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A Meaningful Journey (by Franco Santoro)

The 144 combinations between the Sun and the Moon, or Astroshamanic Binary Systemas described in the annual lunar cycle, have taught me major experiential lessons in this life and have provided most of my basic astrological understanding.   

I am very grateful for having allowed the Moon and the Sun to be my teachers. When I started to study astrology, mythology and symbolism in general, I read a lot of books in order to get information and understanding. 

The more I read the more I felt confused and helpless. Something was missing and I did not know how to find it. 

Upon asking for help from my Spirit Guide, all he would say was: “If you want to know about the planets, the stars and the gods, go and ask the planets and the stars themselves.” 

This suggestion was too obvious and easy for my complicated mind to accept. I continued to move from one book to another and I gradually cut off the connection with the Guide. In the end I went into such a state of intellectual and emotional despair that I began to consider the idea of ending my life. 

I felt useless. I did not know what to do with all my potential. I had a lot of energy that wanted to be expressed. There was something to communicate and create. That something was not available in any book and I had no idea what it was and to whom I was supposed to communicate it. 

Nobody around me seemed to understand my condition. I felt like a complete alien and the only way out I could think of was that of death. It was in one of those dark moments that I was reminded of my Guide’s advice. 

The situation was so grave that I was forced to heed his suggestions. 

“All right,” I cried out “I will talk to the planets and their gods! I have nothing to lose after all, since at this stage I am indeed ready to lose everything." 

"What shall I do?” I asked. The Guide replied: “What god would you like to start with?”. “Let’s start with Apollo as a representative of the Sun,” I answered. 

I thought I would have to go through a long period of training and demanding practices before even considering the idea of dealing with Apollo. I was therefore very surprised when my Guide prompted me to meet him straight away. And it was then that my first astroshamanic relationship with an archetypal energy, or Totem Spirit, officially started. 

On that occasion, Apollo empowered me and gave me lot of support as regards my first workshop. Somewhere in my archives in Bologna I believe there is still a tape recording of that first voyage. On that occasion, according to my journal, Apollo told me: 

“Connect with me and my sister Artemis (the Moon). Bring what you find in the underworld to me. That is your work and you are working now! You have my blessings for your workshops. Stress the relationship between the Sun and the Moon”. 

When I heard these words at that time, I felt greatly energised but I did not get the sense of them. Upon reading them now, everything is perfectly clear and consistent.

The most important discovery during these early connections with planets and gods was realising that they were not after all the first connections. The major amazement was not that of being able to connect with gods, or Totem Spirits. 

What truly astonished me was the retrieval of hidden memories about previous relationships with such beings. These were not of past lives. During this life I had already had many interactions and long conversations with planets and gods. I had just forgotten about them. It was my decision to forget them, as they could not fit with my ordinary life. 

I am grateful to the crisis I went through, as it created the condition for the memories to come back. Meeting planets and stars was indeed a return to my home, and people, after a long time of absence. 

What follows is a very precious report that I would like to share with you. It is the draft and partial description of a shamanic voyage to my original source of power. 

That day a great shift occurred in my awareness and I was vividly confronted with my Intent and Function here on Earth. The report is incomplete and some technical details have been omitted. Moreover, as it was a very intense experiential journey, a great deal of information was communicated through sounds, images and vibrations that I could not convey in words.

For long time I have been asking the Spirit Guide about my Intent here on Earth, about what I am supposed to do. I have tried everything. I don’t know what else to do or invent. 

All I have received so far are either enigmatic answers or the usual sense of peace, love, acceptance that always emanates from my Guide. 

I treasure my connection with the Guide and I do understand that whenever I call upon It, I can receive all the support that I need. Yet, there is a part of me that is not satisfied. It is a part that wants to know in practical terms why I am here and what can I do to serve for the best. 

That part wants a strong vision, an answer that makes sense, able to wipe away all doubts. I want something which once I get it, I can say: “That’s it! This is my mission here. Now everything is clear. I don’t have to move like a beggar anymore. Now I know why I am here!" 

