also aims at showing how apparently insurmountable obstacles and crisis can be used to give shape to our most ambitious dreams. During our time together we will also unveil how in every moment of our life, dark times included, we are never alone and there are immense forces available to provide support.

The event takes place during the final stages of autumn and right at the beginning of the Advent season. This is the portal of the unceasing cycle of darkness and light, bringer of the promise of an imminent birth full of joys and blessings. Behind the deceiving layers of shadows and grievances that often appear to depict the autumnal sky, a realm of unconditional luminosity blossoms abundantly. This is the time when the Sagittarius’ archer points his golden arrow, ready to provide speed and sense of direction on our path of truth.

The workshop is in English, with translation in Polish.

The workshop takes place during the Sagitttarius cycle, This is the darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere, yet it is also the most gifted for it heralds the coming of the Winter Solstice and the inevitable return of light. This escalates the trust in whatever is good, luminous and beautiful in each one of us, including the world and the universe at large. A first-class, yet most simple question to ask oneself in this season is “what is good, luminous and beautiful in life?” or “what has proved to be good, luminous and beautiful in life?” or even “what can be good, luminous and beautiful in life?” No matter which tense or verb we employ for this question, as long as “good, luminous and beautiful in life” are there, the focus is always the same. And Sagittarius is a champion on focusing towards the “good, luminous and beautiful in life”, an invincible winner, bound to triumphantly lead you to the light even at the climax of darkness.

After transiting and mastering the path of darkness, Sagittarius is challenged to find a target upon which to direct its powerful energies. Part of the challenge here is between objectives based upon second-hand beliefs, or conditionings, and those founded upon direct experience, or what is “good, luminous and beautiful in life” according to your truth.

The flight of the Sagittarius’s arrow illustrates the emergence from the darkness of the underworld and the greyness of the ordinary world, into the realms of inconceivable light that exist beyond. Yet, this journey is intimately based on the luminous appreciation of all aspects of life, low and high, so that as we transit through the earthy landscape all that is found is thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated.

Sagittarius is the senior leader of the fiery signs. These signs represent the invigorating and vital power of the whole astrological circle. They embody pure energy and life force, capable of directly and instantly transforming whatever they touch. The cardinal fire of Aries reveals the primal spark and the ignition power, fast and passionately burning itself so as to nourish the steady flames of the fixed fire of Leo, which is fire at its peak of grandiosity, visibility and strength. 

The mutable fire of Sagittarius is the flame beneath the ashes, the glowing hot embers, which radiate huge amount of heat when the fire is extinguished, and yet can turn into flames with a sudden gust of air. Embers represent fire in its full maturity, glowing with a constant heat, ideal for roasting delicious food, as well as energising all that is good, luminous and beautiful.

Details & Price
Cost: on a sliding scale according to income. Euro 120 (low), Euro 150 (medium), Euro 190 (high). Bursaries can be available.
Please book early through Kasia,, +48 500 56 66 44

The workshop takes place at Dom Kultury Śródmieście (House of Culture).
There will be a free open introductory evening session on 29 November 2013, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The workshop will be on Saturday, 30 November 2013, from 10 am to 7 pm, and on Sunday, 1 December 2013, from 10 am to 5 pm. 

For information contact: Kasia,, +48 500 56 66 44.

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Image: from an Etruscan tomb, Paestum


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