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The Song of Kurandah (by Franco Santoro)

Kurandah, a celebrated hero of the Epic of the Sacred Cone, is often found in the South, where he belongs to the clan of Sector 6 (Virgo). His mythic gestures are narrated in many Trudeh Etnaie Korah (popular ballads) and he is an ideal representative of the Way of the Healer.

In the astroshamanic tradition, 2 December, is the day devoted to the Song of Kurandah, which we celebrate by providing the following text, describing how I once tried to translate his story:

Kurandah used to live in a village dominated by a ferocious monster.

That demonic beast was a major source of sufferance, illness and terror for all villagers. Only Kurandah was not affected by the monster. As a matter of fact, while all the other people would see the monster, Kurandah could not see nor feel it at all. 

Although he did his best to be like all the other villagers and share their dreadful fears, the idea of the monster was totally beyond his mind. At times he pretended to suffer from some of the grieving symptoms that the monster caused to the villagers, but as he was not a good actor, all his attempts would miserably fail.

This situation was an immense source of sadness for Kurandah. He could not see the monster. He could not share anything with the villagers. He felt like a sheer alien. Alone and neglected, he took refuge in the forest. 

The forest was considered to be the monster’s usual dwelling place. From there the villagers could hear its horrendous shrieks. That was one of the reasons why Kurandah decided to move into the forest. He wanted to face the monster.

Kurandah walked through every corner of the forest and could not find any trace of the monster, nor of anything the like of it. On the other hand something unexpected happened to him. He was reminded about the games he used to play when he was a child. These were blissful and nourishing memories indeed! They were gently retrieved one after the other and in all their glory.

In those early days Kurandah used to spend endless hours in the company of the Bhi Jinah. As he retrieved the memories of the delightful games and the kindred spirits with whom he played then, he realised he was able to see his old friends again. 

He was again able to have fun with the Bhi Jinah and play with the Spirits, dancing and chanting, and getting to know their ever-changing faces in the human, animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. As of old, he became at one with the ways of the animals and also relearned how to play games with plants and stones.

Then, one day Kurandah met the Spirit of the Centre, otherwise known as the 13th. It was unusual for such Spirit to go about and talk, but that day he did. “Now that you have relearned your old games” said the Spirit “it is time for you to return to the village, be with your people and apply your true Function. Things are going to be different now and you will be able to share your songs and games with them”.

Such news brought a lot of joy to the heart of Kurandah. For the first time he felt that he could be like an ordinary villager. At last he would be able to see the monster as everybody there did. This was not the case though. Upon arriving at the village, he found his people more frightened and ill than when he had left them. They came to him describing their symptoms and explaining in full details the features of the monster. 

Kurandah still could not see anything and was even more unaffected by the monster than before. He was full of compassion for his people, but did not know what to do. This made him very sad and frustrated.

He decided to withdraw to a hut on the border between the forest and the village. There he could honour the indications of the Spirit to stay at the village and still be with his friends in the forest. 

Out of his sadness, Kurandah composed a drumming song. There, in the company of his beloved drum and stick, he cried his sorrow at being unable to see the monster and connect with his people. What a deep and loving song! As he was chanting that song, a woman passed by.

The monster was causing so much pain to her body that she had decided to go directly in the forest and offer herself as a sacrifice to the heinous beast. Due to the pain, she was moving very slowly. 

This was a brave woman indeed! Her name is Dhirah. I won’t go into the details of her story. Like Kurandah, she also belongs to the clan of Sector 6 and in that realm details can at times be overwhelming.

Upon moving into the border between the forest and the village, Dhirah could not help hearing the song of Kurandah. Enchanted by that melody, she paused and listened.

“What a magnificent song!” she sighed. The sound of that chant entered into her body. She could feel all her cells glefully dancing together and witness her pain gradually dissolving.

After a while she was totally healed. Full of amazement and gentle excitement, she ran to the village and explained what had happened. Other villagers came to listen to the song and they too were healed. Then the whole population of the village gathered in a circle around Kurandah. 

They were all listening to him in deep contemplation. Kurandah continued to sing undisturbed by the crowd. As a matter of fact, he was so involved with his song that he could not notice anyone around. After some time everybody was singing and dancing as well as being healed. So many loving tears of felicity and gratitude were shed that a lake took shape. It was called the Lake of Kurandah.

From other villages and places people also came and listened to the song. Kurandah continued to sing unaware of all that was going on around him. He was at one with his song and could not perceive anything else, as his song was everything there could be. The fear of the monster vanished and Kurandah became the Hero of the Clan. His song became the Song of Kurandah. It can still be heard in the forest.

The Song of Kurandah is still there. If only I am willing to pause and listen, I cannot help hearing it. His words lead me to the land where I belong. Truly I do not know if Kurandah is aware of the healing that his song has generated. 

Sometimes I wonder whether he is still singing out of sadness. Maybe his voice is just the sacred echo that eternally remains out of blissful events. Who knows? What I do know is that I love him so much. His ways are so gentle and sweet. He is a master of compassion and healing. He is a Hero of the Sacred Cone.

The Song of Kurandah has been tended as a central and sacred fire in the Epic. By listening and singing it, I can get into a deep relationship with my Function. There are different ways of being with the song. Its tune changes according to the chanter and the space-time dimension he is located in. 

The healing power of the song is always sure. Many have tried to study the meaning of its words. 

Some sages have said that they are based on a specific amount of complex calculations which give form to a synergy of words and tune variations aimed at creating a cosmic structure of the same exact proportion of our universe and then release it so as to reveal the ecstatic realms that exist beyond. Well, that’s a breath-taking phrase! Let me pause for a while....

This explains why the song leads to such an ecstatic state and generates vibrations which bring healing. Others have said that the song belongs to a reality that can only be comprehended through direct experience. This reality abides in the core of the three Worlds....

Now, I’d better stop as it is not my intent to write and essay on the topic. I do not need to have full understanding of the significance of the song and of all its complex implications. I am concerned with its essence. 

Whatever its variations, the meaning remains the same. 

My wish is to connect my Intent with my Function. My Intent is that of spending endless nights and days with my Beloved. My Intent is that of experiencing the patterns, processes and cycles of the continual loving unfolding of this present moment. It is the only thing I am willing to give life to. And when I am asked about death, as the elders say, I can’t but reply: “I have already died“.

(excerpts from: Franco Santoro, Astroshamanism: The Voyage Through the Zodiac, Findhorn Press, 2003)

© article: Franco Santoro, Cluny Hill College, Forres IV36 2RD, Scotland,

All rights reserved. 

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