Maybe the part that wants all the above is just my inflated ego. And this is at least what I have thought so far. Now it doesn’t matter whether it is the ego or not. What counts is that I want to know. I deserve to know. It is my right. 

I have a lot of energy and I don’t know what to do with it. I am not going to spend another minute of life on this planet unless I get an answer. I realise that it depends on me and I take full responsibility. I am an adult now. I am ready to receive the truth about me. 

To whoever is concerned I declare that I am available to open up to my highest Intent. I welcome it even if it is not going to please me. I understand that Guides are very sensitive. They take many precautions with human beings and are more than careful not to invade their space. This time I do invite you, Spirit Guide, to be frank about me. All right?

After this dynamic speech, I look at my Guide. It is contemplating me with such sweetness and grace. It knows everything about me and from its luminous gaze I can get something like “your mission is to play and be happy. Do whatever makes you happy. I will support you”. 

I perceive such a wonderful sense of freedom. As I confront myself with my Guide I do not feel any obligation. I get only love, unconditional love. If I wish to embrace a great cause, if I am determined to accomplish heroic enterprises, well, I realise that the choice is only mine. 

“If this makes you happy”, my Guide says “do it!” It always empowers me. I feel such power in its presence! But what can I do with all this power? How can I share it? It is so big! Can you suggest anything? Or, to put it better: could you allow me to find out what would be the best thing for me to do? I am asking this of you, beloved Guide. 

I can accept whatever. I promise that I will respect and treasure the answer if only I receive it. I will not question it. I surrender to it. 

The Guide looks at me with an expression that conveys “Do you really mean what you say? Do you really want to know that? Will you accept it?”. 

I look him straight in the eyes, as I take a deep breath and send out the most gigantic YES of my life. After that, without further explanation, I suddenly dash and fly with my Spirit Guide and animal spirit towards a whitish planet. It is all covered with a fog that looks like whipped cream. We land there. The fog gradually fades away. 

To my total astonishment I begin to see the shapes of a most familiar and yet most surprising environment. It is the place where I have spent most of my time since I was a child. 

This was a constant returning point of nourishing fantasies, a place that I have often judged as an addictive escape from my responsibilities in the world, a day-dream, an invention out of my frustrations, etc. 

I am amazed! I have spent years drawing maps of that place, with all its towns, lands, stars, planets, people. I have had endless secret conversations with their people. Indeed that is the place where I have lived most of  my life. Yet, I have never managed to accept it as something spiritual or shamanic

Although it kept coming to me in every situation, I would dismiss it to search for something else. I wanted to have visions like the one described by shamans and spiritual leaders. Whenever I went into a journey, I kept meeting this fantasy world. But I could not take it seriously. 

I was looking for something else. How could I accept that what I had been looking for has indeed always been available for me? Well, now indeed I do. I see the same places, landscapes and buildings which populated my fantasies. They are there and this time they are part of a shamanic experience. They have come as a result of an agreement with my Guide. 

I look at my Guide to check whether this is so and to receive a confirmation. To my further astonishment I notice that he is very familiar with that environment. He belongs to it and, moreover, he is indeed one of the major characters of that world! I have known him since I was a kid. This is marvellous! Everything fits so perfectly.

With my Guide I land at Interspace Hartem Port: the major interdimensional station of Hartem, the metropolitan capital and largest city of Handor. From there we have a priority access straight to the Major Handorian Headquarters. We get on a very special carriage of the Hartem Relocation System. After a few seconds I find myself in the long corridor of a huge building. 

Everything looks familiar to me. With great determination and excitement I walk through the corridor. In the meantime many people gather. My visit seems to be something most unusual and unexpected. Everybody is staring at me with great amazement. It looks as if I am a very popular hero. I can sense such expressions of joy and surprise in the faces of the people around. It is as if they are saying: 

“How did he manage to get here? How is it possible? What an incredible event! What joy! How grateful we are to him!”. 

