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Core Template Detectors: Tapping into the Matrix of Human Relationships (by Franco Santoro)

Astroshamanic Binary 2.8
Astroshamanic Core Templates, or Totem Spirits, also known as Paheka,[1] strategically constitute the basic archetypes and the original models from which all human perceptions and experiences derive. Each one of them is a specific aspect of the wholeness as it appears from the limited perspective of our separated reality, or Human Arbitrary Configuration (HAC).

Totem Spirits correspond astrologically to planets or constellations, and mythically to the gods or heroes of the various civilizations that have developed or arrived on this planet. To the first inhabitants on Earth, they appeared in their purest form. With the reinforcement of the process of separation, these archetypes assumed frozen manifestations and complex patterns that then multiplied abundantly in countless subsidiary types. They all started from one, the fragmented into 12 (Core Templates), 144 (Binary Templates), 1728 (Ternary Templates), etc.

Astroshamanic Core Templates literally represent the patterns of reproduction that shape our entire human perception of reality. They are the generators of the collective dream that keeps our world trapped into what can be described as a simulated grid of projections.

The natures of Templates are in themselves neutral. Their characteristics change according to the degree of our projections. They may appear as allies or enemies, pleasant or unpleasant, loving or hateful, etc.

If your relationship with a Core Template is disturbed, it can manifest in your life with grieving traits (Graha). These aspects are projected on all people or situations that seem to cause fear, repulsion, obsession, hate, dependence, addiction and all kinds of grievance, as they are perceived by the ego.

By isolating, hating or repressing these contexts, we fight or suffocate dangerous zones that end up being amplified in our inner world and will eventually find expressions in outside life. Repression becomes like a magnet that draws outer screens upon which we project all our inner or non-ordinary undesired contents.

Projections in the realm of ordinary relationships are the outcome of our interaction with Spirits. Here the positive contents of a Totem Spirit are projected onto a specific human being in the outer world. We see something that exists within, or in another dimension, through the projection of someone that is outside in the ordinary reality.

When the projection is pleasant and supportive, this condition causes feelings of well-being and satisfaction. Yet, if we lose sight of the real source of emanation, we are bound to experience pain, disruption or misery when the projection changes or comes to an end.

 As long as unconscious projection is taking place, everyone in your outer world is literally some part of yourself functioning as the perceived ego of the other - all are actors in the movie you are starring in, taking their positive and negative roles to fit your particular movie script. Your current ego (what you presently consider yourself to be) acts as a membrane between the forces flowing out of you onto your world and the forces flowing back onto and into you from the other projecting entities in your personal reality. Until you can experience how your projecting energies are affecting others, you will never understand how their projections are affecting you in turn.[2]

Astroshamanic Binary 5.8
The subject of projection is one of the basic strategic assumptions in astroshamanic work. I have been considering it from different perspectives. In the beginning I thought that projection was a psychological disorder which occurred only under certain conditions or with some people. Then I realised that it was the basic trend in human relationships, although there could always be some exceptions. My experiential understanding now is that there are no exceptions at all and, as far as I can see of life on this planet, projection is not a disorder. On the contrary it is the most natural phenomenon.

What counts is the use we make, and the awareness we have, of projections. Following this premise, whatever I perceive out in the world, no matter how apparently beautiful or ugly, becomes a screen or detector about something which exists within me or on another level of awareness. This creates a web of projections which is indeed the Web of Life.

We are all connected by a web which is invisible to ordinary human eyes. Every form that exists, from atom to organism and to the whole universe itself, is connected and determined by a vacuum of invisible units.

I have spent some time experiencing and classifying specific categories of projections. In astroshamanism they are called Template Detectors and their function is showing us from the outside the state of particular areas in our perception as represented by each Astroshamanic Template. For example, your mother, father-in-law, father of your business-partner, third brother or sister of your partner, or the mother of the mother of your father, etc. are all detectors of Sector 4, which relates to your roots, past, childhood, home, intimacy and Moon side.

Energy detectors have nothing to do with the nature of the persons themselves or the way other people consider or judge them. They are only related to the way we project on them. This scheme of detectors comprises virtually anyone or anything: from your closest relations up to a distant third cousin or even the dog of your neighbour and the car of your sister’s employer. It is a useful device to bring awareness as regards projections and to help the mind to get acquainted with the multidimensional nature of relationships.

All people and situations that move into the screen of our life - past, present and future - have a specific location in the inner world, or a template parallel universe. The way in which we perceive them shows us the quality of relationship with specific Totem Spirits and their related Sectors.

In astrology, people, objects, and all the categories of physical reality that operate as Sector detectors can be strategically spotted in the natal chart through the system of the derived houses.[3] According to this approach, the astrological chart provides all the basic information regarding the ordinary, visible as well as the non-ordinary, invisible world. 

If the table below you can find a basic outline of ordinary visible forms used as template detectors. The first column indicates each of the 12 Astroshamanic Core Template, the second column provides some keywords about its feature, while the third column lists some examples of people associated with them as template detectors. These people, as they are met in dreams, thoughts or in the outer reality, operate as detectors for the corresponding Template. 


