Sunday 25 December 2011

Frederick II (born 26 December)

Castel del Monte
The Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, known as Stupor Mundi (the amazement of the world) for his epic multi-dimensional deeds, was born in Jesi (Italy) on 26 December 1194, (10.3.5) with Sun in Capricorn conjunct with Saturn (Saturn Alien Power), Moon in Gemini and Ascendant probably in Leo.  He is a major exemplification of the enlightened Capricorn, with the capacity to transfer, give shape and build in the third dimensional reality what exists in the multidimensional realms.

Monument to Frederick II
Wherever he went, Frederick built castles, palaces, churches, while also being the patron of poets, artist, scientists and shamans, and funding their work. Most of his buildings are in Southern Italy and Apulia. For a list click here.

The most famous of such buildings is Castel del Monte, (see picture) a massive 13th century multi-dimensional equilateral eight-sided esoteric and initiatory castle and preferred residence. The castle is a major multidimensional temple, with a special emphasis on release and Scorpio (eight sides, eight rooms on each floor, eight eight-sided towers, and eight medieval sophisticated toilets). The shape of the castle is a bible of esoteric, astrological and geometric interpretations. Please click here for further information.

He often made most outrageous statements on religion and morality, and as a result was excommunicated on various occasions. He openly supported and practiced non-ordinary extravagant sexual practices.

Frederick's natal tent in Jesi 
He called Jesi his special city, its very name seeming to recall that of Jesus. His mother, Constance of Sicily, in order to quell rumours her child’s legitimacy, had a tent erected in the main square of Iesi, and with the whole town witnessing, gave birth to her son, Frederick was in the public spotlight since birth.

This controversial monarch and his multidimensional context have had a profound effect on astroshamanic work. 

(review by Franco Santoro)

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