Tuesday 20 December 2011

Happy Winter Solstice!

Kicking Winter, from: Corriere Fiorentino
On the Winter Solstice the Sun attains the lowest point in the northern hemisphere and the apex of obscurity, while in the southern hemisphere it is the other way around. 

This obvious realisation is sufficient to unveil one of the most significant mysteries of life – the ongoing mutual interaction between opposites and their simultaneous presence beyond our limited perception of what appears to be present.

In the northern hemisphere the Winter Solstice is the gateway into winter and the North. It is a time of inner change of gear, when we have the chance to slow down and even stop or go into reverse. Here we can question all the things we take for granted about ourselves, what our assumptions are, laying aside the mechanical interaction with the world for a while and reaching out for the matrix. 

The aim is to allow our intentions and any further action we may take to stem from a deeper understanding of life, becoming aware of authentic purposes and letting go of the conditioned mind based on fear and ignorance.

Winter is an ideal time to dismiss the restrictions of human ordinary perception, releasing the soul from her tarnished chains, letting her loose to reach where it belongs. This holiday season can be the golden opportunity for welcoming the nativity of our uncorrupted multidimensional nature, becoming receptive to its vision and setting honourable intentions in preparation for upcoming luminous enterprises.

Winter is also a major time of healing connection between the visible and the unseen, body and spirit. The power of this season involves all aspects of life and death, reaching a climax in our perspective and awareness.

The Winter Solstice, and the week that follows, in particular, has traditionally been a time for acknowledging the cycles of the Earth, for slowing down and gaining awareness of what is happening in life, where we come from, where we are going to, where we are and what truly matters on this journey.

This time of the year is ideal for recapitulation, a most healing practice. Recapitulation involves experientially reviewing one’s life and releasing emotions and grievances trapped in the past. 

These unconscious elements are constantly recycled into our personal history from the collective planetary memory. They are the source of all persistent conflicts and unpleasant issues we experience in life. They are what keep us entangled in a separate reality, draining the access to who we truly are. These grievances continue to cause a continuous state of emotional confinement, until they are fully handled and released into the web of life.

In this holiday season, I wish to convey my gratitude for being a reader of this blog. Having the privilege to connect with you, whoever and wherever you are, is a most shining gift I am pleased to acknowledge.

You are always most welcome if you choose to attend our events at Findhorn (Scotland) and Jesi in Italy (see calendar below), sessions and courses. Also any comment you leave is most appreciated and feel free to connect directly with me if you wish to share about your experience.

Merry Solstice and Christmas!

May you experience your loving and radiant self throughout these festive days, and may you generously share it with others at all levels.

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