Wednesday 7 May 2014

Original Quest, 21-26 June 2014

21-22 June 2014; 
23-26 June 2014
the Original Quest:
An Astroshamanic Journey of Soul Retrieval into Space and Time,
with Franco Santoro
at Terra di Luce, Corvaro (Rieti, Italy)

This classic programme is aimed at offering practical tools and understanding for navigating beyond conventional time and space or, in other words, for experientially diving into the mystery of death, birth, past and future lives, and magnifying the reality of the present. The purpose is that of linking personal life to planetary and mythic history, exploring archaic roots and advanced lineages, connecting with significant locations, retrieving lost parts, facing death-life passageways, releasing and transforming grievances, uncovering luminous intentions, bringing healing in the local and global environment. The environment where the workshop takes place is transformed into an astrological circle, with areas indicating each sign of the zodiac, using various creative possibilities (stones, art works, huts, flags, signboards, etc.). Participants are involved in the creation of an Astroshamanic Healing Grid. The programme includes soul retrieval, shamanic time voyages, trance dance, recapitulation, and connection with nature spirits, and tools to unveil our hidden human potentials. 

This workshop consists of two seminars (21-22 June, and 23-26 June 2014), which can also be attended independently.

Cost: on a sliding scale according to income.
For information contact,

The workshop takes place in Terra di Luce, Corvaro di Borgorose (Rieti, Italy) in the Valle del Salto, 70 km from Rome (one hour by motorway) and 23 km from L'Aquila.

Address: Terra di Luce, via Fuori le Mura, 10, Corvaro, Rieti 02021,,à-Terra-di-Luce/558395304210273 and

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