Saturday 14 June 2014

First Step

The first step in healing is to express what we truly need rather than what is wrong with us or the world around us.

The problem is that the focus on what is wrong is so strong that we have lost awareness of our true needs.

This is because when we honestly unveil such needs they can be extremely embarrassing and unacceptable for the idea we want to give of ourselves to the world.

As a result the focus continue to be on what is wrong and the world keeps being what it is. Nobody knows what they need, yet everybody knows what is wrong.

The alternative option is to start to express our needs, no matter what they are and regardless of whether they can be met or not. Expressing what is truly needed simply for the sake of acknowledging and accepting it.

This is the first step, the most healing one, as I see it, which may be followed by a bonus: having such needs met!

(Franco Santoro)

Image: by Thomas Atkinson Grimshaw

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