It is clear that it is a surprise both for me and them. It is also obvious that it is a most pleasant and joyful surprise. As I move through the corridor, I see well-known faces. They look at me silently with such respect, care and love. It is a scene of immense beauty. I cannot describe it. It is too much. I realise that for some technical reason I have to hasten my steps. It seems as if I cannot stay in this place for long. At least this is what I get from my Guide’s gait. 

I need to see the Interspace Defense Principal Commander, the one who deals with relationships with separated realities. We are heading towards his Bureau. He is the one from whom I am supposed to get the answers I want. We enter into his huge office. When I see him, I don’t even introduce myself or say “Pleased to meet you” or “Hello!” I don’t feel any sense of awe and that surprises me. I just witness myself bluntly asking: 

"What's my original mission on Earth?" 

The Principal produces an ecstatic and yet very professional smile. He pauses for a while. Then he gently takes out a file from a drawer. He opens it and shows me a sheet with a picture. There I see something that puzzles me, for it is like the advertisement for an Italian cone ice-cream. 

It is the image of a brown cone with the apex downwards and a golden or yellow semicircle on top. The top is full of light with beams stretching out in many directions, making it very similar to a luminous torch. I ask what the significance is of this. 

The Principal replies: “You're planting the Seed as a living seed. This cone is about planting the Seed. You plant the cone and that grows until the light is seen. You're a Seed, you're a lighthouse”. 

Although the words of the Principal don’t make any sense to my ordinary mind, I am well-acquainted with his tone. As I look at the cone, I realise it is very familiar. After a while I get an intuitive mastering of the whole story. 

"How can I proceed with the work?" I ask, just to have a confirmation of what I am getting. 

The Principal answers: “Keep constant contact with us. Daily. Go and perform with no concern and keep the connection. You connect daily, then hourly, every minute and finally all the time. First we need your information and then we send ours. Plant your seed. Wherever you go, plant it and forget about all local arguments”. 

Then I ask if I can receive something to support this connection. Before I end my question, the Principal declares: 

“You will now receive the Sacred Cone Seed”. 

He hands me a small luminous cone and then gives full instructions on how to operate it. He stresses that the purpose of the seed is release, or forgiveness

“What you release”, says the Principal “are materials much needed here. It is your Function to send them. Send Earth's grievances and create conditions so that everybody can do this. We need them and in exchange we send those resources that are lacking on Earth, i.e. blessings, peace and love. Go on with your work! For the time being, there is nothing to explain about it. The explanations are beyond the understanding of human minds. To put it in simple terms, we need grievances to fertilise something here. Send the raw material. Earth has a lot of it, and we don't. Earth is a major productive field”. 

He then adds further detailed information which I omit here. “Out of your constant research and asking,” continues the Principal “the content of your original mission is now available to you for development. Receive total acknowledgement. You can now organise yourself and start your operations. The time is ripe!” 

I look at him as if I were waking up from a long dream. There is something else that I need to get before I leap into this adventure. I do not feel totally convinced. The Principal then shows me a contract. There I can see a signature which I immediately recognise as mine. 

“You were one of the main supporters of this Game and volunteered to go.” says the Principal “Now you're on the spot. Therefore, go on with the Game and play! And send grievances daily! That's what we mean by your coming here daily. That's your only Function as long as you are there. We bless and love you so much”. 

Then, after inserting the Sacred Cone Seed in my forehead, he calls some of his personnel. They all express their highest appreciation. They say such beautiful things about me and my role. Everything is clear. I cry with happiness and begin to sing with all of them. I continue to sing during my journey back. I keep on singing for the whole day. I continue to receive further information of the cone during the following days. I listen and see things so blissful and amazing that there is no naming them. They are beyond my ability to understand or know. I feel so blessed and filled with the vision that is finally going to set my life aright. 

 © Franco Santoro, Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, Forres IV36

© 2010 Franco Santoro, All rights reserved. 

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