Saturday 10 March 2012

Restoring the Fragmented God: A Healing Voyage into Christian and Gnostic Shamanism

Restoring the Fragmented God: A Healing Voyage into Christian and Gnostic Shamanism

by Dalì
31 March - 6 April 2012

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with Franco Santoro

Who is God to us? Do we feel embarrassed or disturbed to use this word? How does the God of our early education relate to our present experience? Is this a loving or a judging God? What are the related blessings and wounds?
This workshop aims at exploring our connection with God from a shamanic and holistic perspective, bridging the gap between direct experience and religious beliefs. The workshop is a wide-ranging journey, encompassing a tapestry of shamanic practices from the Christian tradition, also with elements of Gnosticism, esoteric astrology and A Course in Miracles.
Whether we consider or ignore them, the Judo-Christian traditions shape the matrix of our contemporary culture. The week is ideal for those wishing to heal, restore or deepen their relationship with God, facing and releasing unresolved grievances with their spiritual roots, while also opening up to their blessings and ecstatic mysteries.

This workshop is followed by the Into Christ Consciousness conference from 7 to 10 April 2012, with Matthew Fox, William Bloom, William Meader, Michael Stillwater, Jeddah Mali, Fionntulach, Philip Roderick, Barbara Swetina, Fay Barratt, etc.  
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  1. I believe each and every person have their own god,even atheists who dont believe in god.
    (something im sure an atheist would disagree with).The more we expand our minds,the greater our god becomes.

  2. I have long been a Christian, but I also started to incorporate spiritual beliefs from outside of my religion. I have found that the two can coexist in harmony, and in conjunction they have brought more insight, wisdom, and spirituality into my life.