Saturday 20 September 2014

The Astrological Chart

The Astrological Chart

The astrological chart is a code representation of the Sky based on a specific moment and place of observation... Similarly to a photograph, it is the freezing of the movement of the Sky and the Earth: the widest movement that man can conceive. The freezing of this motion is ideal to describe the hallucination of the ego. The energy was flowing undisturbed and at a certain point it halted giving rise to a condensed form that the astrological chart portrays in its multiple aspects.

The celestial bodies and the Earth have actually never arrested their motion and have always continued their journey. Yet the ego is glued in a still and it is with that frozen moment that it persists in identifying itself. This identity, anchored to the arrest of a past instant, makes us live in a separate reality of which we are both victims and creators. It is a hallucination that remain more or less undisturbed until, in certain moments in life, we come to terms with the present reality and the actual movement of the energy in the Sky and on the Earth.

In those moments, that astrology calls transits, the temperature rises and ice thaws uncovering the precariousness of our freezing state. These are often major occasions when it is possible to open a gap and bring to light something more about the mystery of the life that surrounds us. Due to the transformative effects of our structure of identification, transits may also coincide with considerable times of crisis.

The astrological map indicates what I am in relation to what I have thought and done in the past. It provides a portrait of the blocks that I have created in the course of my existence. This freezing obstructs true perception and continues to keep me in a dimension of limited experience. Certain traditions teach that men reincarnate continually due to the attachment to their grievances. In this sense the natal chart provides a picture of all my major blocks and of what I need to release. Traditional astrology generally considers the natal chart in linear terms as something that needs to be evolved. If I am born, for example, with Sun in Virgo, then my purpose is to achieve my full potential as a Virgo. From another perspective, if I am born Virgo it means that there are specific blocks in Virgo that I have come to acknowledge, release and transform. This does not mean that I will not fulfil the potentials of Virgo, but that I am here to move beyond Virgo, to defreeze it.

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