Saturday 3 May 2014


The Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Cancer from 6:13 GMT, 3 May, to 5:55, 5 May 2014. Four days after exact New Moon we fully enter into the Crescent Moon. This is a receptive stage, when intuitions and reflections about priorities easily emerge. Here we can embrace our visions by coming to terms with practical reality and releasing attachments to the past.

The past can be helpful to understand the present, yet we can move through life only if we accept to go forward. If many things have changed and our vision has lost significant references, as we let go of the past, we create the conditions to draw what resonates with us in the present.

Taurus is a determined and slow builder. If we give it space and time, its perseverance is bound to produce tangible results. The combination Taurus/Cancer can be ideal to take initiatives and practically express our commitment to what we value in life. A question here may be: "Based upon my past experiences and current reflections, what do I acknowledge as my main priorities in life?" After pondering on the question for a while, the next step involves taking pragmatic measures in the direction of your answers, allowing Taurus to release the Buffalo within.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” (Soren Kierkegaard, born with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer)

Image: by David Shepherd, born with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer.

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