Personality, mask, identity, point of view, physical body, outer appearance, energy, desire, attraction, emergence, beginning, war, surgery, head and eyes. Aries, Mars.
Paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, 5th son/daughter, ex-partner of partner, friends of 1st brother/sister, 6th brother/sister.
Resources, material possessions, money, talents, values, means of sustenance, sense of self-worth, food, garden, furniture, land, ears, neck, mouth, throat. Taurus, Venus, Earth.
5th brother/sister of mother, partner of 2nd brother/sister of mother, friends of mother, 2nd brother/sister of father, 5th brother/sister of mother, mother of friends.
Communication, education, language, ordinary mind,  perception, information, brothers and sisters in general, press, mail, short journeys, transports, neighbours, car, bike, telephone, market, shop, hands, arms, lungs, shoulders. Gemini, Mercury.
1st brother/sister of maternal grandfather or of paternal grandmother, 1st brother/sister, 6th son/daughter, partner of 3rd son/daughter, friends of 1st son/daughter, 1st son/daughter of friends.
Past, home, home town and country, mother, real estate, roots, childhood, household items, memory, hotel, laundry, stomach, breast. Cancer, Moon.
3rd brother/sister of father, mother of paternal grandmother or of maternal grandfather, father of paternal grandfather or of maternal grandmother.
Creativity, love affairs, sons in general, pleasure, entertainment, play, actors, celebrities, monarchs, heart, spine. Leo, Sun.
2nd brother/sister, partner of 4th son/daughter, 1st and 7th son/daughter, friends of partner, partners of friends, 2nd brother/sister of paternal grandmother.
Health, service, servants, healing, work, efficiency, fellow workers, hygiene, nutrition, domestic animals, employees, clients, patients, craftsmen, secretary, diet, intestine. Virgo, Mercury, Ceres, Vesta, Chiron.
1st and 7th brother/sister of mother, 4th brother/sister of father, partner of 1st brother/sister of father.
Relationships, contracts, marriage, wife or husband, business partner or rival, love, social life, beauty, cosmetics, arts, co-operation, jewels, diplomacy, open enemies, shadow, kidneys, lower back. Libra, Venus, Juno, Pallas.
Partner, ex-partner, paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, 2nd son/daughter, 3rd brother/sister, 1st son/daughter of 1st brother/sister, room mate.
Transformation, release, rebirth, death, funerals, sex, finance, tax, legacies, shared feelings, occultism, banking and insurance, other people’s money and resources, psychotherapy, secrets, crisis, genitals, anus. Scorpio, Pluto, Mars.
Partner of 2nd brother/sister of father, 2nd brother/sister of mother, 5th brother/sister of father.
High education, religion, wisdom, philosophy, beliefs, spiritual masters, law, long journeys, sons of sons and brothers in law in general, gambling, wealth, fortune, sport, Guide, thigh, liver. Sagittarius, Jupiter.
3rd son/daughter, 1st brother/sister of partner, partner of 1st brother/sister,  4th brother/sister, 2nd son/daughter of 1st brother/sister, friends of friends.
Objectives, ambitions, profession, career, reputation, social status, father, authorities, employers, restriction, loss, misfortune, debts, budgeting, old age, delay, bones, teeth, knee. Capricorn, Saturn.
Partner of mother, father of paternal grandmother or of maternal grandfather, mother of maternal grandmother, mother of partner, 3rd brother/sister of mother, 6th brother/sister of father, 1st son/daughter of 1st brother/sister of mother.
Social groups, organisations, shared ideals, television, radio, computer, synergy, communities, associations, groups, friends, sons in law in general, divorce, freedom, ankle, circulation, lower leg. Aquarius, Uranus, Saturn.
4th son/daughter, partner of 1st son/daughter, 5th brother/sister, 1st son/daughter of 2nd son/daughter or 3rd brother/sister, 2nd son/daughter of 1st son/daughter or 2nd brother/sister.
Imagination, dreams, visions, other dimensions, meditation, inner life, secret enemies, spies, retirement, prisons, hospitals, wild animals, feet. Pisces, Neptune, Jupiter.
1st and 7th brother/sister of father, partner of 1st brother/sister of mother, 4th brother/sister of mother, 1st brother/sister of mother of partner.

 (to be continued)

For further information on the above topic please refer to Astroshamanism Book One: A Journey into the Inner Universe [4], pp.104-120 and our articles found in

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[1] This is the term used in the Epic of the Sacred Cone. See our booklet The Compendium of the Epic of the Sacred Cone: A Concise Epitome, 2012.
[2] Edwin C. Steinbrecher, The Inner Guide Meditation: A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century, Samuel Weiser, 1988, pp. 19-21.
[3] The technique of derived houses consists of examining each of the 12 astrological houses as the Ascendant of a further cycle of 12 houses, making a total of 144 houses. This traditional method was introduced by Eudes Picard (see: Eudes Picard, Astrologie Judiciare, Leymarié, Paris, 1936). It has also been used by Edwin C. Steinbrecher (see Steinbrecher, op. cit.), though with some differences in the allocation of houses.
[4] The book can be ordered directly from us at

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