Tuesday 6 December 2011

Multidimensional Pregnancy & Immaculate Conception (by Franco Santoro)

by Alex Grey
We have the power and capacity to bring about our own Immaculate Conception, opening up to the Multidimensional Seed of life, becoming pregnant of Unity and Interconnectedness, releasing the placenta of our separated identity and giving birth to our authentic Multidimensional Self.

Neptune is astrologically associated with shamanic trance, imagination and whatever abides beyond the boundaries of the third dimension. 

Saturn is the keeper of structure, boundaries, forms, defence mechanisms and whatever defines consensus reality. 

On one side Saturn creates edges and limits, while on the other Neptune dissipates them like clouds.

The current aspect of trine between Saturn and Neptune suggests the potential for a direct supportive interaction between these energies. 

Their relationship defines reality. 

Through Saturn, Neptune receives the implements to give form to its visions, allowing them to be grounded in everyday reality, taking shape and providing blissful and divine inspirations in tangible and accessible ways.

Through Neptune, Saturn is gifted with inspiration, unconditional love, and the capacity to tap into zones of extreme abundance, releasing the attachment to scarcity and limitation.

This development may reflect in the world at large, as well as in your community or family environment. It is a process that entails obvious challenges.

Primarily it implies the release of outworn defence mechanisms, ethics and laws, and whatever is based on the fear and denial of what is beyond, which Neptune represents.

Neptune is basically unconditional love, which comes spontaneously out of the awareness of what lies beyond the narrow boundaries of our human perception.

Neptune governs the third eye and the capacity to catch sight of the soul, the content within the container, reaching out for the essence, the eternal flame abiding in all human beings. This is the soul level ignited by spirit, what perpetually remains after the apparent physical separation.

Neptune and Saturn are the shamanic planets par excellence.

They represent the two sides of the bridge, with Uranus and Chiron in between providing the energy and the viability of the bridge itself.

Neptune propels the force that keeps lovers ecstatically at one in those crucial moments when they are together, physically or not.

This force is incorporated by the multidimensional or shamanic body, which is the veritable protagonist of all the feelings of pleasure, comfort and excitement derived by the close physical presence of a lover.

Saturn confronts with the reality and pragmatic factor, the capacity to discriminate between third-dimension and multi-dimension.

In this context, relationships between human beings constitute the mechanics of a major multi-dimensional process of shamanic gestation, birth and parenting.

They disclose the bona fide purpose of the third dimension, which is the womb into a wider configuration, the operative cocoon for soul retrieval.

Just like a human foetus, while in the uterus, retrieves and assimilates the components that allow its physical body to become whole and fit to emerge into the outer reality, the third dimension serves the purpose of shamanic pregnancy, which is about retrieving and integrating the fragmented pieces of the soul, finally giving birth to the multidimensional self.

This process develops both through third-dimensional and multidimensional activities, i.e. the connection with physical creatures and environments (friends, partners, relatives, colleagues, buildings, landscapes, etc.) and multidimensional beings and locations (spirit guides, totem spirits, graha, ancestors, sectors, dimensions, etc.).

Similarly an unborn vertebrate develops through the contribution of the mother, with whom the foetus is in direct contact, and the outer environment the mother interacts with, and of which the foetus is not aware.

Here the human uterus is the foetus's configuration that precedes our human arbitrary configuration.

Our collective human bodies are the components of an unborn multi-dimensional creature located in a wider uterus, which is our human reality, and waiting to be born into a multi-dimensional setting.

This creature is a collective being encompassing a web of individuals, a circle of interconnectedness.

This wider uterus provides all that is needed for the gestation process, up until the time is ripe for multi-dimensional delivery.

This birth involves leaving the womb and emerging into a wider configuration.

Our reality is a multidimensional uterus, and its task is to give itself unconditionally, protecting and empowering the unborn creature, achieving the ultimate aim of delivery and release from the uterus itself.

A uterus aligned with the web of life has a functional sense of timing. It knows when it is near its time and support the opening of the gates.

Then what follows is the stage of upbringing and parenting, where still protection and support are provided, yet with the child being already out, beginning to explore the multidimensional environment and interacting with additional sources.
Relationships with beings, seen and unseen, serve this multidimensional purpose.

They are aimed at offering power and support so as to face multidimensional delivery, playing their part in the ecstatic voyage of unconditional love.

The apparent dramas and wounds experienced in relationships are part of a divine multi-dimensional labour.

A mother who is aware of the birthing process knows that the labour serves a sacred purpose.

This does not seem to be the case in human relationships simply because multidimensional and shamanic pregnancy are not acknowledged.   

What we need to do as human beings is to wake up and find out what is truly going on beyond our limited reality.

This is the Sagittarius search for truth, which resonates triumphantly with the Immaculate Conception and this Full Moon time combined with Saturn-Neptune trine.

We are all part of a loving gestation process.

We are here to empower each other to face the journey through unconditional love. This voyage involves stopping over in conditioned configurations, such as a human uterus and the third dimension. Yet, these are all provisional abodes, and every step through this voyage entails becoming more whole, retrieving further pieces of the soul.

All human sufferance derives from lack of awareness of this process.

The third dimension is a wider uterus, a divine womb and, as such, it serves an honourable function.

If I align to my true parental calling, connecting with what is beyond this reality, I can rise above the uterus perspective, flying up in the sky to gain the wider view and locate my spot in the web of life,

I will then know when I am near my time.

I will be able to respond to the wake up call.

Shamanic pregnancy encompasses a wider reality and acknowledges that we are here as a result of a process activated somewhere else, in the multidimensional reality.

Physical life is part of a multidimensional agreement involving various realms. There is a wider purpose regarding the presence of each one of us on earth, and this purpose is obscured when we lose sight of the multidimensional implications of life.

We are born in a human body and live on this planet merely because there are unseen realms making it possible. These realms send their delegates here to accomplish honourable intentions and dispense their medicines.

Honourable intentions encompass the multidimensional, they honour past, present and future. They refer to the perspective of the seventh generation, which entails considering present events in the perspective of seven generations both past and future. They also acknowledge past and future as realms existing simultaneously in the present and with whom it is vital to relate.

And this relationship can start now!

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