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New Moon in Virgo, 25 August 2014

The New Moon in Virgo occurs at 14.13 GMT on 25 August 2014 at 2 degrees 19 minutes Virgo.

The previous New Moon in Leo reminded us that we are stars, unique beings with a role to play on the stage of existence. Virgo involves practically implementing this, getting down to work.

The New Moon in Virgo supports a new awareness and a shift of perspective, which confronts us with the earthly implications of our goals. 

With the Virgo New Moon the entire lunar cycle may be ideal for making an inventory of one's inner and outer resources, with practical assessment, organisation and discrimination regarding what to keep and what to let go of.

Virgo questions in this respect could be:

What is truly essential in order to manifest what I have chosen to create?
What is unnecessary in this regard?
What needs to be amended and restructured?
What practical work is required to serve my intention?

Virgo deals with the stage of selection and assimilation. It is a phase that requires an attentive work of discrimination between what is useful and what needs to be released. Discipline, critical capacity, an eye for flaws and the capacity to take things apart and reorder them in better shape are called for. Everything is carefully analysed, classified and allocated to its specific and best usage. This involves filtering or storing the essence of every form and discarding the rest. Here it is essential to focus on the resources that are extracted rather than on the wastes that are expelled. Otherwise, waste material risks being held on to, blocking the process of assimilation and producing toxic effects. (Franco Santoro, Astroshamanism, Book Two)

A major challenge in the Virgo process is to accept the limitations and imperfections in oneself, as well as in the environment. When we give ourself permission to go into areas of crisis and consciously stay in the friction of that space, then the primary step of healing is set in motion and transformation decisively begins. Another crucial point here is pursuing one’s intention, getting down to work and completing the desired tasks despite the limitations that we encounter. This is one of the major lessons Virgo can teach.

The degree of the New Moon, or Lunation point, indicates an area of life that will operate as Intent and driving force during the next cycle. In this New Moon it is  2 degrees 19 minutes Virgo. Astrologically this position is first identified in the natal chart by noticing in which house of your chart is located and if there are planets nearby. The next step involves establishing a direct rapport with the Lunation Point by positioning in the corresponding Sector, staying there for at least five minutes and opening up to what comes to your mind, emotions and body, taking note of whatever calls attention, no matter how trivial or distracting.

In the subsequent days, as the Moon progresses in other signs, you can follow its path and position yourself in other Sectors, opening up to further insights and taking note of them. As you do all this, you can be aware of the position of the Sun and of your experience on the binary relation of both Sun and Moon.

At New Moon a novel process is conceived. The seed is present at the Lunation point, yet it exists merely as a potential without definite shapes. The Moon is unseen, cloaked by the radiance of the Sun, and the seed abides hidden in the obscurity of consciousness. At this stage dreams or insights, and also prominent situations developing at a physical, emotional or mental level may provide indications about the upcoming process.

Here please be aware of your intention, no matter whether it appears a childish fantasy to your ordinary mind or the outer social environment. This is not the time to be practical or concerned about how to achieve things. It is the moment to open up to your uncontaminated and deepest desires, as you fully envisage them without limits. Later, as the cycle progresses, there will be chances to filter them, understanding their practical implications and working towards manifestation.

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