Sunday 20 November 2011

New Moon in Sagittarius (25 November 2011)

New Moon in Sagittarius:

The New Moon will be at 6:11 on 25 November 2011, at 2° Sagittarius 37’, which is also a partial solar eclipse, forming a trine to Uranus.

New Moons are time of rebirth, the opportunity to start a brand new cycle aligned with the vibration of the lunation sign, which in this case is Sagittarius.

Sagittarius invites truth and honesty regarding your motivation in life, and also challenges to commit and take direct action.

Here the Archer teaches to expand the horizons and dart into new territories, rising above the limitations of outdated belief systems and gaining wisdom from direct exposure to experience, which implies letting go of obsolete defense mechanisms. 

These are ideas and habitual patterns generally based on fear and inherited from the past, which may no longer apply to your current life and soul’s purpose.

A New Moon in Sagittarius is a good time for composting outmoded believes and emotional patterns, using their energy to reach out for your authentic intentions.

Sagittarius is associated with adventure, optimism, trust, faith, expansion and risk-taking, and these are all qualities, combined with some basic caution, that can inspire giant strides in your inner voyage.

A decisive question on a Sagittarius New Moon is: 

What do I truly and honestly aim at?

Other questions may be: 

What belief systems do I need to let go of? 
What kind of believes and fears keep me blocked, unable to expand and venture through the web of life? 
Am I willing to release them? 
Am I available to ask for support to my guides, teachers and helpers, investing in trust and confidence? 
Am I open to take a decisive step regarding my Intent, to be adventurous and risk, or do I rather prefer to wait and continue to get what I have got now?

The degree of the New Moon, or Lunation point, as you apply it to your natal chart, indicate an area of life that will operate as Intent and driving force during the next cycle. In this New Moon it is 2° Sagittarius 37’.

In the sky of the northern hemisphere Sagittarius is the darkest New Moon of the year, the climax of obscurity. This darkness carries a maximum potential for rebirth and transformation, all the nutritional fertilising elements of a perfect manure. It only needs a seed, an Intention, a focus point.

This is the time to stir up one’s best dreams and aspirations. It is a sacred stage of composting. 

It may stink a bit, yet it is only a matter of holding one’s nose during the operations, having a bit of patience and taking it easy, being aware that this will be later copiously paid off.

This is also the last lunation cycle entirely in 2011, the preparation for the entrance through the gateway of 2012. It also happens on the eve of the Advent, marking the beginning of the Liturgical Year in many Christian churches. 

From a strategic perspective it would be most recommended to spend the next year (2012) being and doing whatever you have always wanted, yet kept delaying or considering impossible. 

Hence during this lunation cycle aligned with Sagittarius a good practice is to consider you targets, which you will actually resolve to hit and manifest one by one as the New Year unfolds.

In pursuing your targets it is essential that they are based on the essence of the experience you intend to manifest, without being attached to involve specific people or situations.

A honourable intentions refer to your own soul’s journey and does not interfere with those of others. 

This means that if you wish is to be in a relationship with, for example, Mary, here the intent is the experience of a relationship with a human being having a nature similar to Mary. 

In pursuing this goal, you may consider Mary to be the elected one, yet only if you are respectful of Mary’s own intentions, which may not necessarily be the same as yours. 

Mary could be an inspirational element in your quest for a relationship, a gateway who in the end leads you to the essence of the experience, which is the real target. 

In you insist on the gateway, you will not be able to meet what awaits beyond the gateway. On the contrary when you accept to move on, you tap into the web of life and  gratefully acknowledge whoever and whatever you meet in life as part of a luminous itinerary to wholeness and love.

After transiting and mastering the path of darkness, Sagittarius is challenged to find a target upon which to direct its powerful energies. 

Part of the challenge here is between objectives based upon second-hand beliefs, or conditionings, and those founded upon direct experience, or what is “good, luminous and beautiful in life” according to your truth.

The flight of the Sagittarius’s arrow illustrates the emergence from the darkness of the underworld and the greyness of the ordinary world, into the realms of inconceivable light that exist beyond. 

Yet, this journey is intimately based on the luminous appreciation of all aspects of life, low and high, so that as we transit through the earthy landscape all that is found is thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated.

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