Tuesday 21 February 2012

Astroshamanic Touch: The Way of Multidimensional Sexuality

The Massage, 1883 Edouard Debat-Ponsan

Astroshamanic Touch is an outstanding multidimensional approach to spiritual healing bodywork, which Franco Santoro has developed since 1988. This unique approach to energy bodywork utilises the potent dynamics of shamanic trance to create energetic states of harmony in your body, soul and spirit. 

Through the sensitive and empowering use of ritual strokes, contacts and postures, operated in alignment with the earth and celestial rhythms, astroshamanic touch works on the multidimensional body, reawakening the remembrance of our original nature and purpose. 

During the workshops or group sessions, by practising closely with other human beings with clear boundaries and a deep sense of mutual acceptance, the aim is to create remarkable opportunities for releasing individual and collective blocks, becoming a gateway for healing energies and directing them towards honourable intentions. 

In particular astroshamanic touch works on the skeleton and bone structure, which is regarded as a core multidimensional hardware for storing, distributing and redeploying information and energy. 

The third dimensional physical world is a mass of atomic material, which receives decisive animation from multidimensional substances dwelling far beyond our  conventional field of observation. Whatever appears in the ordinary reality emanates from multidimensional energy fields, which astroshamanic touch aims at stimulating and bringing to our pragmatic human awareness. 

The task here is to align the human skeleton structure and all its outer layers (tissues, muscles, flesh, blood, organs, etc.) with our multidimensional self, bearing in mind that, as a result of this connection, our entire perception will drastically shift. 

Our physical body is not a frozen structure hooked in a separated reality based on limited time and space. It is a dynamic vortex of energy, continually relating with a multidimensional field of energy. What we humanly perceive in the ordianry reality about our body is merely the product of human belief systems based on separation and denial of our multidimensional nature. 

The Birth of Venus, 1863 Alexandre Cabanel
When you are open to release such belief systems, new and definitely much more exciting configurations emerge. Once these are consciously and pragmatically experienced, they can be gradually integrated in everyday reality, healing its fragmentation and reconnecting it to its original source.

In our upcoming workshops on astroshamanic touch we will discover ways of employing physical contact and sexual energy to foster expanded states of consciousness, retrieve soul parts, reawaken healing talents and integrate them in everyday life. 

We will explore the multidimensional sacred dynamics of shamanic sexuality, employing the body as a keyboard aimed at recovering and grounding planetary forces. The intent is to release blocks that hinder our potentials, celebrating the sacredness of our multidimensional body in alignment with the healing flow of energy. With deep trance body work, we will share ways of channelling profound passions, tranforming and merging them in accordance with one’s life purpose. 

All physical touch in our workshops is voluntary and optional, with boundaries set according to what is safe for each participant. 

Elements of AstroshamanicHealing Touch are covered in all astroshamanic workshops. Click here for our complete calendar of holistic awareness and astroshamanic events.

For information contact: info@astroshamanism.org

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